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Bedding & Inspirations

My husband recently took me to the most incredible little inn by the beach for a romantic getaway.
Each room is different- with a different design, style and ambiance
and they are all decorated beautifully. 
 Not to mention that the Inn is located just a block or so from the beach

In each of their rooms
the beds are dressed with bed crowns, canopies, drapes and delicious yummy linens.
We have been there a couple times now and in the room we recently stayed in most recently
 I absolutely loved the down comforter and featherbed.
Which got me thinking...

We used to have both on our bed quite a few years ago now
and I remember I loved how wonderful it felt sleeping on that featherbed 
and covered up with that comforter.
Not sure just why we decided to change to something different but
 you guessed it-  I have been thinking about getting a down comforter again.
I have been shopping online, researching prices, etc.
and looking for just the right one.

While I was perusing the bedding in the store the other day- 
I found a large selection of down and down alternative comforters
 and they were priced fantastically. 

So of course I picked them each up and squeezed each of them tight right there in the store
 Yes, I felt like I was in that that Charmin commercial & someone was going to come around the corner 
and tell me to stop squeezing the comforters...
 but after I squeezed a few of them - I knew which one was perfect. 

We went with a down alternative this time for a few reasons and now it's onto the the cover. 

I am dreaming of linen.
Of ruffles and something romantic and French inspired
I'm thinking something sort of like these maybe... 

Love the gorgeous color and tightly stitched ruffles here

but oh how I love the multi ruffles on this one
and the extra long ruffles on this one.

I love them all
 but most of the ones I love are coming up with quite the price tag 
and since we have a couple big projects going on that are taking precedence 
one of which  all. started. with. the. dishwasher... 
 a chunk of a price duvet is not on a list of priorities for sure.

So if I don't find the perfect one at the perfect price...
I think I am going to sew one.
 I have bought them before and taken them apart to sew various things...
note to self- what was I thinking?!
 so perhaps I can put them back together again?
Yes, I know making a ruffled duvet cover might be a little crazy
especially working with all.that.fabric.
but I have learned to embrace the insanity. 
Stay tuned.

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  1. These beds are beautiful! I have a nice fluffy down comforter on my bed and it makes me feel great sliding into bed each night. I am in LOVE with Bella Notte linens, but the price tag has kept me just withing for them. I'd have to give up a vacation to outfit my bed...not really willing to do that. I'm using duvet covers from Pottery Barn at the moment. If you find something reasonable I'd love to hear about it.

  2. I bet you can do it. It is like making a giant pillow case. :) Getting the comforter in the duvet is the challenge.
    I can't wait to hear about the project that started with the dishwasher. I can only imagine.

  3. I love my down comforter and I would never be without one. I was lucky found one at Macy's for a good price, but that has been a
    few years ago. I have a problem using duvet covers as the comforter always slides all around. I put a safety pin at the corner where you can't see it.
    Happy hunting.

  4. Those are all so lovely, I am sure you could make a beautiful one.

  5. I love down comforters too and have been using them on all the beds for years. I take them off in summer, though. I have made covers before also, but I just like plain white on the bed so I'm using one I bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

  6. Can't wait to hear what you do, and you do it so well....
    There is linen online that is decently priced, with good selection of colors too....Simple raw ruffles tickle me (not Hubby) so we will see what I come up with, maybe I will get to copy you!

  7. ah bliss...those are beautiful. I hope you can find what you're looking for!

  8. The ruffles will look great! I say make it! becasue They are pricey!!! Plus you get to pick exactly what you want.

  9. Hi, Courtney! I say go for it! I know you can do it and it will be gorgeous! I think the biggest obstacle is always the weight and bulkiness of the large size duvets but with linen that shouldn't be a problem. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  10. enjoy..........and get cozy
    thanks for sharing......

  11. oooh pretty! I am in the process of changing up the bed look too. Check out, I got a great deal on a Laura Ashley:-)

  12. I'm sure whatever you do it will be beautiful, loved all that you showed!

  13. Je suis assez classique... J'ai une bonne couette et un édredon d'autrefois (c'est très agréable, il n'est pas lourd sur les jambes et il tient bien chaud !) dont j'ai refait la housse.
    J'ai cousu moi-même le cache-sommier avec du tissu et des volants... J'ai aussi fabriqué et cousu mon ciel de lit...

    Merci pour cette très jolie publication et ce partage.
    Bravo à la gagnante.
    Gros bisous

  14. I love those soft duvets too.But they just don't work with my four poster bed.They just never fit right in the corners hence the reason I went with a bed spread.But since you are making a custom one I bet it will be perfect for your bed.Looking forward to seeing your beautiful creation!

  15. They all look yummy!!! You can do this easy peasy.....make an envelope closure with buttons and button holes.......after sliding the duvet inside, quickly sew it to the cover with hand stitches in each corner on the underside, easy to remove the stitches for cleaning and the duvet won't slide around inside.

  16. The inn sounds wonderful...the bedding definitely counts as all important! I like the first image...the buttons are a nice detail. I have two Pottery Barn duvets that I switch out a lot...I just get frustrated with the comforter moving around and bunching up inside. I read one of the comments that said she uses safety pins in the corners. Great idea!! I hope you find one or take the plunge and make one!


  17. I love getting in bed at night and snuggling beneath the down comforter. The covers you are looking at are beautiful. I have a sweet floral on my bed right now, but I am thinking about a move to white and ruffles.

    Where was the B & B?

  18. I got myself a big down comforter, thinking it would be just the thing for me. Well ... I just gave it to my DS a couple weeks ago. The thing was heavy, and wouldn't let me kick it off during the 'warm phases' during the night without a lot of effort. Could that be why you changed? Oh, and the trick to the duvet is to turn it inside out, start at a corner then pull it onto the comforter - like pulling on socks. It's nice to have a helper, but big safety pins will help, too.

  19. There is that to die for gingham sofa again. I love it all over again every time i see it in a photo. You know, i found a linen duvet cover at Target for a really great price, although it didn't have a ruffle, and it was an oatmeal color. I bleached the heck out of it, and it turned out great. I bet you could add a ruffle to one of those... Can't wait to see ... I know you'll make something wonderful! Down comforters are the greatest...


  20. Oh yum yum and more yum, Courtney! lol I just had Shellagh at Ticking & Toile make me another longer double ruffle bed skirt for my guest bed. She does a wonderful job and charges very reasonably, too! We have an IKEA down comforter on our master bed along with a down alternative topper on the mattress. It's like sleeping on a cloud! :)

    xoxo laurie

  21. If you want to sleep heavenly from now on, try linen fitted and flat sheets and pillowcases and a linen duvet cover. You don't have to go through the trouble of making it. Look on ETSY for the best prices. One Kings Lane has also featured them several times with some great markdowns. That's where I found my most recent treasure: ruffled linen shams and pillowcases.

  22. All of those are beautiful..if you decide to make should look on to see what's on sale...i recently started sewing again myself..a friend told me about this site yrs's wonderful..if you haven't seen it you need to check it out..i love everything i've gotten..and shipping is free with orders over $35...which is easy to do..and you feel like you're getting your monies worth...can't wait to see what you come with...I was also wondering where you're located..I get the Friday post on Thurs...

    1. Hi Wende~
      I am in California- but Feathered Nest Friday goes up on Thursday afternoon. The parties always seem to start a day early in blogland :)

  23. A bed is not a bed without a down comforter and featherbed! I had to switch to the down alternative years ago because real down irritates my husband. I'm just as comfy and I love that you can throw it in the machine. I adore Rachel's Petticoat collection. I know you can make it and lovely it will be!

  24. Would you share what kind and brand you bought? Thanks.

  25. Would you share what kind you bought. I've never gotten one because I wasn't sure what to buy, though I LOVED sleeping under them in Europe.

  26. Hi Toni~
    I found it at HomeGoods and it is Ralph Lauren. There were several different weights and types to choose from. Hope that helps!

  27. Hi Courtney, I've made a duvet cover on the cheap before by sewing two flat sheets together, leaving the one side open obviously :-) You could buy another sheet and use it to sew ruffles, just a thought. I too am on the hunt for affordable natural linen...wondering what Ikea's Linblomma linen duvet set is like, have you heard any reviews?
    Cindy :)

  28. Ww they are so beautiful and soft and romantic looking. Come share your post at centerpiece Wednesday on my blog

  29. I purchased a Martha Stewart (on no) duvet, white with a bit of a wheat design embroidered on it. I actually found some of the pillows and a coverlet (for underneath) on e-Bay, which was far less than the store...but you have to know what the stores are selling for so you don't overbid. Also, another thing I found out was to check the measurement of the duvet before buying your down comforter...this was actually an oversized duvet and I finally found a down alternative oversized on Can't wait to see your end result!

  30. LOVE the first duvet.

  31. I totally love the first one!!!! If you are going to suffer through sewing it, that one would be lovely.

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