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A Romantic Mantel

I know it's only February.
I know, I know... it's only the 3rd of February even
 I just can't help that I am already starting to think about Spring.
Thinking about flowers and gardening and working on the outdoor projects I have planned

About dinners under the stars and evenings next to the fire outside on the back patio
which in February ~ even in California can get too chilly to enjoy.
Though we can't hurry up the season~ one thing that always brings a bit of Spring in Winter 
are fresh flowers and with Valentines day right around the corner- they are perfect.

About a week ago I was working on a special photo project and was excited to have an excuse 
to pick up a couple of extra bunches of flowers for the photos.

After all the photography was wrapped up
I gathered the flowers in their various containers and put them together on a silver tray 
to bring into the house.

Cut roses last a long time in Winter~ which makes them a fantastic choice for several  posts
 and I generally have good luck keeping mine fresh by placing them in the refrigerator overnight
if it is warm in the house.  I used some roses from a bouquet from from last week and added a couple $4 bunches of pale spray roses and a purple stock/daisy mix

I was planning to place the little bouquets in various spots 
but the flowers looked so pretty grouped together that I decided on something different
and indulged my
'shabby romantic' 
side with a flower covered mantel for Valentines day.
Since it's Valentines month ~ I think February is a perfect month to indulge that side.

The flowers went into collected vintage & new white pitchers,
creamers and soup tureens and up onto the mantel
and for a little over $20~ the mantel was dressed in blooms

I love the simpleness of the shades of whites and pitchers
with the vibrant colors of the flowers
My boxwood wreath from Christmas is on the mirror yet...

but I love boxwood anytime of the year
and the darker green looks wonderful with the flowers
and really makes it feel so much more like Spring.

Since the flowers will start to dry out within the next week or so
I know that I will  be redoing the mantel soon
that's how it is when using fresh flowers~ and especially since this look
was achieved mainly with just flowers and nothing else.

 I'm just enjoying it's romantic look for now
and it does feel like a breath of Spring when you walk into the room.

Do you have any big plans for Super Bowl Sunday at your house?
I am not a big football fan but my boys are
 and they are planning a football party with a few friends

Which basically means that there will be a lot of yelling at the TV 
and that all the food that's in the house will probably be gone by the time
 the game is done. 

Hope your weekend is going great!


  1. I too am longing for Spring. Even though here in North Central Florida, the weather has been milder than the norm, the gardens are still bare for the most part. The Azaleas are starting to bloom and some of the roses... but not much else.
    What a beautiful Mantel. Luving all the flowers and the white...
    No... no plans for football. One boy will be gone over to friends and the other will be working. The Mr. is not big on football. So there will be no yelling at the telly, and no huge spread of football munchies. Just a nice quiet Sunday for 2 :-)
    Hugs, Gee

  2. oh what a lovely post...your flowers are wonderful...I am in full swing for spring...

  3. You always have the most beautiful blooms! Perfect mantel for you to style and us to enjoy. I was just thinking today, "Is it wrong to decorate for Easter before Valentine's Day is here?" I'm ready for all things spring. Your post is the just the dose of medicine I needed for my spring fever.

  4. Oh WOW - that is just gorgeous!!! Being in Montreal, you have no idea how ready for Spring I am!

  5. Hi, I'm Emilia from Italy, I am a reader of your blog and I like it very much. As I was watching at your beutiful photos I immediately realised that spring is really here even if they say it may snow next week here in Rome. I am so grateful to you for having brought a touch of a warm season here in my home today. Thank you very much indeed. Emilia

  6. Gorgeous! This mantel is making me long for all things romantic! x

  7. WOW-beautiful-LOVE the flowers-you is amazing!!!Have a nice day:-) Vicky

  8. With the hope of an early spring, these pictures were perfect. I have always loved pink roses. Well really anything pink.

  9. It looks just beautiful, Courtney! I love all the pinks and purples.

  10. Beautiful! I love the varying sizes and heights of the vases...the flowers are so gorgeous with the greenery of the wreath. Superbowl Sunday? I'm from Pittsburgh, we aren't allowed to watch that here :-)

  11. Oh my, beautiful, lovely, tasteful, inspirational!! I am a new follower!

  12. Courtney, this is so fresh and pretty. Beautiful color combination!

  13. Hi...I'm a italian girl and your blog is very beautiful...the flowers is me in my blog !
    A nice day.....kiss!

  14. Beautiful flowers-they do bring spring closer.
    Have a good weekend.

  15. Courtney, this is the prettiest arrangement. The soft pinks and purples among the white containers seem to invite an early spring. '-)

  16. So colorful and pretty. Love the wreath.

  17. So colorful and pretty. Love the wreath.

  18. Oh so pretty when placed in mass on the tray and the mantel. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  19. Love this...I'm so ready for Spring!!

  20. Your mantle is the most beautiful I've ever seen, love the green with the flowers, it reminds me of outside in the spring(which is my favorite season)!
    I'm from the Pittsburgh area too but my husband will be watching it, he has a ham ready for the oven soon. My son is having a super bowl party at his place with 200 wings to serve and he told me that he will wear his Steeler shirt anyway.
    My other son lives in Maryland but is a die hard Steeler fan...I think it will be very interesting because the coaches for each team are related!

  21. White dishes and roses. Great combination. :-)

  22. Your mantel is lovely. The boxwood wreath is simply beautiful. You did a great job with decorating this space in your home. Thanks for sharing!

  23. I can just imagine the fresh, sweet scent of your living room now, Courtney! It must be so lovely to walk into that room and see such beautiful pops of springtime color! And for some reason which is beyond me....that wreath DOES work with the flowers! lol Love it all - and once took my breath away with your vignettes. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  24. Gorgeous! I can only imagine how wonderful the fragrance must be. I love, love having fresh flowers in my home. We've had quite a few spring like days...very nice!


  25. Gorgeous post, took my winter blues away!!

  26. Gorgeous posies, Courtney! My hubby is in front of the TV now which is why I'm doing some visiting. Love the boxwood wreath too, very pretty. Thanks for sharing.


  27. Beautiful, I can't wait until spring! I'm ready to get the porch ready for spring which according to weather reports, I will be able to do in the next couple of weeks.

  28. The roses are so pretty grouped together...a perfect romantic February mantelscape! Is your boxwood wreath live? I was wondering how long they lasted. Any special care?

    I'm not crazy about football either. Thankfully my kids are out a parties and since the Bears aren't in it, Hubby is only paying half attention to it! lol!

    Happy Sunday. Don't worry, spring will be here before we know it!


  29. Hi Courtney!!!

    I love your mantel!! I love the mirror that you used. With the
    flowers reflecting off it makes it look like a room in full bloom.
    Spring will be here before we know it and then we will be so busy
    in our gardens. I can't wait!!!

    Have a great week Courtney!!


  30. Can we say love .. WHY yes WE CAN !!!!!!!!!!!! .. Love love love it all !!!! .. Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl .......

  31. I just want to sit here and look at your beautiful display, all day...but,in reality, I've got a lot of work to do! Thanks for making my morning blog hopping come to a "dreamy" end!

  32. Love it! I adore ironstone and I love the boxwood wreath!!

  33. Love your mantle Courtney! You have such a "pretty" touch with everything you do! Thanks for sharing! xo

  34. Oh my gosh... I really love French country cottage lovely and have a shabby romantic.

  35. Hey Courtney your post truly look like the most beautiful fresh flowers gallery . Oh my Gosh!!!! these flowers are so beautiful. I love beautiful fresh flowers . Thanks for sharing this awesome post.