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Charming Patina

Do you find yourself ever looking at something in a junk pile
and you notice your palms are getting sweaty
your heart is starting to race
and you are feeling like you simply must
grab that piece of 'junk' even out of the pile... to the dismay of your husband...
 before someone else does?

Yeah... I think there's a support group for that. 
Though I really don't feel like I need help with it.
I don't have a problem with seeing potential in junk at all.

Not recognizing the problem...
that's the first problem right?

well, I am in love with the patina that certain somethings (or anythings!) wear 
and a lot of times
that patina and those pieces are headed to the junkyard 
or are just a couple of dollars at the flea

Even if it's  a shabby cottage barely there painted rickety treasure
 I love it

This old bench was on it's way out the door at my friends shop~ 
no it hadn't been sold~
it was on it's way to dump or to be recycled into something different.
I loved it. 
It has such a gorgeous shabby cottage patina 
delicious aqua greenish paint that is barely there in places
and the rest of it is chipping away shamelessly 
but what is left is perfection

It is full of cracks and warps
It's worn and weathered 
It's legs are a little uneven and require propping
and some might say it's just plain old falling apart
' junk'

But with all it's warble, cracking, twisting and chipping 
it does a beautiful job just being itself as a display piece
it's perfect in the garden or even indoors as a bench for books

 simply as a place to set a little bouquet of flowers in the woods
for a few photos

It's a keeper

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  1. Love this old bucket bench girl..Hugs and love Gloria

  2. I. Love. It. and would definitely keep it also, sweetpea. It's gorgeous!

  3. It is just 93 days until I retire and I can play in my garden all day and then take beautiful photos like yours.

    Love the bench, the pink flowers and the setting.

  4. Glad you caught that beauty before it went off to the dump!Lovely in photos with your ranunculus!

  5. is just beautiful! I have got to find me a Safeway! lol! The photos are beautiful Courtney.

  6. What a sweet the crusty coating of color and the flowers are gorgeous- xo Diana

  7. Perfection. Simple perfection.

  8. Beautiful weathered , chippy and perfectly adorable bench. I can see it in lots of places. The flowers are as usual stunning.
    Hugs, Gee

  9. This is beautiful--can hardly believe you got those flowers for that price--we don't have Safeway in my part of the country any more. boo hop

  10. Love it! Have one myself :-) Mine has a short let but I don't care :-) :-) I just stack a couple of tiles under it.

  11. I love it Courtney! I get the same way when I see something, sweaty palms heart beat quickens, hoping no one else will get to it before I do. :)
    Your photos are beautiful!!
    Have a lovely week.

  12. Love it...the more patina the better!Heading out to Safeway today and a bunch of those beautiful blooms will be the first item in my basket!

  13. What a find! I love that original color. Your pictures are heavenly!


  14. What a great find - love it and I would have grabbed it also. I have been noted to stopping my car on Friday to see what treasures people throw away. I have some great finds.
    Looks great in the garden.
    Have a great week.

  15. You had my heart at chippy and blue!

  16. I couldn't agree with you more. This lovely little bench is perfection all by itself ~

  17. Yes prob a support group somewhere. I will proudly stand up .. My name is Sherry and I love JUNK .. I see PEARLS in some of it all the time................LOL >> LOVE the post and the picture.. Just beautiful as always ...Sherry

  18. It's perfect! In my opinion anyways....maybe you and I should consider going to a support group for our disease,hahaha! The ranunculus are so beautiful. I bought a couple potted creamy colored ones at my local Garden Center yesterday that I'm going to pot on my porch along with some pansies. I do have to go to Safeway this afternoon, so I'll check if there are any blooms there:-)


  19. Beautiful. The flowers and the bench!

  20. Your photos are always, just so beautiful!!

  21. Your post made me smile. My favorite colors right now and one of my favorite flowers! I might have to join that support group with you, although my husband has accepted the fact that I can make beauty out of junk and now gets kinda happy to see what I come up with.

  22. Never, Never, Ever, pass on a bench! This one is perfect - love it!

  23. Gorgeous! I love the faded, chippy blue! Great find :-)

  24. Definitely a diamond in the rough and so, so lovely Courtney! :-)

  25. I found myself smiling while reading about your new treasure, Courtney. :) My husband has made a few of these for me and we used to use them for sitting around the campfire in the backyard. And yep...I painted one aqua! lol Those ranunculus look just peonies! I'll have to look for them next time I'm at Horrock's instead of loading my arms full of roses. lol

    xoxo laurie

  26. i love things like that bench too..i often wonder who used them before me..and you know..the crappier it looks..that's all the better..that bench is going to love living at your place..that's obvious..I really enjoy having you visit my email every day..looking forward to whatever you have going on next.........Wende

  27. I feel like that about old fashioned roses at the nursery. I get into this internal frenzy when I see them... it takes all of a minute before I grab mine but I'm SO nervous for that one minute..

  28. i am nuts about that bench and the blooms too! you have the best taste and know just what gets my lil heart pumping.



  29. Totally agree, it's a keeper for sure! Dianne

  30. Oh it is definitely a keeper Courtney. Just beautiful!!!

  31. I love your "junky" bench Courtney! I have one almost identical to it on my front porch! :)

  32. I am always amazed at what you FIND!! you think you might could ship some of those ranuculas down to alabama never been able to grow or find anywhere anytime here in the south but love looking at ur pics thanks cortney

  33. Beauty comes with age...beautiful the color.

  34. I love the colour of it... or what is left of it! Great unexpected find!

  35. I love old things with a soul. Beautifully, very sweet and this mint color...
    Greetings from Poland***

  36. Courtney, that is just gorgeous, and I too love exactly that kind of thing. That's what my dad's 100-year-old garage is full of, so I'm there a lot.

  37. Your ph0tography skills just get better and better! How could something so tired and worn look so stylish. Making simple, fundamental things look so beautifully and inviting is something we could all learn. Thank you for letting me see this through your eyes!

  38. Some people I know (may be relatives, not really saying . . .) throw out things that I LOVE! It makes me heart sick to see beautiful worn things tossed because of a little character.

  39. You are amazing, Courtney. Glad there those of you who see the diamond in the rough. '-)
    just read through the new Simply Shabbilicious online magazine. Did you know that they list Feathered Nest Friday as one of their top five linky parties?

    I totally agree! ~ Sarah

  40. Aged to perfection. It's truly a beautiful piece. Love the pink flowers against the colors of the bench.

  41. This is such a pretty bench, Courtney--love the color!

  42. Simply lovely.

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!