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A Guest Cottage Feature

A few months back when it was freezing cold
I was thinking Spring and Summer.
Which honestly isn't all that unusual.
 But not only was I thinking about Spring and Summer
I was decorating for Spring and Summer

I thought about blooming flowers, open windows with breezes blowing in
and lots of warm sunshine.
 I bought flowers in Summer hues (really not so easy to do in Winter)
and I re-styled rooms to be dressed pretty,
 light and airy with warm weather colors
 Summer inspired changes
I might have even put on my flip flops to get in the mood.

I was working on a styling project that was all about flowers and Summer and romance.
I am excited to share a couple of the photos of our guest cottage that I styled and photographed for the magazine Maison Romantique in France and was just published in a recent issue.

These are a couple of the preview pdf's that the publisher sent over -there is much more in the magazine
but I won't get the copies of the magazines for a bit yet.

In it's every day view
our little cottage is a bit more rustic with it's planked wood walls and ceilings,
burlap drapes and chipped painted floor

So bringing in more romantic designs and changing things around a bit was fun.
Of course since these were taken about 6 months ago..
 the cottage has changed again

The cottage has been getting a bit of love lately and will also be making an appearance in
 magazines in Italy and Germany as well~ it's such an honor to be included in each of them.
When I started blogging, I had no idea it would lead to my home and style being published
or to working as a stylist and photographer with magazines.  It is amazing how one thing leads to another
I want to say a huge thanks to the editors of Maison Romantique for this opportunity
 for encouraging me to do this.
I will share more out take close ups of the rooms in separate posts..

See you tomorrow for Feathered Nest Friday!

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  1. Wow, what amazing opportunities that have opened up for you, Courtney. I have to say I'm not surprised ~ you do such a wonderful job of decorating and photographing your home and the guest cottage. Congratulations!

  2. This is all so exciting, Courtney, I know you are thrilled! Your cottage and home deserve to be published. Next...Better Homes & Gardens!


  3. ~ sigh ~
    did you say "guest cottage"??
    ...where can i reserve my week?!?!
    WHO wouldn't wish to get away in your fabo space?!
    roses in romance, ruffles galore ~ gimme!

    soooo happy you are being featured the world over for your designs:)
    ~ and how lucky are we, to see all your pretties?! Congrats Courtney!
    xo, Rosemary

  4. A big congratulations to you Courtney on your newest feature! I have been following your blog for a few years now and have seen you grow.Your photos are amazing and so is your style!You always inspire me!

  5. Wow, Courtney. How awesome. Wish we got those mags over here.

  6. Beautiful photos.
    Great inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Julie x

  7. congrats, Courtney, not only are you all over the US mags, but now France too! Gorgeous photos!

  8. Courtney, how very exciting!! Congratulations!
    Can't wait to see more....

  9. That is just amazing! Congratulations!
    you have styled and decorated your guest cottage in such dreamy and creative ways.

    You should do a giveaway of this magazine.... maybe I will win :))
    Enjoy, have a great evening, Angela

  10. How wonderful, Courtney! Your decor and photos are always fabulously gorgeous.

    Congrats & hugs, Mary Beth

  11. Your little cottage is so cute and your talent for styling is awesome, Courtney. No wonder the magazines love your photos.

  12. Well I have a couple copies as I mentioned...since I have a shoot of someone's home in the issue as well. Yours is FABULOUS Courtney....congrats on your styling and photography accomplishments! xox

  13. WOW! Courtney that is soooo exciting! Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment and everything is just gorgeous! :-)

  14. You are right where you should be. Letting your light shine and bringing your beautiful style to many!!

  15. So happy for you, Courtney! You deserve it with all of your hard work and your amazing style.


  16. Beautiful, you have a great eye and great talent for pretty things!

  17. Congratulations, Courtney!
    I am still so happy to have been able to get a German version of Maison Chic with pictures of your lovely home in it!
    The magazines have wonderful pictures and ideas and even images in the last few pages to help readers create some of the designs shown in the magazine. It's an amazing publication, such an honor for you to be included in it once again! You ROCK!!! Your pictuers or completely beautiful, as well as your guest home.

  18. You do a wonderful job decorating and you should be in magazines. Your home is an inspiration to us. Congratulations to you on the publications.

  19. Love all you do Courtney. Your cottage, styling and photography are just amazing.
    Congratulations again for the opportunities that have come your way in publishing.

    Sonia XO

  20. Hello from a new blogger ! I came upon your blog through 'Between Naps--'What a pretty style you have ! Congratulations on your appearance in magazines !

  21. Congratulations Courtney! What an honour indeed... Very happy for you.
    Hugs, Gee

  22. Congrats-well deserved!! May it be just the beginning of great things for you!

  23. Congrats, Courtney! Love your cottage and the pics! Amazing!

  24. It looks AMAZING!!! I love your style! What an honor for it to be shared! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  25. congrats, courtney! your cottage is darling!

  26. Wonderful pics! How talented you are. Beautiful!

  27. How fun to see simple elegance displayed so well for us! Inspiring!

  28. Just amazing! I am so loving this little cottage! Congrats! It is gorgeous!!!

  29. So happy for your new features Courtney. You inspire me with your different styles.

  30. Congrats! Packing my suitcase.....

  31. Courtney, I can't say that I'm surprised, but I do send my congratulations! You have so much style! Is the magazine available here in the States? The pictures look beautiful. laurie

  32. Love the ruffle table cloth... bright, fresh , clean. Oozes romance, thanks!

  33. Oh, I haven't bought the magazine for a while, but I guess I will tomorrow, the pictures are so lovely!

  34. Your home is gorgeous and deserves to be in a magazine!

  35. Congrats Courtney! I'm in love with your guest cottage. So many wonderful ideas!


  36. Congratulations!!! Your cottage is so dreamy. I did recently see your home published in French Country Style magazine, it is fantastic!