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Shabby Little Dresser

Do you ever find yourself with an obsession?
You know... 
you see something at an antique store and...
you instantly love it.

 The original shabby paint. 
All the charming little details like those primitive carved legs 
the tiny square knobs on it's drawers
 the slatted wood construction and sweet shabby shelf liner.

But then... 
you look at the price. 
A frown starts to form and you sigh. 
You are a bargain shopper. 
It was marked $135 firm. :(  So you decide to think about it.
You walk away and are already thinking of looking for another one
 like it on Ebay that you can maybe find for less.

Of course after searching there is nothing just like it on Ebay 
and eventually you realize you just should have bought it because now- 
it's official...
You are most definitely obsessed.
You know it's a long shot- but you decide to see if the shop has it...
but the little shop that was selling it closed.
No shabby little chest of drawers for you.
Fast forward to a year later.
 You are out shopping and stop in at a new vintage shop that is filled with darling treasures 
and on top of a table with a little doily covering it's flaws
 there is a little chunky dresser.

Could it be that same shabby patina,
those same square knobs and that same romantic drawer liner?

It was.
The little shop had reopened it's doors in a new location.
The dresser was marked $95 and 20% off. 
That couldn't get it out of my head and almost missed out piece was mine.

I think this is a doll dresser or salesman sample dresser
It measures about 26" tall so it's petite enough to be used a lot of spots.
I have used it as a side table in the living room and as an accent under another table
even on top of a dresser for jewelry and papers. But for now, I am using it in my office.

It's little drawers are the perfect size for holding some of the extra flatware 
and cloth napkins that I use for tablescapes and photos. 

 It's paint is old and original, super shabby and stained
 but I just adore it's pale peachy pink color and it's worn away charm. 

It's perfect.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. You just made my day reading this. What a glorious reunion of two that desperately needed to find one another again.

    Whoo hoo what awesomeness!

    Now if should ever find another weird size like that again, please do let me know - I need something awesome in about a 26 inchish cube size and have been looking FOREVER.

  2. The color is amazing! Such a pretty piece!! Did you wrap your arms around it and hold it tight when you found it again? I would have! :)

  3. What a gorgeous little dresser! And such a great coincidence that you managed to come across it once again!

  4. Courtney that is a lovely piece you got, I love it! Have a great week!

  5. Courtney,
    It is perfect. Wow that is so beautiful in all it's chippy and shabby charm. Good things come to those who wait!!!

  6. i love it Courtney! she is truly a gem.

  7. How sweet, was meant to be yours.

  8. It IS just perfect! I love that palest shell pink shabbiness, and it was meant to be yours! How happy you must have been!
    Gill xx

  9. OH MY GOSH ~ that little dresser is just fan-tas-tic ~ wow love it ~

  10. Very beautiful. I love the soft colors and the rose paper!
    God bless....Brooke

    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless....Brooke
    My home and garden site...
    My Vintage Art and Printables site...

  11. It is perfect indeed, and your photographs are truly so beautiful!

  12. So sweet Courtney, a little romantic jewel of a dresser. Shabby perfection!

  13. oh courtney, what a treasure! your styling is so lovely, and i can imagine this becoming an heirloom!

    smiles to you.


  14. Hi Courtney,
    Ohh so lovely! It's so charming & shabby! Love it!!

  15. Love the soft pink color and the shabby chicness. Thanks for sharing Humble Abode

  16. No way! It IS perfect in every way... totally charming, your sweet little dresser has it's own personality. I'm so glad that she is owned by someone who can really appreciate her!


  17. That's such a pretty piece! I have a similar story about a vintage blue dresser I bought. These things tend to haunt us until they're ours. Lol

  18. This was meant to be......
    Love it.

    Fine evening

  19. It was meant to be yours, Courtney! Beautiful!


  20. such a sweet dresser--beautiful shabby color:)

  21. That's the perfect shabby dresser!
    And definitely belongs in your home :)
    Lucky you!


  23. I am so happy you re-found that little beauty. It sure was meant to be ;)

  24. It was meant to be! I had done that with pieces in the past.Sometimes they are gone but then another one even better and a better price too comes along! What a sweet little piece! Love the idea of using it for silver ware too!

  25. Just goes to show that if two are meant to be together, eventually they will. Such a charming piece of furniture deserves a wonderful place to live. So glad you two were reunited.

  26. Such a great little dresser, Courtney! I can see why it was on your mind the whole time. As others have said, it seems like it was meant to be that it go home with you.

  27. I've done the same thing, but when I went back it had gone. I've now learn't if you love it
    buy! buy! or forever have regrets.... Love the colour and the shabbyness PERFECT.

  28. Adorable dresser and sweet story.

  29. This little pink dresser is so pretty, Courtney, and your pictures, as always, are just lovely! The eye candy I needed today for a grey, rainy afternoon!

  30. My Father-in-Law always said if you wait long enough you always get what you want. Patience has definitely worked for you - so pleased your story had a happy ending!
    Jille x

  31. I am so happy you found it again. On sale too! Love it.

  32. Great story, think the delay in buying to think has caught all of us. Most of the time, the item is long gone. As my daughter and I always say, at sales and flea markets, we always remember what we didn't get, what we missed, what we saw someone else buy; not the fab things we did buy-like fishing. The fish that got away. Glad you have a happy ending and the chase was worth it in the end.

  33. I think we've all been haunted by that special piece that we just needed to think about a little longer.....until it was too late. How sweet that the little dresser waited for you to come find her again :)


  34. It was meant to be yours, of course! :)

  35. The dresser is beautiful. I love your photos. They always look so romantic.

  36. Wow! It was meant to be....with you. How wonderful. It is such a sweet little piece. I hate the whole "if you snooze you loose" thing, as I have been burned so many times. Glad you got yours!

  37. Courtney, everything looks just perfectly beautiful!

  38. I love stories like this! Thanks for sharing!

  39. What a darling little piece Courtney. The color is so pretty.. it's the perfect soft, subtle pink. Don't you love it when something falls into place. It was meant to be yours!!

  40. Oh yes, that dresser was meant to come home with you!

  41. This is so lovely, so sweet and feminine, Courtney.
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    Carolynn xxx

  42. Obviously, it was meant to be! I have to know where you found the flatware with the bees. My daughter would love that.

  43. It is a gorgeous little dresser. So glad you finally got her in the end!

  44. What a lovely romantic story!! A little piece for a big heart.

  45. The color couldn't be more perfect and love all the silver on this sweet little dresser. It was meant for you..don't you wonder who up above pulled all the strings?

  46. Some things are just meant to beautiful!

  47. ♥ This blog is so lovely! Congratulations, I saw some pictures and you have a wonderful house ♥

  48. This little charmer is so sweet, but I must say, your story about how it came to you is even sweeter!

  49. When you have that connection you have to buy it...You will love it always. That little dresser is fab!

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  51. Oh my, I love this dresser, the colour is perfect!


  52. Oh my word, it is adorable! What a blessing you were able to find it again - and at a bargain price - you've photographed it beautifully,
    Have a wonderful week,