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Lavender Floral Panels

I am one of those types of girls who goes into a store and the first place 
I head is the clearance aisles.
You never know what you might find... 
and if you might need something that is marked down to just the right price. 

On one of those end aisles at Target where they stack up all the clearance finds
 I found a rack of shabby lavender floral sheers
I am not a purple girl... but I happen to have a purple girl.
 I thought these just might be a perfect change for my daughters room for Spring and Summer. 
So I picked one up and found a beautiful 75% off price tag.
Oh yeah.. into my cart they went.  

What was not to love?
 Pretty pale purple, flowers and dainty details.
When my daughter got home from school
 I excitedly told her that I had found new drapes for her room...
and she gave me the look. 
You know the 14 year old girl look? 
 As I started to pull one out of the bag - she started rolling her eyes and shaking her head.
 I said 'Aren't they so pretty and girly and perfect for your room?' 
  Uh yeah. Let's just say
 it was a big 'No Go' for her room but I decided that even though 
I have nowhere to use that purple~  I could do a little something with them.

My first project?
Making some super simple vintage inspired floral napkins. 

I love cloth napkins and have several different ones -
 but most are simply white or cream, etc.
 I don't have any patterned ones but I do adore them when I see them.

So why not?
Such an easy project requiring just a little cutting in a basic square shape
folding over the edges and sewing them.
Simple simple simple. 

You might notice that some of these are very pale pink.
 I soaked one of the panels in bleach for about 20 minutes to get a soft pale pink color 
to mix in with the purple.

Yep- those 75% off panels make perfect drape panels
and napkins.

Happy Monday


  1. So pretty and I can't believe she rolled her eyes at them. Typical teen.

  2. Oh the moments in the life of a teenager's mom. When my daughter was in her teens (she now has kids in their teens) and I came upon a great find I'd make her an offer. She could have the $$ she earned for whatever job she had done or what was in the trunk of my car. One time it was a comforter, bedruffle, canopy ruffle & shams for her room found on a great clearance for under $20. We're talking the 90s so prices were a lot less then. There were times she chose the cash and like you I had fun turning my bargain find into something else.

  3. I bought some of the Simply Shabby Chic items and yes they too were on sale! The napkins are so cute!

  4. I am so glad you made lemonade from your lemons, Courtney. You are such a creative young lady and I always look forward to your projects and inspirations! ~Elizabeth

  5. LOVE IT COURTNEY! As a matter of fact, I do this ALL THE TIME! I love the Simply Shabby Chic line at Target because it's affordable, and I too have used not only curtain panels, but I have purchased bed sheets from the Simply Shabby line to create everything from cloth napkins to tablecloths, and have even made some to give as gifts. Enjoy your beautiful new cloth napkins, I know I love mine! Have a beautiful week!

    Betty (maddiebellahome)

  6. I sooooooooooooo wish I didn't know exactly what you mean by "that 14 year old girl" look.

    I raised two daughters alone, so I get it big time.

    I love what you did with the panels, yay for you and yay for frugality whoo hoo!!

  7. One girls trash is another girls treasure! ;)I think you made a wonderful find.

  8. What a nice finding for your girls.


  9. Both my girls are now grown but, would you believe it, I still sometimes get "that" look?! The napkins are simply wonderful and it was smart of you to bleach out some of them, so you can use them together, as co-ordinates, or separately if need be to match with whatever table setting, etc. You did very well!

  10. Hee, hee, I've got one of those eye-rollers here. Love that you made it work!! So glad my sense of self-worth isn't dependent on a teenager... just sayin...

  11. One of my daughters would LOVE them...the other, would be the eye roller! :) Such cute napkins!

  12. Love the Shabby Chic line... it reminds me of my Grandma's linen closet...literally.

  13. LOL...little does she a few short yrs..she'll day my daughter and I were going to our annual family reunion...we stopped at a K-mart so she could run in to use the rest room...she jumped in the car and said...OH MY GOD.!!...I'm turning into you..what are you talking about...she said I seen a big sign said Martha Stewart and i thought awwww Martha wonder what they have...she was beside her...what horrors..she's becoming me...

  14. It's really hard to please teens, especially when it comes to their personal space. But you made great use of these panels, they are so pretty as napkins. Good idea to bleach them a bit, too. I rarely find patterns I like and like you, have a lot of cream and white napkins and place mats. But these are just perfect for spring and summer.


  15. I have those same panels in my guest bedroom, Courtney! AND the purple ones in the master bedroom. I've been on the fence about seeing that pop of purple in there, never ever thought of bleaching them back. Love that pale pink shade! What a fabulous idea! Guess what I'm doing this weekend. lol Thanks again for the inspiration, girlie!

    xoxo laurie

  16. Saweet! Love getting a good deal and those were a fantastic deal! Beautiful napkins!

  17. Love Target Shabby Chic linens! I've never had a daughter of my own, but taught teenagers for 29 years. I saw that look for years and years and years... :) Thanks for sharing how you used the un-loved purple drapes.


  18. you were so lucky to find these beauties on sale :)

  19. I think every 14 year old rolls her eyes I did and I hate to admit it but I catch myself doing it as an adult when someone says something totally outrageous. Old habits die hard! Love those repurposed napkins.

  20. A great deal..oh, what do teens know..???...You sure pulled off a "Scarlet O'Hara"...great napkins!...Now, should we look forward to a beautiful top made out of your drapery panels!!.....So beautiful Courtney...have a great day!

  21. I have bought the Simply Shabby Chic line and I love it.

  22. I loved those beautiful sheer panels! But I get it..... I'm raising 4 daughters. 'Nuf said! Ha ha
    Wonderful idea to make napkins and to bleach a few to lighten them.
    Love your blog and all French!!!!