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Outdoor Spring Mantel

 Happy March 1st everyone and
welcome to the 5th day of the 6 days of Spring!
So...are you tired of seeing my posts pop up so often this week?
It's been a busy week for sure
I have been sharing inspirations using the same potted tulips and daffodils
as ways to add a touch of Spring to your home quickly and easily.

Today I am moving back outside again and sharing a simple, romantic 
and vintage inspired mantel for Spring.

When I look at that big old rock fireplace I see is a place to really bring in some charm outdoors.
The fireplace is a focal point for sure and what better way to play it up 
for Spring than to decorate the mantel.

I brought those same pink tulips outdoors again
 and set a couple of them in old ironstone tureens.
They are in their pots and they fit perfectly tucked inside.

Next thing I was looking for was a vintage romantic charming centerpiece.
I found this beautiful concrete statuary at HomeGoods and knew it was perfect.
She has the sweetest expression on her face and so many details.

A found nest, moss, concrete bird and a couple of white pitchers
filled with wax flower and it's complete.

Hope you have enjoyed the 6 days of Spring!!!
It was tons of fun to do this series and have something to focus on blogging
about every day!
I hope you will come back on Monday for the link party 
and fantastic giveaway with Pottery Barn~
 a $250 gift card!

Hope you will visit my party friends
and see what they have been sharing this week as well

Happy Weekend everyone!!


  1. Courtney, that is gorgeous! Now if the weather around here would cooperate I could do some spring decorating!

  2. I adore your fireplace, I would give anything for one outdoors. It is gorgeous. What beautiful inspiration.

  3. Amazing - that statue is perfect - can't believe you found her at Home Goods!

  4. How inviting ... I love outdoor fireplaces ... your decorations are beautiful.
    Would love to have one, but no such luck
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  5. What a perfectly charming post!
    - I've been looking everywhere for a statue similar to that- HomeGoods! wow-
    Your outdoor fireplace is wonderful-Was it original to the house or did you have it built ?
    Cheers- and Happy (almost) Spring!

  6. So beautiful ... I think I need an outdoor fireplace! Thanks for all the inspiration this week!

  7. Beautiful Courtney! Love your chandelier too! I could never do that but wish I could outside here it would be shattered to pieces.We get lots of wind in our open backyard.

  8. This is so charming! I love everything about your outdoor mantel. Happy Spring!

  9. So gorgeous! and so jealous of the fact that you have an outdoor mantel, I love it so much!

  10. Love your fireplace, tulips and everything on the mantle. It looks so Spring. Enjoy it.

  11. So gorgeous! It's been a really fun week here!


  12. I wish my outside space had a mantel. Yours is so pretty. Love what you have done.

  13. Beautiful find and beautiful mantelscape, Courtney! I also loved seeing the beautiful sunshine glowing in back of your fireplace. :) Soooo nice!

    xoxo laurie

  14. Your mantel is so beautiful...i cannot believe that you got that gorgeous statuary at HomeGoods..or should I say, yes, I believe it as they really have some wonderful things...I always love seeing the changes you make to the outdoor mantel...such a gorgeous fireplace....Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Do you take reservations... so lovely!

  16. Acabei de conhecer o seu blog e achei maravilhoso. Me visite:
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  17. I would take one solo day of Spring! I cannot remember ever having seen Summer either! It seems so long ago!
    Beautiful vignette...very dreamy...



  18. Hi Courtney!!

    I really love the concrete statuary!! She does have a beautiful and elegant expression.

    The mantel looks so inviting. It's saying, 'Come out and enjoy a beautiful afternoon with
    me.' Afternoon tea or a glass of wine close to supper would do as well.

    Have a great weekend!!


  19. I love the little girl statue! The mantle is so fresh and lovely..........thank you for sharing all these ideas with us!

  20. Hi!
    So lovely blog!
    If you want, follow me
    See you soon

  21. Pretty box wreath, my favorite. Lovely mantle display

  22. Positively love your mantle. So fresh and Springlike!

  23. You sure have a way with flowers and photography. Everything on your blog is so beautiful. I am so jealous and want that outdoor fireplace!

    Alyssa @ The Decorating Duchess