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White Flower Bucket

Don't you just love something simple that speaks volumes while being somewhat quiet?
You know what I mean- something unassuming that makes an impression.

 This pretty white vase speaks to me. 
It speaks little French flower shop.  
It speaks beautiful bouquets
It speaks old and aged and full of character- 
even though it's brand new.

Made from a heavy chunky glazed clay, when this cutie arrived from Soft Surroundings the other day
I was in instant love. Some things are just exactly what I was looking for and this is one of them.

I grabbed it's rustic handles and twirled around on the porch holding it 
like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music while music played

Okay- maybe a little exaggeration ;)
 but seriously?  It was love at first site.

At first I thought it would go on the bedroom mantel 
then it was the dining room table
and then maybe the island in the kitchen.

Let's just say I am loving it everywhere.
It's tall and perfectly distressed with chipping paint and a crackled finish and has just the right amount of vintage inspired charm.
I can hardly wait to fill it with lilacs from the yard when they bloom. 

I have been following Soft Surroundings CEO Robin in France right now shopping for 
treasures for their new line.
 I volunteered for the carrying all the luggage and treasures job... it was taken I guess ;) 
but am loving seeing all the tweets of her shopping ventures that she is sharing. 
If you would like to follow along on twitter- you can find her

I have a couple more treasures to share from Soft Surroundings with you-
 and get ready for a giveaway with them as well.

Happy Weekend!

I was provided with product to review for this post- but all opinions and rambling stories are my own of course. :) 
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  1. That looks very pretty and very vintage.
    Lilacs would be gorgeous in that...
    It's a good piece to have.
    I love Soft Surroundings... I found them 8 - 9 years ago and love all their stuff.

    Happy weekend to you.

  2. How lucky for you! What a fun adventure! Love that beautiful piece I too would be dancing and humming a sound of music tune if I stumbled upon that!
    Thanks for sharing have a lovely weekend!

  3. Oh how beautiful! I think I can completely understand why you were dancing with that awesome new item!!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Gorgeous vase Courtney..I so love Soft all began with those smocked burlap drapes!....Followed Robin on Twitter...
    Have a great weekend!

  5. How fun! I get their catalog but have never ordered anything. I'll be giving it a second look from now on!

  6. That's beautiful. If you can't decide on the perfect place, I have one at my house. ;)

  7. Gorgeous! Love the white and pops of colors! Angela @ HickoryTrail

  8. It is beautiful, lucky that you found it! Happy weekend!

  9. I can see why. MMhhmm... definite luv at first sight and I didn't even touch it. Going over to peek to see if she has more.
    having BIG vase envy.
    Hugs, Gee

  10. It's just gorgeous! I can see why you are so happy with it!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Amazing blog !
    I following you now and I hope you can follow me back.:d


  12. I love it! I'd be twirling too! Just the right amount of chippiness!

  13. I love this, Courtney, it has that old charm and I like that it can hold tall blooms, such a great statement. I have to check out the link!

    Happy Weekend!


  14. It is beautiful! SS is one of my favorite stores. As a matter of fact, I plan on visiting one today after lunch.

  15. Love it, how pretty is that. I love those rusty handles. Beautiful flowers. Hugs, Marty

  16. Love this! Soft Surroundings is one of my faves. Enjoy.

  17. It is WonderFul.!!...and frankly...I wouldn't blame you for twirling around with it...I love when I have something in mind and poof there it is...doesn't happen often..but when it does...I think a little twirling is just the thing to do...Love having you in my mail having a friend stop by for a chat...and that it's just BeautiFul makes my day..

  18. Simply beautiful, Courtney! I can just imagine you dancing around the house with it in your arms searching for the right place to put it. lol Love anything from Soft Surroundings! Beautiful merchandise and high quality! :)

    xoxo laurie

  19. That is so pretty and congrats on working with Soft Surroundings. They have a chair that I want a pair of.

  20. Oh, Courtney--sO beautiful.
    I think you could find me twirling around with it too--

  21. This is beautiful.

    It would be wonderful to have your post be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Love lilacs (sniff)... miss the banks of them I used to have up north... and they look great in your shabby new container!

  23. Love this Courtney! Oh course I love anything that is old, looks old and is chipped.

  24. I love things that make me twirl This is so pretty & feminine. Susan @

  25. Courtney, your style is divinely fresh!
    Love the enamel white can with the beautiful drama of the floral bouquet of richness.

    I noticed your trip to High Point a designers dream of showrooms, I have been many times when I lived in Nothern Ca. Love also the San Fransisco Mart another great place to eat up the latest pieces to make it to the market. I just got back from a small buying trip to LA. The showrooms there are up and coming with the trends of what we love so in our brocante world of designs. When I am not designing a model home I am out junking, it's the thrill of the find and what we can do with it. There is nothing better then saying to yourself I could have bought something at high market pricing but, I found this at a hidden thrift, or salvage sale for practically nothing.

    Have a beautiful week, will visit soon.


  26. love this bucket...just darling! oxox

  27. Love the bucket and the flowers! I've not heard of Soft Surroundings. I'll have to check it out.

  28. Oh wow... it is wonderful. I see why you love it so. This is one of those pieces that looks good everywhere you put it. I'm sure it will live in every room in the house at some point, great find!


  29. How lucky, omg!!Loving the wonderful bucket and the stunning bouquet!!