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Vintage Silver

I have a few little obsessions... 
just a few though.  

Actually- being obsessed with silver flatware isn't too bad.
I used to have much larger obsessions.
Like chairs. 
Yes, I was obsessed with chairs one time.
I don't know how many chairs I fell in love with and decided they needed to be rescued.
I think I might have had about a dozen random different style and size 
chairs taking up space in the garage  at one point.  
Upholstered with great details. Wooden with fabric seats or just plain wood.
They were taking over. So I fixed them up and sold them
and kept just the ones that 'talked' to me loudly. 
Thankfully, I have not been collecting anything large for awhile. 

It is funny how one little piece of something can start an 'obsession'

My grandmother had a couple random pieces of silver mixed in with her everyday flatware.
I remember admiring it's vintage look and finish that was so different than the rest of the drawer.
She gave me the few pieces she had years ago and I just love them
and have been collecting my own pieces for years.

Vintage silver is one of my favorite things to collect.
Random pieces are easily found at thrift stores - a lot of time just mixed in with the regular
flatware- and you can also find them at flea markets
I found a whole set of silver with serving utensils included in a box at a yard sale recently.

I have ahem a *few* pieces... but sharing just some of them today.
My absolute biggest crush when it comes to vintage silver is
 anything and everything 

I love it.
Love it  love it love it.

It doesn't have to be my letter on the monogram- though that is a huge bonus. 
I just love monograms in general and if I find a piece and it's monogrammed~ 
 there is a good chance it is coming home with me.

I love mismatched pieces at the table. 
I am not a perfectionist where it all has to be just so. 
I actually have two sets of silver that are almost complete and are all matching.
Even when matching a couple pieces for a place setting
I vary each one and  pick a few pieces and then add a few random ones

Sometimes I love my silver all polished and pretty

 sometimes I love it tarnished and full of vintage charm.
It's a 'mood' thing.
 I have heard so many people say they hate polishing silver 
I actually love polishing silver~ it's relaxing to me.
So if the silver is wearing tarnish over here 
it's because I like the look of it.

Someone recently asked me 
about where I store all the random pieces of silver.

I use old sewing machine drawers for them.
They stack nicely in a cupboard and they are also easy to bring out to the table
to choose your pieces from.

I have also simply set them on the table for a more casual setting 
and they fit in perfectly since there is something charming about them already.

Silver flatware isn't my only silver obsession of course   ;)

I'll share more soon.

Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. Courtney, I share your obsession with silver and also had a thing for chairs. Monogrammed pieces have their own personalities and add such joy to the table. Years ago my silver quest was for salt cellar spoons. I had to stop when I decided I really didn't need more than 30. LOL

  2. Lovely collection, love the tarnished look!

    Great idea on how you have them stored in drawers!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Wow Courtney, now these I call a FIND! Love silver too and maybe I have an obsession too. Lovely collection! Hugs,

  4. Tout comme vous j'aime la belle argenterie...
    Gros bisous

  5. Yes I love the one little thing that can start it all.. CLOCKS is my newest . Little old ones LOL .. Bowls another LOL ..........Blessings my sweet blogging sister ..........Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  6. I love vintage silver, too -- I have a complete set of my own from years ago, but love picking up the odd pieces to give a variety. Nice post!
    xo Heidi

  7. Beautiful silver collection! Lovely photo's!

  8. Beautiful collection, I love it.

  9. Vintage silver is a favorite of mine as well. Love how you use the sewing drawers for your flatware. There is something about the patina of a tarnished silver piece that draws me in. Thanks for sharing,

  10. Lovely, Courtney. I have a bit of a silver obsession too. Thanks for sharing. Great idea to use the old sewing drawers for storage. I use crocks.

  11. Courtney, I love monograms, too. And details on everything. I love that you store the silver in old sewing machine drawers which I also love. Aren't we blessed to be passionate people?

  12. LOL! I too..... have a "vintage" obsession.
    I love vintage silver and have amassed quite a collection. I think they are much prettier than those you see today.
    I also love vintage chairs! That's funny....... we cleaned out the garage a couple of months ago and I was shocked at how many I have. I not only use them in the house but out doors as well.......... on the porch, the deck, in the garden and in my shabby shed. A girl can't have to many chairs or to much silver!
    Thanks for sharing your lovelies with us.
    Will visit again soon.

  13. I never knew vintage silver could be so lovely!

    My not so secret obsession is Princess House Crystal and lovely clear glass vases. I'm thinking about branching out to white vases and pitchers for flowers.

  14. I am looking at my little collection of vintage silver and wishing it could turn into a nice collection like you have! Your photos are beautiful and I live the styling of them also...Janet

  15. I have been a chair collector over the years, too. I am slowly getting rid of them. I love them- new/old/battered/bruised...doesn't matter. Love your silver- I like that, too.
    I am giving a little nod to you on my blog tomorrow about your feature in March's Romantic Homes- xo Diana

  16. I love old silverware, too, Courtney. I treasure the sets that my mother, grandmother, and MIL gave to me over the years. Full sets ~ in beautiful hinged storage boxes ~ of glorious silvery history. Seeing your monogrammed pieces makes me wonder what the family was like that owned that piece, you know? Such wonderful history behind every single one. A story in itself.... :)

    xoxo laurie

  17. What a beautiful collection Courtney! I have some silver pieces too.Although I don't really collect it but love to use it.I have not monogram piece those are a true gem!Oh yes the chair obsession.I think I have that one now too.I have a chair I am working on.And I keep finding worn chippy original paint pieces that I just love.I need to stop though!My husband is going to think I am crazy LOL!
    Beautiful photos!

  18. What a cute idea. I have lots of old silver plate, but never thought of storing them in the cute old sewing drawers! I may have to steal your idea.

  19. What a great post! My grandmother ALWAYS used silver, and she had the most beautiful mish-mash collection. I remember pulling open her kitchen drawer and inspecting the variations on the handles. I also love monograms, but I have to say that flowers are my favorites. Thanks for sharing!


  20. Beautiful! I love silver when it takes on a patina as well... there is something tougher and more edgy about it when it's all rough and dark :-)

  21. A gorgeous collection. I love finding other like-minded silver collectors!

    - Nan

  22. The monogrammed pieces are my faves, too and your pieces are just lovely! :) I like how you wrapped the little blooms with them!

  23. Beautiful silver collection...I try to collect my monogram, but "S's" are harder to find, so I collect ones with pretty details...Such a great idea to store them in the sewing machine drawers! Looking forward to seeing your "other obsession"...

  24. Think I need to find more pieces! Have my great grandma's iced tea spoons...lovely. Last summer they lived in a lovely French canning jar on my counter. Bet they make a return appearance before long!

  25. Oh Courtney~ I'm with ya girl!
    I can't leave the silver alone, eSPECIALly when monogrammed!
    And it's totally my favorite thing to mix and match all the patterns!

  26. Such a pretty collection, love that they aren't all the same!

  27. Funny.....I posted about my newest collection(or obsession is probably a better term) too! And I know what you mean about collecting large items....I've had to give it up cause there is no more room...haha.

    Enjoy your week,


  28. This is such a beautiful post. Your choice is different from other. I like it so much. Thank you for sharing.

  29. I can never resist dishes and flowers for the garden. We all have to have our fun :-)

  30. Wow, what a great collection you have here Courtney, me too I am obsessed of silver...I guess only werewolf who are not obsessed of silver they were afraid of it...LOL By the way thanks for sharing :)

  31. Hi Courtney!!

    I've always loved silver from when a great aunt lived with us and I use to polish her silver back in the ''70s. When she passed it went to my mom and mom and I use to polish it together and have a great time chatting. It will come to me...

    When my hubby and I use to go to flea markets and garage sales I would pick-up some great pieces. Once I bought a 6 place set. Just beautiful!! I love the idea of the sewing drawers. I love wooden boxes and baskets to put them in.

    I love to think where they were and what beautiful china went with them. Just fun stuff to think about.


  32. Do you collect silver plated or sterling silver?

  33. I love antique silver! but my obsession is glasses, chrystal, venetian, clear or colorful, modern or ornate. My cabinets are bursting at the seam with glasses

  34. Courtney,

    Simply beautiful, just like everything you do! Can't wait to see your other "obsession"!

    Be well my friend,


  35. Dito, I love the vintage silverware and hoard it

  36. Oh, how pretty - thanks for sharing!

  37. Hello Courtney,
    Looks like we both love colleting vintage silverware, and yes, finding engraved pieces is a bonus!!


  38. I think you have inspired me to start collecting vintage silverware too, it's SO pretty. Love your blog, you have such a great way of styling your photos.

  39. Gorgeous post as usual. I love chairs too. My husband almost divorced me over the amount of "chairs" I had stored in the garage at one point waiting for thier makeovers!

  40. Courtney: While in Goodwill I found a bag of silver knives and forks with MOP handles with no price. The man who works there wrote $2.99 on the bag. There were 8 knives and 8 forks. Oh Happy Day!! I had fun polishing them and seeing the beautiful shine.

  41. Beautiful collection Courtney! I too have a drawer full of silver plate mismatch but am also,lucky to have a set of matched sterling. It is so beautiful I rarely use it......I really should...

  42. Thanks for the display ideas for my booth in the antique mall. I can hardly wait to try the storage idea, and tieing the pieces with a ribbon and flower, plus pairing tarnish and polished. I too enjoy polishing the silver, and it looks so pretty when finished.

  43. I'm in love with tarnish silver myself. Your collection is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.
    Miss Ellie

  44. I've collected rare, mostly Victorian-era, silver flatware for years. It does become an obsession. Nothing like a Shiebler Etruscan cheese scoop or a Tiffany Indian serving spoon to get my blood racing. It's expensive but probably a good investment over time.