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Tiny Bottles of Spring

You know... 
I really should just take a different way home that doesn't go by the thrift store. 
I guess maybe I am just waiting to see if it talks to me when I drive by
and so I go that way... but it always seems to talk to me so I should know better.
The other day when I drove by I had no idea that it was half price day ... really, I didn't. 
But when I saw that glaring bright red and orange
 'Everything 50% off Today' sign- 
you know I had to stop and take a peek to see what might be waiting 
at a bargain price. 

They had the usual stuff  
really nothing too exciting and I almost left without buying anything
but then I wandered into a jumbled mess of an aisle
where I found a couple little treasures like a set of vintage silver goblets 
and these little cuties.

 These are tiny- like the size of a spice jar 
 I love their vintage colored glass and starburst pattern
I have no idea if they are vintage or just vintage inspired- 
but at half price~ I liked them.

 I instantly thought how perfect they would be for holding a 
couple little blooms on a tiny shelf or on a silver tray on the ottoman
This $3.00 bouquet of mixed flowers goes perfectly with their pretty green color
and makes me think of Spring.

You could use just one little jar by itself

or the pair together

or even grouped with another bouquet on the sideboard~ 
just perfect for a little touch of Spring on a rainy day

I also found found a darling little treasure that is perfectly shabby and delightful
 It needs a bit of work and a re-purpose due to damage  but it has the most amazing finish and details. 
You can see a sneak peek of it's creamy pale pink color in a couple of these photos

I'll share more about it when I get it fixed up

See you this afternoon for Feathered Nest Friday
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Very pretty, of course I love the green.

    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless....Brooke
    My home and garden site...
    My Vintage Art and Printables site...

  2. Don't you just LOVE those 50% off sales?!?!? That is so nice! I love them! I'm making my blog "THRIFT ADDICTION THURSDAY" my excuse to go thrifting at LEAST once a week...haha! Congrats on the cute finds and thanks for showing us all the cool ways you were able to put yours together! =)

  3. I love purple with these photos. Those little jars remind me of Hoosier jars. It all looks pretty. I'm anxious see the "pink something". Take care and have a good week. :)

    1. How pretty. What a lucky find, love the green colout. It's amazing what you can find when you look hard.

    2. Perfect colors and beautiful photography. And I think the green is one of the Pantone top colors for 2013. I just love your vignettes! Truly inspirational!

      Laura from

  4. So pretty and I wish we had a good thrift store around here.

  5. Gorgeous, Courtney! I just love the colors together. I'm going to have to copycat that, I have the turquoise bottles at home and the purple stock. Thanks for the inspiration!


  6. Beautiful-I love your all photos!!!!!!! Vicky

  7. HI Courtney! Oh, this is so sweet and gives a wonderful little touch of spring!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I would have snatched them up too! Love the blue and your photos are making me wish spring would hurry up and get here!


  9. Oh my, those little jars are so cute! I wouldn't have been able to help myself either :)

  10. What sweet little containers!!! I just love them and would have picked them up too. Perfect color for spring.

  11. Utterly gorgeous! The pop of purple is so lively and refreshing. I was smiling when I was reading this because we are so alike! :)

  12. You have such a good eye when shopping for treasures and I always look forward to the beautiful flowers in your posts.

  13. I cry Foul....I want to see the pale pink Mirror? Something? Ok, now that I'm done pouting I love the little jars with the purple flowers..........I'm dreaming of sunshine! It is freezing in North Carolina.

  14. So pretty!! I love the pretty pink backdrop too!

  15. You have taken some beautiful photos of these darling little glass bottles. I love any old glass item. And the pink looks adorable, can't wait to see. I need a good day away thrift shopping. It's my favorite thing to do. The thrill of the hunt, I guess. Thanks for sharing your lovely's

  16. You are one terrific photographer. Your photos
    should be in magazines. Love your color sense
    and style. Thanks for the peek of Spring

  17. I adore tiny bottles as well, Courtney, and collection them when I find them, too! Can't hardly pass them up, and I just love the ones you found. So pretty with the flowers!

  18. Love the little green containers-they really do bring spring to your mind with those cute little flowers in them.

  19. Hi Courtney!!!

    S A L E!!!! Thrift store!!!!! How can you not stop by!!!

    I love the color it brightens up a room. The flowers are gorgeous!!!

    I just love the color!!!!


  20. I wish i was there.. Sale, Thrift STORE all in one place OMGUSH !!! My kind of day .. so since I couldnt just pop in .. The next best thing is your blog.. SO a big hello from The Rusty Pearl................ GOD bless you !!!!!!!!! HUGS

  21. Beautiful the background imagery, too!

  22. Love the green glass containers...the vignette is so beautiful with the combination of the green and lavenders...such a beautiful hint of Spring during this time of cold weather!!

  23. 50% off????
    It doesn't get better than that - especially when it hit's you out of the blue -
    You take such gorgeous photos Courtney - really -
    Magazine worthy

  24. Soooo sweet, Courtney! Sometimes I think it's even more fun to find those tiny little treasures instead of the larger ones. :) Your vignettes (as usual) are just beautiful --- like a breath of fresh spring air! :) Can hardly wait to see more of that sweet pink treasure....! :)

    xoxo laurie

  25. Sweet! I've recently moved and haven't had time to find any thrift stores...yet! If thrifting isn't good enough... 1/2 price doesn't get any better, other than finding some beautiful treasures!

  26. These are precious, very charming with the pretty flowers!


  27. Those little jars are adorable...your whole post looks spring-like and I know that we all would love to see a little bit of that right now! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Such wonderfully happy little finds! I love the color--and the beautiful combination of vibrant purple (my favorite color) and pale green. Just gorgeous!

  29. Oh, I love them ! I collect antique glass and love to use them here and there. That color is wonderful.

  30. Nice find, Courtney. Sometimes you just have to keep digging. They're beautiful with the blooms.

  31. Beautiful treasures Courtney!I LOVE those sweet flowers too!

  32. Wonderful collections. Thanks for sharing.
    Love from Sunny South Africa
    De Oude Huize Yard

  33. The little bottles are precious! Perfect for little sprigs of flowers... and i can't wait to see the pink shabby secret that i see in one of the photos!


  34. Your photos look so beautiful!! I love your little bottles filled with gorgeous flowers.