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Tank tops & buckets

Have you ever had an appliance that likes
to gobble things up randomly?

Like the washer that eats  small ankle socks over and over again
or the dishwasher that melts that top for your water bottle.

Well, I have been buying extra tank tops lately.
You know, those really cute tank tops with the teeny tiny delicate straps
that you can wear with everything
under a button shirt or a sweater or by themselves even.
Yep. I love them
so does my dryer.

Our dryer has an appetite for those dainty little spaghetti straps
and so recently, those little black tank tops 
have become little one-strap black tank tops
or even worse
no- strap black tank tops.

It doesn't eat anything else.  Just the straps on tank tops.

So with it being Summer and it being hot
and me being a girl who loves a good tank top
I stopped in at the store the other day to grab a couple more.
Only, instead of little black teeny tiny strap tank tops
I found a pair of perfect buckets.

In a perfect shade of aqua/duck egg/ cottage/ vintage blue
and with perfect faux rusty crusty details.
Somewhere near the teeny tiny tank top aisle. 

I picked them up, looked at the price 
and into my cart they went.
They have charming French graphics on one side
though I think I will use them on the plain side for the most part.
Something about that creamy dreamy color all by itself makes my knees a little weak.

I brought them home and filled them up with a few of those 
almost completely dried pale peach roses and fresh bouquet of  vibrant pinks. 
Set them atop a vintage grain sack and paired them 
with my favorite Mikasa plates~ they are perfect.

I adore buckets in various sizes and colors and will be using these
 over and over again all Summer long.
Just in love with that pale blue vintage inspired color.

I guess I should thank the dryer for them
Happy Wednesday!

(btw- for any of you having a similar tank top issue
I bought a little bag to wash and dry those tank tops in )

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  1. Your buckets are wonderful and I can see how the jumped in your basket. Put your tank tops in a lingerie bag or sometimes I just use a tied up pillow case. Works like a charm!

  2. Awww-so beautiful roses-love all♥
    Have a nice week!

  3. Love those buckets, Courtney! They are just perfect and look great holding your flowers. I hang dry those tank tops so nothing happens to the straps. So far, so good! : )

  4. So true! Love the pails and the color is one of my favorites. I use it all the time on my pieces and they don't last long!

  5. Gorgeous blue buckets!! You really made them shine in a beautiful tablescape!

  6. Perfection Courtney <3 !

  7. Well, that is a silver lining story if ever there was one!

    Beautiful new buckets - both sides - and the winner = those amazing roses.

    Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  8. Love the buckets, Love the Flowers. I put my strappy things in a net back for unmentionables.

  9. Love your post; always such beautiful photographs! Had to laugh at this one (the tank tops getting "eaten" by your dryer. . .). I, too, love tank tops with teeny tiny straps. . .and I DO MEAN LOVE THEM! I have just about every color imaginable, and multiples in black and white. . .especially love them if there is a bit of lace as well, BUT. . .I NEVER put them in the dryer. They have their own, personal drying rack set up in the laundry room. Did I mention that I love the photographs here?? And yesterday's post about the dried flowers, o.m.g.! Such beautiful eye candy. . .love it all. Have a great day, Courtney!

    1. That is a great idea too Cynthia. So far the laundry bag seems to be working but for that random stray one that somehow misseds getting in the washing bag- that is a perfect idea!!

  10. Your buckets are lovely that is my favorite color of blue. As for the tanks you will have to do what I did and put them in a laundry bag. Last winter my fuzzy footies kept disappearing in the washer and then I got some discipline with the laundry bags. At last my problem was solved.

  11. Hello! Yes, I dry mine outside of the dryer....LOL! Now, please do tell where you found those wonderful pails...trying my best to think of a store that sells tank tops AND pails!!
    Thanks so much for your beautiful it...Diane

  12. I'm with Diane, Courtney! I need to know where you purchased those darling blue buckets! They ARE the perfect robin's egg blue! And yep...I put my tanks and unmentionables in a lacy bag before tossing them in the washer. Works like a dream! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. No missing tanks here but a lot of missing socks!;) Always love your pics Courtney.

  14. I would love to know where you found the Duck egg blue buckets Courtney,they're gorgeous and I love the French graphics on them as well .Do you think you would consider posting where you bought them ? Your posts are always lovely and I always look forward to them . Thanks for giving us so much enjoyment , Salli

  15. I have been having that issue with the eaten straps and determined they were getting snagged by the corner of my lint trap on my front loader dryer. I cleaned out the trap way down below by using a dryer lint brush even though it looked perfectly clean and discovered lint way down below was blocking the lint trap from going all the way down. It sounds like a good idea to just let them air dry...guess I shoulda thought of that 3 eaten-up straps back!

  16. Beautiful shots! Stunning. It's winter here and I am loving your flowers! How I miss them!

  17. Ahhh I am in love....such beautiful eye candy...the colors, the textures..everything! Come link up to centerpiece Wed. And share this post on my blog

  18. I love that pretty color, too, and like the "plain" sides best. :)
    Your flowers are always sooo pretty.

  19. oh girl i love your buckets and the story of the tiny teeny tank tops LOL and the white plates always so pretty

  20. Yep..the bag is the way to go to keep the washer from eating up the straps!!...loved your story and all's well that ends well, as you discovered those beauties while shopping for tops...I so love the color and design....Now, do you have any tips for drying roses?....I have just gathered mine with a tie and hung them upside down..but they most often look too dried and not so natural..

  21. Love these and so perfect for just the perfect flowers (which you have)...perhaps I need to go out and do some "tank top" shopping.

  22. I love your buckets they are the perfect shade of blue! I also have Mikasa plates like that. Mine are the Italian Country Side. I registered for them as my "everyday dishes" when i got married 17 yrs ago. I would still pick the same plates all these yrs later!

  23. LOL! THAT is how I go shopping! Looking for one thing and finding LOTS of other things!
    Lori @ JasmineBrook