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Vintage Fishing Creel

It wasn't long ago that I was clearing out and de-cluttering
 a lot of my 'stash' of props and decor stuff.
Tastes change, rooms change, colors change etc. ~ you know how it is.

I even passed up purchasing a few pieces that I am kicking myself for not getting now
because I was only thinking of things that I knew I would use often.
But then I started working here and there as a photo stylist on occasion 
and found myself searching for pieces to add in for a photo.

Pieces I knew I had somewhere...
at least
that I had somewhere at one point.

I guess de-cluttering and paring back my collections of things wasn't the best of ideas for that.
So I am trying to choose pieces that I know I can use in several vignettes
and over and over again.

Of course, I am looking at things differently now and sometimes just for styling or for posts.
I think it might be a new level of insanity when you shop for a handbag not to carry and use 
but to use just for a photo prop. ;)
(I actually will use it)

When I was at the re-store awhile back~ the same time that I picked up those pretty blue bottles
 I also found a vintage, charming old fishing creel.

I don't have a 'cabin' type feel in my decor - so my first thought was no 
but the more I looked at it the more this piece had several things that drew me to it.

The old wicker and leather construction.
It's shape. It's ability to be used in several vignettes and rooms. 
Perfect for next to a door or an old ladder
 as I told the guy admiring it while I was purchasing it

perfect for holding flowers.

At least two men shook their heads and argued with me and telling me
 'No, it's a fishing creel- it's for holding fish '

 Yeah, yeah, yeah,  I know
I explained, but I think it would look great holding flowers 
or just hanging on a peg on the wall
 or next to a set of old boots.

They just smiled.
I wasn't going to win them over- and that's okay- so I went on my way and when I got home
I put flowers in the Fishing Creel for an outdoor vignette 
and I have used it in several vignettes since ~ so I guess it was a good purchase.

These are last weeks roses and they are so smooshy and velvety and pretty
even as they are drying. The ranunculus photos are from back when I shared them before
I haven't found them in our stores again yet - I am missing their gorgeous blooms!

Hope your weekend was great~ it was a busy weekend over here working on a project
We aren't done yet- but getting close!
Happy Monday!

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  1. Happy Monday.
    Why do we do that? Toss stuff out or get rid of them , then in a bit we are upset as we cannot find them.
    The creel is perfect for holding roses and leaning on a ladder, and hanging on a peg or next to old boots! Beautiful shoot!!
    Hugs, Gee

  2. I think its perfect for flowers so pretty.

  3. Happy Monday to you. The post was great and I liked how you used your great find. The flowers look so pretty in the new fishing creel. I'm sure however you use it in the future will be perfect.

  4. I think your roses are much prettier in that than dead fish :-)
    Beautiful photos!

  5. Having to downsize considerably was hard enough but I can't say how many times I've thought I really really should've saved this or that. ;-)

  6. So much better with roses ;)
    Jamie @

  7. So gorgeous Courtney!! Men never understand do they?!! :)
    Have a lovely week.

  8. My sister said to her friend if I want to go shopping I just go over to my sister's basement. I know I am a basement hoarder and will be letting it all go this spring/summer..I just have to let this stuff go elsewhere. I know I will be sorry but the way I look at for new stuff, just not all at once. We can't help ourselves!

  9. You always have the most gorgeous roses that I have ever seen.

  10. You are a woman after my own heart. I have my Dad's old fishing creel and re-purpose it for flowers and I love it! Your roses are beauties! Thanks for the 'happy therapy'! Your photos are always incredible: soft, romantic, serene...
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  11. Could this be any more darling? Absolutely not! My Dad also had a trusted fishing creel- he wore his out and won so many fishing contests! Such a sweet memory for me!

  12. I sure love the creel filled with flowers. Those poor guys were saying that chic is crazy!

  13. Oh how many glorious things I have gotten rid of things that I now wish I hadn't ....good lesson of thinking twice! Just love what you did with the creel!

  14. OMGSH!! I love it, I love it!! Roses in a fishing creel. the juxtaposition, the ying/ yang, masculine/ feminine ...... love it , love it!!! Makes me feel the need to go looking in my attic /store room for something that needs repurposing!!! CUTE!!! thanks for sharing..

  15. That fishing creel is great I've always liked them fish not so much so I think roses in it is perfect.

  16. Love it with the roses, just beautiful x

  17. Funny...the actual definition of creel is "an evaporative cooler or basket to hold fish, crustaceons, peat, or sod/moss"...sounds like an adapatation of vase to me! Things ARE what we make them. We all see a lovely basket holding beautiful flowers...maybe that is how MEN see fish! hahaha

  18. It's often now the question for me : "shall I use it ?" Sometimes it's only for the picture and I say to myself, "never mind so cheap less than a coffe !!".
    Your pictures are so great romantic and inspiring, thank you.
    xoxo from PARIS

  19. Absolutely gorgeous your dining area. Very elegant!

  20. Again, you have created soft, elegant settings with such disparate objects! Three objects and so much is conjured up through your image. Your photography is indeed an exceptional talent!

  21. That creel is perfect for flowers...especially the selection you made of the pink. I love the restore also...aren't men so silly! lol Thanks so much for sharing this awesome find! ~Tammy

  22. I have some of those, just like you; I stored them away because my boys have moved on from the hunter/fisherman decor. I guess it is time to pull them back out. Thanks for the lovely idea. You photos bring such delight to my days!

  23. die dekoration mit den blumen im korb ist soooo süß!!! ich mag das rosa und die idee!!! alles liebe von angie aus deutschland

  24. It IS a perfect prop, and you were smart to grab it! That happens to me alot, i'll see things that appeal to me, and think, i don't really need this, it will just be more stuff... and if i pass it up, within a week or two, i'll find the perfect spot or use for it... So it's somewhat of a hard call when you see things like that. I think you made the right decision when you bought this charming little basket, cause it looks wonderful in every photo, especially with those smushy soft pink roses...


  25. Hi Courtney!

    Oh my goodness.
    You have the Midas touch! Seriously!!

    I want to live in your world and follow
    in your every footstep!

    Love the last pic.
    Where on earth did you get those yummy pale
    ruffly lovelies!?


  26. Beautiful photos! I love the creel with the soft pink roses inside it. So pretty! Happy Spring!