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A Certain Chair...

I was working away in a room the other day 
covered from head to toe in drips and splatters of paint
singing along with the music playing on my ipod
when randomly 
I thought of a certain chair.

A certain chair that is in the basement
that one that arrived damaged with the top of it's frame broken 
and it's backing all torn away
The certain chair that has been sitting forlorn and 
waiting to be fixed up and brought back into the house.

This chair arrived in a big old box with a completely smashed top corner.

I cringed a bit as I started to open it...
and a frown appeared when I pulled the wrap off the chair and found the top area 
to be totally squashed and broken.

I sent photos to the company and they quickly sent a replacement chair
through a different shipper
and told me to go ahead and try to fix or dispose of the broken one.
(my apologies on the reeeeally bad before photos)

 Of course I had to try and fix that little chair
even if that meant making a couple changes to it.

At first I tried to just reattach the frame- but the fabric and foam 
were ruined and the straps inside the chair back had pulled away from the frame
so I would have had to re-do the whole back anyway.

So I decided on something different.
I pulled the rest of the fabric away from the frame
cut the straps off
and then began to task of removing each and every stinkin one of those
seeming to be 876 staples...

Fun. Fun. Fun.

After the staples were all removed
I glued the broken frame piece back to the rest of the chair

Then I filled the staple holes in, sanded it smooth and then lightly rubbed an antiquing stain
 onto it to age the newly painted area.

It's not perfect, has a lot of dings and dents and you can see the lines where the frame was broken
but that's okay with me.

An elegant simple carved chair with an open back
now takes the place of that broken, sad and neglected one

With a few of those ranunculus that are blooming away

and a ruffled drop cloth slipcover

I am just loving  how it turned out
and happy to have sprung it from it's solitude.

It is the perfect little chair for a room that I have been working on 
It's almost but not quite ready to be shared 

I have been crazy busy here this weekend...
feeling good that I was able to get some things notched off my to-do list
but for some reason... it seems like it just keeps growing...
I guess  it probably doesn't help that I keep 
thinking of random chairs that are waiting to be fixed up
and get side-tracked playing with them.
Back to work over here.

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  1. This turned out so looks like an antique. And it has a new life!


  2. Not bad, Courtney! The before was so sad, but your after is adorable! :D

  3. imperfectly perfect! it's gorgeous and it has a story behind it which makes it even more special.
    Bec x

  4. Goes to show nothing is beyond a little bit of love... so simply beautiful, your style is absolutely gorgeous and inspiring, funny how chairs do that to you. My husband thinks i have a chair problem ;) The ranunculus are so pretty too. Clarissa xo

  5. You are getting some great mileage out of those ranuns! Nice Courtney:-)) xo

  6. What a beautiful save Courtney! LOVE that chippy cabinet behind the chair! Waiting in anticipation for your reveal.Ahh yes paint I too am up to my elbows in paint.Creatively painting away.Much to do and so little time!

  7. I love what you did for the chair, saving it and giving it new life. <3

  8. So glad you were able to save it! It is a beautiful chair!!!

  9. Such beautiful lines to this chair, Courtney! I am so glad you were able to salvage it. I think of all those dents, dings and the crack as "character". : ) It looks lovely with your flowers and the new slip.

  10. Oh wow it turned out gorgeous, please pat yourself on the back for
    Your pic's are lol sooooo beautiful ;)


  11. Love the chair and the ranunculas. You did a great job patching those staple holes and then making the touch up paint job blend so well with the original paint. Can't wait to see the whole room if you can make a broken chair look that pretty. Leslie

  12. Oh how sad that it came broken. But I am happy you rescued it from it's solitude in the dark and lonely basement. What a beautiful chair... complete with dings and flaws. Perfect in and of it's own. Looking good modeling it's new skirt :-)
    Hugs, Gee

  13. The flowers brought the chair to life and so did the glue! lol So nice to still get to keep it.

  14. WOW - you did a wonderful job on that chair and with the ranunculas it is stunning.
    Have a great week.

  15. Courtney, it looks lovely all over again. Isn't it terrific to have a great company make it all better without a lot of fuss? Thanks for sharing.


  16. Un accident qui finit en beauté... De belles photos.
    Gros bisous

  17. I understand getting sidetracked like that! I have a dress to get made for a wedding that is this coming Saturday - and all I want to do is play with the fabric I got to create my daughters' Easter dresses out of! LOL!

  18. I love you took broken junk and made it new - love it - 'cept I liked it w/o its ruffle showing all that gorgeous wood carving..................your flowers are incredible, too.

  19. I love how you remade the damaged chair. It's always such a nice feeling when you can take something that was damaged and free! :) and turn it into a treasure.

  20. What a transformation! That looks beautiful :)

  21. Courtney
    You are the chair angel! You brought this chippy back to life and she is so sexy with her backless look and new skirt!!! Beautiful

  22. *a*m*a*z*i*n*g*


    Greetings from germany!


  23. What a wonderful rescue ! and sure you love most this chair than an another one !
    xoxo from PARIS where it's again snowing !

  24. Beautiful chair and flowers too!!!!
    Happy monday to you!

  25. What a great chair rescue.... She is gorgeous !!!!

  26. NIce save Courtney! It would have been criminal to "dispose of it!"
    Without sounding TOO officious I hope(?)--2 repair tips.
    1-rub saw dust into the glued up break, it helps hide the line. And,
    2-after you glue and re-set the break,
    -using a matching sized drill bit and dowel (small)
    -drill a deep hole through that newly connected area,
    -push the dowel into it, with some glue,
    -cut off any extra dowel and sand, putty, paint/stain---
    EXTRA SUPPORT to the newly repaired area!

  27. Your chair looks wonderful. I never would have thought something damaged as badly as it was, could be made to be beautiful. Your flowers makes a statement with the chair...or without, for that matter. I would love to have them in my flower beds, but wonder if Wisconsin is the correct zone for growing. I'll have to check my flower and seed catalogs that will soon be coming to my mailbox. Bonnie Schulte in WI

  28. What a gorgeous piece, it turned out great. I am not surprised that you did such a great job.


  29. Your chair is so pretty after its makeover, Courtney! And I love the little slipcover, too.

  30. Only *you* Courtney, could take something that damaged and bring it back a new fabulous life! And, as always, your flowers are the perfect embellishment ... they are gorgeous!

  31. More inspiration for me to desire!

  32. What a great work you did with this chair! xx

  33. Wow... absolutely marvellous <3

  34. And this is why I Dumpster Dive. Hoping to score something and turn it into a piece as great as this. My husband found an oak coffee table thrown in the bushed when he went for pizza the other night. It is missing a leg. So we are staring at it wondering if we should even tackle this. Wait till I show him what you did with the chair. It will give us the courage to get that table going. And the flowers make it all come together..

  35. Lovely, of course! And the staging is perfect!

  36. The chair looks wonderful Courtney! Do you mind me asking where you ordered it from. It's lines are lovely.

  37. mmmmmmmm. now that's a silhouette to write home about. love it.


  38. Wow, you really rescued that poor chair. I can't believe it came broken so badly. Or actually I can the way the delivery guys throw things around.

  39. Great job on salvaging that little beauty!

  40. Hi Courtney,
    Your vintage chair is so pretty. She reminds me of a little child who has fallen and skinned her knees. You have lovingly picked her up, dusted off her knees, kissed her sunny cheek and sent her on her way.
    Such a lovely restoration, my friend.

  41. Yay for you and that sweet little chair!!! It's just precious... I'm so tickled that you gave it a new life. It looks beautiful posing in it's pretty little skirt with the gorgeous flowers!