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Playing with Dishes

You know when the time changed over the weekend
I thought that would give me an extra hour during the day to 
accomplish all the painting,
the re-doing, the photographing 
and the 937 other things that I have on my to-do list.

 I find myself looking at the clock and being surprised about 
how late it is already
It's almost time to pick up the kids from school 
and I haven't accomplished that much yet today.

Combine that with a shift in my husbands schedule
and I feel like I am all crazy over here trying to figure out what day it is.

So instead of spinning my wheels I did what any sane person does who has a mile long list 
of things to get done
I decided to play with dishes.

 I am really not a huge seasonal decorator really
I don't add a ton of bunnies or chicks and eggs  for Spring and Easter
just a few here and there work for me.
I tend to decorate with things I love no matter what time of the year it is
and so adding little bits is perfect.

I did add a few new pieces to the cupboard in the living room.

I opened the doors, did a little rearranging  and added a few tiny blooms for Spring.

Simple whites, detailed whites
even some more creamy whites and golds for a little touch of elegance
and to tie in with another piece I will be sharing soon.

This buffet deux corps is one of my absolute favorite pieces
It was a major find on craigslist a few years back and I have shared it before
 filled with green transferware or floral dishes
For now- it's holding some of the whites while the cupboards and shelves
in the little cottage get some freshening up.

You guessed it~ once that's wrapped up- this will be changing again.

I tucked just a couple ranunculus in here are there and they are perfect.
I cannot believe these blooms have lasted going on 2 weeks and are
just now starting to drop lots of their petals. 
Pretty even so.

I love the quietness of white in a display
Simple and beautiful at the same time.
I find I am leaning more and more towards quiet looks with pops of color or subtle color
 instead of an overload of pattern or bright colors
I reversed the doors to be able to see the gorgeous carvings and details~
super easy to do as the doors are just on pins.
I usually keep them closed on this buffet- I just love it as it is

Hope your week is going great!!


  1. Your dishes in the cabinet are so pretty with the touches of pink, it all looks so fresh and springy

  2. What a gorgeous cabinet and the white display is so dreamy. The ranunculus add just the right pop of color!

  3. The day does seem to go faster... The touches to the shelfs are beautiful... Its such a beautiful piece!

  4. So pretty...what a great idea to reverse the doors, very clever!

    Becky @ Vintage 541

  5. Gorgeous! I love your buffet, such rich dark tones look wonderful with your light and bright dishes!

  6. Beautiful furniture, beautiful dishes and beautiful flowers! Love it. Thank you.

  7. Now, it never occurred to me to reverse doors on something that has such beautiful detail as yours yet wanting the insides to be on view also. Brilliant!!!!

  8. What a beautiful piece of furniture, Courtney! The doors are as beautiful as the rest of it so I can see why you reversed the doors. It looks so pretty with the white dishes against the dark wood.

  9. What a pretty piece and you have it styled beautifully. Great idea switching the doors while open. I wish I could do that on my hutch in the dining room, but the hinges are wired with the touch thing to turn the light on.

  10. Beautiful piece of furniture...pretty dishes too.


  11. Your cabinet is exquisite, so anything you put inside would be stunning, but this really is. Love all the pretty white dishes and the soft gorgeous flowers. Hugs, Marty

  12. I read your blog daily, have been a subscriber for quite a while, and every time, I am amazed with your decorating, and talent in doing so. Your home is so beautiful, with such wonderful furniture, chandeliers, all your little touches, and it goes without saying,your great remodel of the entire cottage. Love it all, and so happy you are able to share it all with your readers.
    Bonnie Schulte in WI

  13. That is a gorgeous piece of furniture Courtney. As are the dishes. Genius idea to reverse the doors tto enjoy both the dishes and the carving.
    Did my workout earlier. But I am going to get an extra bit in later.
    Hugs, Gee

  14. Beautiful, Courtney! Love the ironstone and the flowers are so pretty.

  15. Such pretty pink flowers ~ they look beautiful with your white dishes and your gorgeous armoire!

  16. Your flowers are the most prettiest I have ever seen.

  17. Love your dishes and the cabinet they are in. What a find! susan @

  18. That's genius reversing the doors!
    I know all about procrastinating :)
    The time change has thrown me off a bit as well!

  19. Great idea! You got me eyeing all my furniture now!

  20. So very pretty! Love the creamy whites and soft pinks with the wood tones. So romantic.

  21. Un très joli buffet double corps... Je vous souhaite de prendre du bon temps.
    Gros bisous

  22. That hutch is simply beautiful! What a find. Reversing the doors....wonderfully creative, I would never have thought of that. Beautiful arrangement too, but then pink makes anything look stunning!

  23. This piece of furniture is beautiful, and before reading that you had reversed the doors I thought, "Even the doors are beautiful on the inside!" But nope! You're just smart and creative! What a great idea. I love the mix of the pieces you have used--yes, they're all white, but there's such an interesting mix. Lovely as usual. ~Zuni

  24. >hat a wonderful hutch! I have tons of things to do today, maybe I'm going to play with china instead!

  25. As usual Courtney, your display is wonderful. The quietness of the whiteware adds to the serene feeling. It is perfect for the Hustle of Easter season. The pop of pink is just the right touch, totally french. I applaud your efforts for I also am a whiteware lover with that glorious pop of color...Great page and I agree that beautiful hutch is a true treasure. ~ Char.

  26. No babies at home anymore, but a new grandson coming in July... so plenty of crocheting to fill my time. I bought a lot of beautiful!!! vintage German dishes with serving pieces...even a teapot!!! at the auction for 7.50 last week. Today I promised My Baby stuffed cabbage- i HAVE finish wrapping birthday/Easter packages to ship north and in between I am going to wash the new china and find a place for some of it in the china cupboard. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  27. Such a lovely cabinet and great use of your dishes to decorate!

  28. Gee's Courtney~
    I don't know what my heart is beating more rapidly for,
    the cupboard or all the china. o.m.g.

  29. What a magnificent piece of furniture and then lovely dishes, flowers etc to go with! :)

  30. It's all so pretty! The cabinet, the dishes, your styling and photography! I love it all!

  31. Absolutely gorgeous. You really know how to put a beautiful Decorating ideas, thank you :)