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My Comedians

You know, sometimes I feel like I am in the middle of a movie 
surrounded by comedians.

The type of movie where one character starts something 
and another picks it up 
and the third joins in 
and then all chaos breaks loose and before you know it 
everyone is rolling on the floor laughing
Then it just keeps going because someone laughing hysterically
 is just plain funny.

The other day the laughter all started because one of the comedians
showed up for photos wearing something like
 a nice button shirt with suspenders paired with

 work out shorts and his favorite house slippers 

Yes, seriously. 

I can't tell you how many quotes from movies I hear from these guys on a daily basis.
One starts- another picks up the next line. It continues on and on.
The Hangover. Anchorman. Dumb and Dumber. Austin Powers. Bridesmaids. Airplane.
It's like a constant comedy routine over here
 and I absolutely
love it.
So why would I think that taking a picture of the three of them together 
would be a non-funny event?

 My daughter was constantly rolling her eyes and shrugging
 at the brothers that make her just scratch her head 
and wonder why they couldn't just

I also snapped a couple of my oldest with his girlfriend

 I love how these came out and luckily- 
she loves the craziness that is us too

 Love these goofy kids and their sense of humor so much.

Happy Sunday


  1. With two teenage boys myself...I also know just about every line from all those movies!(don't forget to add Step Brothers and just about every thing else from Will Ferrel!)Fun post...thanks for sharing. Happy Sunday to you too!

    1. Oh yes, how could I forget Step Brothers!! Anything Will Ferrell or Zack Galifianakis are big over here ;)

  2. Humor is such a huge gift! Gorgeous kids, and lovely photos, Courtney!

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life

  3. Wonderful memories in the making! Enjoy the moments!

  4. What a beautiful family. I love laughing and my son has always been the one who could make me laugh the hardest. My daughter is always telling him "I can't believe you just said that". ;) He's a little too serious now that he is in his 30's. :( But every once in a while I get a glimpse of the funny, crazy guy he is. The only thing missing in your photos is a full length of the shorts and slippers. :D

    1. Haha!! I know Nancy!! I wasn't sure he would want a full length photo of himself up- but I will ask him. I have some great ones! ;)

  5. The comedians sure are a good looking bunch, but it's easy to see why.
    What great family photos and memories to cherish.

  6. This will be what they talk about to their family one day .....making memories. Great photos Courtney and beautiful family.

  7. It sounds like my house too! With my three boys (23, 21, 17) it can be crazy sometimes, but I love it! For instance, my Mother's Day gift was a Soda Stream machine (which I think was actually something they wanted) and they didn't read the directions and it exploded carbinated water all over them and the kitchen! Crazy - and great memories too!

    Thanks for sharing the fun story behind the photos!

  8. Hahahaha.. as the Mom of two young men ( one now married a week) I can sooo relate.
    At dinner 2 nights ago, I had to ask a break from the movie quotes as they were just laughing sooo hard and Bella almost 5 was looking at them with a puzzled expression as she was totally lost in the mix. But yes, it is crazy and fun and I luv it and their wild and crazy wit!!!
    I am the one rolling my eyes and shrugging most times.
    We gotta luv 'em!
    Hugs, Gee

  9. Great pictures and such good looking children Courtney.There is nothing better than a family that laughs together. Smile!

  10. Haha at least never a dull moment!

  11. Completely Delightful. Too cute and too funny - this is exactly how we are as a family. Dearest has the most wonderful laugh and has passed on his sense of humor to our three - I have two girls and one boy! Loved reading this - have a blessed week,

  12. These are the times that they will always remember...the photos with the suspenders, shorts and slippers may serve as blackmail one day. :) Or may serve as photos for a 60th birthday party...:)


  13. Your children are gorgeous, and I love that they are silly and funny. You must enjoy it so much. Grown up kids can be pretty darn fun...


  14. You have beautiful children! Love the happy memories you're making. :)

  15. Love this!! You have a beautiful family Courtney!

  16. You have beautiful kids! A sense of humor is a wonderful thing to have :)

  17. Courtney... beautiful children. The fact that they are also funny and fun makes them even more beautiful!

  18. Now that is a great looking group of happy kids!!!....May you never stop laughing!!!!...Love, love the pics Courtney!!

  19. Beautiful photos of your children!Sounds like you all have fun!

  20. Love these pics! My kids are the same with the movie lines and there is always constant laughing and chaos around our home as it!