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An Old Painted Stool

I have this old painted stool that sits at my desk in my office that
I found at the thrift store years ago.
It was stacked in the 'useful' section with several other stools, tools and random things.
When I found it~ it was painted a dingy gray color
I kind of liked it's turned legs and simple look and it was just $2.00 so I brought it home
 cleaned it up &  painted it and over the years
that little stool has worn many different colors

 It was covered in a simple pale pink paint for my daughters room. 
Deep dark barn red for the kitchen. 
Shabby cottage white for the bathroom. 
Sage green for the patio
 and numerous other colors in between.

 Then several years ago
I found a charming dark hosta green color and painted it with that
and then added a little bit of antiquing stain.
I loved it. It was perfect.
So off it went into my office to sit in all it's charm among
all the little projects I am always working on.

Though- this stool really doesn't stay in one place very long.

When I need something that's up on top of the armoire
 or the shelf above my closet-  it is the perfect height and does the trick.

If I need a little extra side table or seat on occasion~  it always works.
As you know- I am somewhat of a project girl. 
So every time I need something to stand on while cleaning beads on a chandelier
or trimming the Christmas tree 
or when I grab my paint brush to paint the walls
 that stool goes right along with me to help me get it done.

Over the years I have groaned whenever I dripped paint on it
or even worse dripped paint
 and then stepped on it. 
Yes, I am a messy painter
and so it's seat was smashed and splattered with a painted finish
that just kept getting worse with each project.
 Add in all the chips from the occasional tip over or bump into the door frame
as I carted it around with me

and that little old stool was starting to look pretty shabby and worn.
So with that hosta green and antiquing stain long gone...
recently I have been thinking about what color to paint it this time.

Then just the other day 
I grabbed that shabby, worn, chipping, paint splattered stool 
and carted it out to the little cottage with me
 to be used as a place to set a dirty outside bucket 
as I trimmed a few flowers
 and worked on a project. 

While I worked
 I glanced down at that stool and at it's unusual paint job
and then as I rested my knee on it's seat
I thought about all the ways that little stool had been perfect for just what I needed
 it for over the past several years.
The more I looked at all those 'flaws'  that covered it's seat and legs
the more  I knew it didn't need a new coat of paint  after all

Each and every paint splatter, ding, dent and chip it wore created that
unusual stool and it was just right.

So now that little $2.00 stool wears it's 15 coats of paint
all it's splatters and splotches 
and it's chipped and dented not so round edges any longer 

 It's perfect.

It's been a busy weekend over here working on some photography/styling projects~
I  share a few out takes from the photos soon.
Hope your weekend has been fantastic!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I'm glad you are leaving it the way it is. It has personality and many stories to tell the way it is.

  2. I have a little black STEP stool that I have the same way , BLACK , white, RED you name it ..NOW it is CHIPPY looking LOL . I refuse to get rid of this . .Now it is in the bathroom and the little ones step up on it to brush their teeth ... I just cant part with it. I LOVE the legs on yours ... HUGS : )

  3. Yes, "perfect" is the perfect your little stool.
    Hope you have a great week.

  4. Your little stool is beautiful. I love its story!

  5. Courtney, I too have a thing for stools, and so wish this were a find of mine. You find the sweetest pieces to charm your home.

    Keep inspiring its what you do best :)

  6. Just delightful. First time visitor and this makes me want to come back.

  7. Okay, I just fell madly in love with your little stool the way I fell in love with The Brave Little Toaster or The Little Blue Engine That Could. We are all a little like your stool. Our imperfections and all the things that have chipped away at us over the years - they make us beautiful because of it.


  8. Stools are such timeless,and functional pieces of furniture. I have three stools of different sizes, colors and shapes. Love those little legs on your stool. Thanks for sharing Humble Abode.

  9. She is so PERFECT in her less than perfect state and wears her shabby, chippy imperfections well. A beautiful piece with a story to tell.

  10. Love your $2 stool! It's so matter where you place it!
    I have one stool that I adore also :)

  11. What a lovely story. I love the stool too,just as is. x

  12. the stool is perfect. glad you're leaving it that way. love your sink in the cottage.

  13. it's so lovely that it's so're right it's perfect.
    Bec x

  14. I LOVE your little stool! They are so useful too just as you said. I have my Granny's small stool that she kept in front of her sofa to set her cup of tea on. It's in my studio now right next to my chair so I can set MY cup of tea on it......wonderful memories! Your stool is becoming just like that I think....a memory...

  15. She's perfect!! Your photos always look AMAZING Courtney!!

  16. What a beautiful stool (and photos). I actually said "Oh, no!" out loud when I read that you were going to paint it's the perfect shabby chippy finish!

  17. I have a soft spot for old stools too and yours is absolutely perfect. So much character!

  18. Love it. What a great little stool. Hugs, Marty

  19. I just love scrubby pieces like this. There is so much character and charm and talk about history, what stories can they tell? Great find!!.....suek

  20. I am glad you decided to just leave it as is - full of character. Nothing better!
    Have a Wonderful Day,

  21. I think it looks beautiful just the way it is. You can tell it is loved and well used.

  22. What a beautiful old stool! Love all the coats of paint.It is chippy perfection!

  23. Yep, sometimes things are just right as they are. Good call.
    As always.. love your photographs Courtney. They are such a treat for the eyes!

  24. Great stool--wonderful base color and all of the additional spatters and dings just add character... a wonderful thrifty find! Years ago I had a couple of antique painted chairs that went through the same metamorphosis--and I never did strip and refinish them as I had originally planned to :-)

  25. Yes sir ee!! It's perfect just as it is, it holds a story and many memories so well shared. I did not realize it but I have collected little stools for a long time. I'm short, need one most all the time, they are in every room, every color and every old design. I wouldn't part with any of them, but until now didn't realize I must really be obsessed with the little things. Thanks for sharing your story.

  26. Love it! pinned it to chippy chippy love!

  27. She's standing the test of time! Love that last shot with your kitchen curtains!

  28. Perfect indeed! Love love love that last photo!

  29. I love things with lots of history, very cute little stool! also your photo are truly wonderful!

  30. Absolute perfect imperfection, Courtney! I love all the spatters and chips, and that hosta color is just beautiful!! Please please please share with me where I can purchase those beautiful pink drapes in your kitchen window???? I need a couple pair for my guest room!!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  31. I love all of the charm and character of that sweet little stool Courtney! Would it be weird to say that I was thinking how my paint clothes do the same thing for me? LOL! I see all the spots and splatters and remember the rooms and furniture which have been painted over the years. Not quite as lovely as your stool though! ;-)

  32. I was hoping you wouldn't say you painted it! This little stool has stories to tell. Reminds me of one that I once had long ago. It must have gotten lost in the shuffle...

  33. I always love your photos, Courtney, and this still certainly is charmingly perfect just as is! We did have a good weekend--spent it at the theatre working front of house and providing music in the lobby.

  34. I love this post because I too have a painted stool that has seen better days... it sat for years (decades!) in my grandpa's wood shop and it's still part of the family :)

    1. Love that Janet! My grandfathers stool from his workshop is in my kitchen near the island. :)

  35. What a sweet story and your photos are to die for!!! Do you grow most of your flowers? You're in Ca. right? Btw thx so much again for all the email advice about my blog and just generally being so sweet!! I'm so happy to meet you and look forward to enjoying your blog <3

  36. That stool is a metaphor for my life--rather worn but quite useful, shows the signs of age and wear, but still has a purpose!

  37. What a nice story. I seek out pieces like this stool at local antique malls. I don't want freshly painted. I want chippy, old, and aged.
    Glad I just found this through your FB Fan page. New visitor. Beautiful blog.