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A Couple of Pretties

I love old delicate china serving pieces that are covered in details
like sweet scalloped edges & dainty flowers,
Some of them might be plain with an embossed pattern
and that delicate gilded edging and detail might be worn away in places.

Which really makes them all the more interesting
It shows that they might have been used and loved over the years
These pieces make me think of beautiful elegant ladies enjoying a luncheon 
Sipping on cups of tea in vintage china 
maybe out on a beautiful lawn or in a beautiful tea room
with lots of fun chatter around the table.

I have a few different pieces like these that I have picked up over the years
You can find them for just a few dollars at the thrift store or flea market usually
I am not particular about flea bites or chips or imperfections that they might have
It's more important if I like the pattern and shape  
I don't have a huge collection of them- just a few which means there is room 
for more when I find them.
This particular set is an American made set and was made by Homer Laughlin

They  are more simple than my other ones
 but I needed a few to group together for something I am working on
and these just happened to be perfect in size and details

 I love how aged and crackled the finish is

Pretty $4 tulips from the grocery store this week
I know... how did I end up in the flower section while looking for avocados?
I blame it on Raleys. 
They place their fresh flower market buckets right at the edge of the produce
Beautiful fresh produce and fresh flowers in stone buckets all stacked on shelves right next to it? 
Kind of like shopping in Europe or what I imagine it might be like anyway.
Pretty good marketing if you ask me.

I was surprised to find that the prices
of a dozen roses have more than doubled since last week because of Valentines Day

Glad I wasn't shopping for them for anything this week
Another favorite thing to collect
is old monogrammed silver.
LOVE it.  LOVE it. LOVE it.

What are some of your favorite things to collect?

Just a quick post this evening.
A head cold has been making it rounds through our house
so it's been a bit quiet over here and this weekend I am doing some catching up
 around the house
I was working on a few changes in a room last week though and
hoping to get it all  photographed and ready to share soon.

 My middle guy is off at the Homecoming dance this evening 
He went with a group of friends this time rather than a date
and has plans to dance, dance, dance. Yep, the dances were always fun in HS
I can't believe he is already a Senior and will be graduating in just a couple months.

Hope everyone  on the east coast is staying safe and warm.

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  1. Love your little collection Courtney and those tulips are just beautiful! I was going to buy roses again soon too, but not before Valentine's Day!

  2. Your pics are gorgeous!

    Wow, you have Homecoming Dance so late in the year. My sophomore nephew went to The Sweethearts Dance time for romantic Valentine's Day.

  3. Your china collection is beautiful...

    I collect mugs and teapots
    and just like you I somehow value the aged ones.

  4. Lovely are an inspiration. Do you ever photograph cut glass? It is one of the things I collect, along with white pitchers, silver, odd china pieces, and of all things, spinning wheels..both old and new, and all in working order.

  5. love your collections and your pretty cottage. the way you mix your fabrics and style your house is lovely.

  6. Hi Courtney, beautiful pieces of white porcelain with a beautiful gold accents. I am the same type of purchaser, I always buy flowers in the grocery store, so I feel with you :)

  7. Pretty dishes made even more beautiful with your photography...your pictures are always so good! I too love the crackle finish.
    Have a wonderful day...

  8. What lovely pieces and I so agree, seeing a little wear makes them special. Hugs, Marty

  9. Your china pieces are gorgeous, so fragile and delicate. I especially love the teapot. Tulips are my favorite and I know the draw. I buy some every time I go to Trader Joes as there they are at the end of the cash register! Hope your son had fun at his Homecoming! Sunday Blessings.

  10. Beautiful as always! I LOVE tulips...did you know that if you put a couple of pennies in the water, the tulips stand straight for DAYS? A little trick I learned from my stepmother :)

  11. Your pieces are just lovely, always make the prettiest vignettes. I have noticed the tulips in my grocery store. I absolutely love picking some flowers out after filling that cart up with all the "necessities"! Hopefully the roses will go on sale after Valentine's Day!

    Love that your son went to the dance with a group, no one is left out that way!

    Happy Sunday!


    1. What a treasure your Homer Laughlin pieces. We had Homer Laughlin in Beaver Falls, PA and we used to be able to go and buy seconds. We had a family friend who used to paint china for them. Sadly they went out of business many years ago. I have several small pieces. Enjoy!

  12. Such sweet pieces. I love your photos and your blog. I nominated you for the Homies last week. Have a wonderful day. lin

  13. Courtney, your images are dreamy and offer a sense of romance. I have some of my mother's wedding china, by Homer Laughlin. Your description of these pieces lovingly worn with use says it beautifully. I recently found a pair of French wedding vases that came home with me. Your description perfectly describes them as well. I hope to share them soon.

  14. I love monograms too.. That silver is Old Company Plate Signature. It was available monogrammed or plain. The dishes are soo pretty. Love the photography! xo marlis

  15. Courtney! So lovely! The tulips are gorgeous, but what about that gorgeous table? Did you refinish the table? I adore it!
    Please tell me more! Pamela

  16. Courtney, your collection of china is lovely and also the tulips. I love the delicate pattern on the Homer Laughlin pieces. Great post!

  17. I love small china serving pieces, too. Small, delicate and detailed! Yours look so pretty together with the pink tulips. Some of my tulips are up in the backyard, but only in the protected spots--it's still way too early for them to bloom here. I also love old silver. I've been collecting serving pieces, because they come in handy when we're entertaining friends.

  18. I really love tulips especially when it combines with perennials to maximize the impact of both.

  19. So pretty. I collect white ironstone, aqua blue ball jars, lots of different things. I adore monogrammed silver too <3

  20. Hi Courtney!!!

    Sorry to hear that the cold has come to visit. I hope it doesn't stay too long.
    My son has walking pneumonia. It seems everybody has had a bad cold or flu this year.

    I know what you mean about these beautiful pieces. They are so beautifully made with
    just the tiniest delicate flowers on them. And your tulips are such a beautiful color.

    It seems I like to use the word 'Beautiful' today. Hope to hear you're on the mend
    soon!! Take care.


  21. Beautiful...feel better soon...come visit...inspired by you, I painted a table in my take of French Linen...:)