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Spring Office Refresh

It's true...
just about the time I get everything just like I like it
I get inspired to do something different.

Introduce a new color, swap pieces of furniture or just move things around.
Sometimes it's a flea find that inspires a change and sometimes it's just a whim.

The other day I shared the chicken wire dream board I made for the office
and thought I would share a few more peeks at some of the Spring changes I am making

My workspace/office area is a small room that has worn several colors over the years.
It was my daughters room first when we moved in- and it's wood walls were painted in a soft ballet pink.
While we were working on our house ~ we played musical rooms for awhile as each room was worked on
and my daughters ballet pink room became my oldest sons room before long
and it was painted a simple white.

When he moved out to the guest cottage, that little room became my office.
I painted it the soft blue that is in the kitchen and I liked the sweet vintage color it brought.

But it wasn't long before I was ready for a change
and now those wood walls
are wearing a soft
 ever so slightly
 barely there

I am not a huge pink girl... but I have to admit...
I absolutely love the hint of color it brings.
 It's not too much color
but next to the white wainscot  it's just enough.
It was a random can of paint -not something I researched and planned out~
Just a $5.00 oops paint find at Lowes
and it is perfect.

The gustavian grey armoire that was in here
 moved to another room...

and I brought my grandmothers china cabinet in to hold
fabric, china, or whatever needed a spot to be put away.

I had the china cabinet filled with white dishes in here originally
 but for now have kept just the pitchers and pieces I use most frequently on the top shelf
and moved the rest back out to the little cottage.

Right now it's holding some of the fabrics that are inspiring me
for a few things I am working on.

I love the vintage settee.
It is just as I found it- missing it's cushion and showing wear and tear on it's fabric and all
and I adore it.

In the corner, an old green vintage cubby originally from the workshop area sits
underneath the window
I'll share more about this piece in another post.

This room isn't totally complete yet...
I am on the lookout for a chandelier for in here and I do have a couple more changes planned

so just a few peeks at some of the Spring changes so far

I wanted to thank Anita at Cedar Hill Ranch for the fun time I spent out
on her back porch this week  answering a few questions she asked me!!
If you would like to read more about our interview- head on over to Anita's blog!

It's been raining, raining, raining and more raining here this week a
and it is putting some of my projects on the back burner for the moment
but will share when they are all wrapped up.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I could never work in there....I'd just lie back and dream or leaf through magazines...I'd never accomplish anything! It's just dreamy!

  2. Beautiful Courtney! So funny I am not a pink girl either.I do love the color but use it sparingly.But lately I am adding just a bit more I don't know why I am drawn to it so much.It must be spring fever LOL!

  3. Love your changes, lady - looks sweet and fresh and lovely (like you!)

    Have a truly wonderful week.

  4. Everything you do looks beautiful Courtney! I love that sweet little table!

  5. Courtney,
    The room and spring changes look awesome. I love that old fireplace mantel. How charming it that!! So pretty all of it.

  6. So elegant and beautiful! Would love it if you would link up at my {all things creative} linky party!


  7. This is such a gorgeous space, I love everything and the flowers and pink are pretty additions. Hugs, Marty

    P.S. Don't forget, Table Top Tuesday is Now Inspire Me Tuesday, so I would love if you would link up this evening.

  8. I've learned from you and other bloggers that when you have things you love, it's easy to move them from room to room to get a new look! Your rooms are always stunning! Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. What a beautiful space! I love the cupboard full of fabric.

  10. Love your home-it's absolutly perfcet ♥

  11. What a lovely space to work, create and dream in....
    Love all the touches of golds and pinks mixed with the whites.
    This is my kinda room!

    Wishing you a very creative week ahead.

  12. It's just gorgeous, your very own work space ;) I need a room just like yours ;)


  13. Beautiful! I love that pink and china cabinet looks beautiful.

  14. Oh how I love my visits here, Courtney! :) You created such a beautifully peaceful and creative space in your office! I just ADORE the color pink on your walls. Do you have any idea what color is even close to it that I could purchase?

    xoxo laurie

  15. I've been dreaming of owning a settee just like yours. It's beautiful!!!


  16. Eyecandy as always!(Sad that this what I consider eye candy these days!)
    I would love to know how you patterned the coffee table top.
    I have a few little projects in my little apartment in
    Am always open to suggestions.....

  17. The little green table is so sweet. You always take the prettiest pictures with the most brillant light.

  18. Looks so romantic and I love that gilded little table...delightful!

  19. Amazing! I love the settee and the barely there, pink.

  20. Love the oops pink, a soft pink, with a touch of warmth. The settee is indeed another great find that adds to the space. All of it soft and lovely. Patty/BC

  21. Such pretty changes! I love everything and I loved it before too! It's nice to have all these wonderful pieces in other rooms that you can shop your own home from! Always gorgeous!Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Leena

  22. That settee is lovely.
    I must say I was pleasantly surprised to find that you use Ooops! paint. Yes,Ooops! Paint is my favorite color...really!

  23. Perfectly Lovely, just Perfectly so.

  24. Oh so pretty! Love the way you have combined everything here!

  25. Gorgeous room! I love your style. That Settee is to die for, swoon.

  26. Love it all ... inspiring me to mix it up a bit here in Whoville. Next week's project for sure!

  27. I love the first sentence of the post really sums up what's going on around here for me!

  28. This is so pretty! I know what you mean about changing things around. Spring always causes me to revamp things. Susan @

  29. Beautiful simple decorating with soft tones! I love it. I could really see this home decor jar being placed in this room or a similar one!