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French floral charm

As most of you already know
I am in love with pretty florals.

Fresh flowers in a vase
old crackled floral paintings
sweet floral fabrics
and painted furniture

To me, flowers are an essential part of decor in a home.

Whether it's a bouquet of seasonal blooms on the table or nightstand
or a collection of vintage paintings stacked atop a sideboard
Those romantic blooms bring such charm and warmth to a room

Another certain something I love florals on is furniture.
Sometimes it's in the fabric... but sometimes it's in the original painted detail.

A commode or chest of drawers covered in swirly vines and blooms is such a treasure.

This cabinet is covered in old hand painted florals
and signed by the artist who painted it.
It was a craigslist find that almost got away
I swooned when I saw it. 
I was in love with it's charm and vintage painted colors.
It was a little more than I wanted to pay
and the guy selling it wouldn't budge on price- there was someone else wanting to come see it
and he was sure they would pay full price.
I sighed and said I would think about it.

It haunted me. 
Those florals. That drop down desk in the front drawer.
That brassy wire detailing on the doors.

I knew it needed to come home with me
so I called him a couple days later.
He said the lady said she would take it - at full price.
I was crushed. It was sold and it was my fault for not jumping on it
and getting over the price tag.

I kicked myself
and started scouring ebay and other sites to find one just like it.
Not likely and when I did find something similar 
we were talking asking in the thousands not hundreds of dollars.
Apparently those signed, hand painted pieces were quite expensive
and this one dates to around 1930-40 from the research. 

Then out of the blue  the seller called me. 
He asked if I was interested in that old painted china cabinet
that the lady didn't come get it like she said she would-  so it was available
and he would take less for it if I wanted it rather than store it.

My pulse raced.
MY  French inspired china cabinet was available
 and at a price that agreed with me.
I wasn't letting it get away again and so I happily brought it home 

Even several years later
 those curvy details
 painted florals 
wire doors 
 that little drop down desk
make me smile.
I adore it and haven't tired of that 'dated' floral painted look.
It says 'granny' style to some. 

But to me, it speaks perfect french country cottage charm.

Yep, I pretty much love it.

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  1. OHHHH, my. That is stunning!

  2. truly see the appeal of this beautiful piece Courtney - floral lover or not, this is a keeper! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Swoons!!!!
    I am in luv Courtney. Beautiful piece indeed.
    Hugs, Gee

  4. beautiful! Love everything about it. Sometimes those things you really want find a way of getting to you!

  5. Courtney, I've always loved this piece, and it was so much fun to read the story behind your purchase of it. It was definitely meant to come live with you. laurie

  6. there are some things that just don't need to be painted. this is one of those beauties!

  7. So glad this one worked out for you! I love it too. What a great find.

  8. Gotta love craigslist!! What a find, and good for you!

  9. What a beautiful piece of furniture. I especially love the little desk. What a hidden gem. It was meant to be.

  10. Oh I love your china cabinet and the painting on it. So pretty and the little desk is perfect. Hugs, Marty

  11. A unique and special piece. I see it only increasing in value.

  12. Craigslist here in Canada is not as popular as Kijiji!! But I love that piece of furniture.
    Great find!!

  13. I just love this cabinet, the shape and style and the painted flowers, which make it so pretty! take care, Maryann

  14. Talk about being lucky Courtney!!!
    It's absolutely beautiful - and so YOU..............

  15. Beautiful as is your collection of tureens. Can I stop over for soup and possibly tea so that I can gaze upon your lovely cabinet. I am working on one now too. Stop by and see. it is a beauty.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  16. YAY!!

    This is a true love story, indeed.

    It is absolutely precious as is - timeless and classic. And yours. Whoooo hooo!

  17. Absolutely beautiful, Courtney! Wow! Love it!!!! Perfect for your country cottage!

    xoxo laurie

  18. I so love your hutch...and it does not look granny at all!! is stunning and I love the desk portion!...Such a treasured piece!...a classic!

  19. Hi Courtney!!!!

    I love your French hutch!!!!

    It is absolutely beautiful and having the drop down desk is priceless!!! Not too many hutches have that built in. I find flowers just brighten up a room and the beautiful scent fills the house.

    My husband always buys me pink roses that last a very long time. have I told you I love PINK!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


  20. Beautiful!


  21. That is an amazing piece Courtney! A true treasure for sure. I know my heart would have skipped a beat as well when seeing it.

  22. Courtney ~ that is a fantastic piece! I have a similar one with a matching dining room table and chairs. It has hand painted florals on it as well. I really love yours because of the little drop down desk. Mine is strictly a china cabinet. Don't ever paint it! :)

  23. Oh, I love it! What a find. Enjoy.
    Thanks, Patty

  24. This is definitely WOW material. I love the fact the artist signed each little floral, and the drop down desk feature makes this piece even more special. I'm so glad that it found its way into your home where it is loved and appreciated. ~ Sarah

  25. a piece that made your home just as happy as you. It looks amazing in your home. I had a dresser in my daughters room much like this era and she tired of it with her friends doing up their rooms with distressed whites she too wanted more whites so I painted off all the pretties.

    You made a beautiful wise choice to grab this beauty up!


  26. I am totally with you Courtney. Painting over that piece would be an absolute tragedy! It is so perfectly detailed in its original state. Thank for your sharing with us!