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Vintage Bicycle Planter

It's the first day of the six days of Spring!
Each day for the next 5 days~ I am joining these fantastic bloggers & Pottery Barn
in sharing Spring inspirations
by a party and fantastic giveaway!

You might remember this old bicycle from last Summer
Rusty, crusty and forgotten
I found this old bike leaning against a garage in a yard sale last year.

I loved everything about it.
It's blown out tires
It's rust covered frame 
and that old black and white seat.
It was perfect.

Not for riding of course
but for propping up in the yard for a little bit of whimsy
or for photos for a special shoot. 
The price?
A can of beer.

Yep- I stopped at the store
stared at the beer for awhile (not a beer drinker) asked an opinion
 bought what seemed like a good beer for the guy selling
 and then dragged my rusty crusty vintage bicycle home with me.

I found a little wicker basket for it so that I could fill it with flowers 
or maybe tuck a loaf of bread, fresh veggies and a bottle of wine inside
to imagine I am biking through a village in France picking up a few things for dinner.
Well... for a photo anyway.
Since this vintage bike is not really going anywhere
 I thought some pretty pink tulips tucked inside was perfect for welcoming Spring.

For the Five Days of Spring celebration this week
 I thought that I would share a few Spring inspirations using some of the potted bulbs 
that you can easily find at the grocery store for just a few dollars.

I love potted plants because they do tend to last awhile
and with bulbs- you can also plant them outdoors as well.
The ones I found last week were all on sale
so they were less than cut flowers 

Such an easy way to add a bit of spring color and you can move them around as you would like.
For this look~ I placed two potted tulip plants inside the bicycle basket.

 I also brought out an old fishing creel filled with 2 more potted tulips

Simple, easy and charming way to add a touch of Spring
even when it's cold outside.
Funny thing about this bike~ after a little research we found out that it is actually 
a pretty neat old antique. 
It was originally made back in the 1950's and is highly collectible- 
even in it's rusty, crusty present state. 
Who knew? 

Can't wait to see what the other bloggers are sharing on their blogs today~
head on over to take a peek and then come back tomorrow 
for day two of the
Six Days of Spring

                                   Pottery Barn                             Lilypad Cottage


  1. Υour pics are just adorable! Tulips are my favorite flowers and I think that who loves flowers, loves certainely tulips! So romantic with the bike..
    Regards Olympia

  2. it's so beautiful; as we head in autumn, enjoy your spring!
    fiona x

  3. I love it, it's absolutely beautiful. I need to be on the look out for an old bike as I would love to have fun decorating it.

  4. What a beautiful Springtime post, Courtney. I have such a fondness for tulips. They seem to be right at home in your bicycle basket.
    What a lovely sight.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Carolynn xo

  5. Your bike and the baskets full of Spring is so pretty up against that tree, such a pretty touch for your garden. Beautiful pictures!

  6. Very pretty! I'll have to keep an eye out for an old bike this summer. This is such a swwet idea.

  7. I'd have gladly paid a six pack for that beauty! I've had my eyes peeled for a fabulous old bike - I'll keep searching.

    As usual, your display does transport me to the South of France - now I just need that baguette and bottle of wine!

    So happy to be part of the 6 Days of Spring with you.

  8. Just lovely, Courtney! I was so taken with the tulip bunches at the supermarket last week, I didn't even think to look for some potted ones. They would be well worth getting, especially if I plant the bulbs in the Fall.

  9. You have me quite dying for spring now. So beautiful!

    Happy Monday!!

  10. So pretty. . . It's funny how some can pull off an old bike filled with flowers in their yard. In my yard I'm afraid it would look like I was trying to dress up junk. =)

  11. So pretty, Courtney! The tulips are beautiful and make me yearn for Spring even more than I already am! I love the vignette you created with the flowers and your great bike ... and ... a bike for a beer?! Who knew?!

  12. Tulips are my favorite flower - and this is spot on amazing! Love the fishing creel, it's the perfect touch!

  13. Love the bike with the tulips - looks GREAT!

  14. Beautiful spring post! The tulips (my personal fav), the bike and the baskets = perfection!!

  15. This floral display is absolutely charming!

  16. What a beautiful spring inspiration!!! ( Since I'm looking out my window at a snow blizzard this morning) I love the tulips and the pictures are great. Can't wait to see what's next.

  17. I love those pink tulips and the rusty old bike!

  18. Courtney,

    Your photograph has such movement. :) LOL! You are such a rock star! Thanks for the great idea for the back garden!


  19. So pretty! Didn't know I could have a crush on a rusty old bike, but I do!! Thanks for the glimpse of actual spring this morning instead of the snow I see outside my window :)

  20. Love the old bicycle, the tulpis and the big oak tree it's leaning against too!


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  21. I love this bike and the basket with pink tulips is perfect!

  22. Lovely! I love the contrast of the decrepit vintage bike with the fresh crispness of the tulips... Yay, spring!

  23. I love the way you saw the beauty in that old bike. And just look at it now, in a photo shoot, and loaded up with pretty pink tulips!


  24. What a lovely post and a welcome to spring ride decked out with favorite flowers and love the pink tulips. Thank you for sharing so many dreamy pictures.
    With fortitude,
    Sylvia Faye

  25. So beautiful Courtney, as always! :) You are making me long for spring even more. Can't wait to see what other fabulous spring ideas you all share this week. :)


  26. I love your bicycle. I have one myself that is a robins egg blue which would be beautiful with flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  27. You make me long for Spring, your photos are so lovely! I have been chipping ice for days Spring in site for some while, so I'm glad to have these six days of Spring decor from you all!

  28. So charming! You know you have a good eye when you buy something just because it speaks to you and then you find out it's worth something...and it only cost you a beer! Love it!

  29. So pretty, Courtney! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous Spring-y images!


  30. Now I need a bike. And some flowers. And a tree. Who am I kidding, my toddlers would ruin the whole thing - LOL! In all seriousness, this is just beautiful. You are truly gifted at making us FEEL something when we see your work. Inspirational you are!


  31. This very simple but how nicely you present. The tulips are looking so beautiful. Not only looking, these are really so beautiful.

  32. What a great bike! Can't wait to see all the wonderful things coming from all of you!

  33. So beautiful and so clever. I felt transported into a Jane Austen novel!

    Laura at

  34. So romantic, so simple and sweet. Makes me want to ride the country side of France or Italy and pick up some bread and wine. You can do such photography of different situations with that bike and baskets for every season. I loved it. Thanks for sharing!