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The Graduate~ 2013

It's been a busy week over here with school winding down
and gearing up for my son's high school graduation and party.

Yesterday was the graduation ceremony for the class of nearly 500 graduates
It was a larger class than my oldest son's graduation a a couple years ago and there
were a lot of family and friends of everyone who came out in spite of the heat to celebrate
their achievements which left quite a few people with standing room only spots.

It was only 9:00 am and it was already 93 degrees out
Ugh. be out in the sun.
 By 12:00 it was 100 and the heat was exhausting- 
Thankfully the staff brought cups of water and sprays around to keep the graduates cool as they 
sat for the 2 hour ceremony.

Graduations are so funny.
There is so much pride and a bit of bittersweet mixed in.
Watching your little baby as they reach this milestone -seeing that they are so grown up now
and ready to head out into the world to find their place. Sigh.
Hard to believe they are that same little baby you held in your arms not so long ago.

 I loved that Cullan and several of his really good friends
that he has had since 1st grade all sat together and walked in line together to get their diplomas.
I remember these guys when they were little 1st graders running around
and playing on the playground at school and here they are all grown up now-
 some of them sporting beards now even.
They all came from a very small charter school and 9th grade was the move to the
large high school so you wonder sometimes if those friendships will last. 

They have. :) 
I have seen these boys quite often through out high school and had them over to the house
 and have watched them grow up too
To see them all graduate together was pretty neat.

My favorite part of  graduation- 
other than seeing my son get his diploma and hearing his name announced, of course ;)
is when the graduates all throw their caps in the air.

I love that moment when they are 'official'
and ready to go out into the world with big dreams and goals.

After the ceremony we just grabbed a few pictures before heading home to get cooled off and get ready for  grandparents and family to come over for a little get-together. 
We are planning a 'graduates' party with his friends another time as well since most of them were 
doing family parties of their own as well.

The party was great other than it being so insanely hot during the day
We were indoors much of it but the evening outside was wonderful.
 I think it was 93 even at 10:00 pm so really not that great for sleeping- :-/
but perfect for relaxing out under the stars and celebrating 
this guy and his achievement.

Happy Graduation Cully!! 
We love you and are so proud of you!!


  1. Two down, one to go!!! Congrats Cullen. Congrats Court! Hope to see you soon. xoxoox, Sandy.

  2. Congratulations to your son. Best Wishes for an amazing future!

  3. Well done Cullan!! Lovely pics

  4. congrats to you!! he is so handsome!!!!

  5. Wow, what a handsome guy! Congratulations!

  6. Sending Congratulations and to a wonderful future! Cheers......

  7. Congrats, to Cully and his amazing mom!!!

  8. Congratulations to the graduate and mom...I graduated my oldest last Friday from HS and my youngest will graduate on Wednesday from Pre-K!!! lol, Beautiful pictures!

  9. Congratulations to your son on his Graduation.

  10. Great when they make a milestone. Hope he has a blessed life.

  11. I can't wait to see what you will be putting together for his party Courtney!

  12. We had the opposite weather-chilly and wet. I love your son's name!

  13. My first born & one & only son just graduated high school last month & your post just brought the tears rolling again. It is bittersweet and to think I only have him for a few more weeks is just all too much. Congrats to your handsome young man!

  14. What a sweet and memorable day! Your son is SO handsome! Sorry, I should say congratulations first!! Sorry you had to endure such heat, one of my daughters had a graduation like that and the other got rained out. Glad you had a great party, too!


  15. Congrats to your good lookin' son!

    I wish him every success that live has to offer.

  16. Hi Courtney!!!

    It's such a happy time, but, a time to reminisce of how when they were new born we held them hoping for all the best for them in this journey called,"Life." Before you knew it they where at their first day of Kindergarten, Middle school and then High school.

    When they throw off those graduation caps, all of these memories come pouring out and then this day will be added to the wonderful thing called a "Memory Bank." How thankful we are that they have made it this far and we say a quick prayer thank and look forward to many more!!

    I know that today was a day of rest after such a busy day and night. All the best for you and your family!!!

    Have a great week!!!


  17. sniff sniff... so true Pam. Your comment brings tears. I so agree.... feeling so incredibly thankful. So incredibly blessed. So incredibly grateful to share this journey with them. Our babies are so precious- when they are little and when they are bigger. They are the greatest gifts. xo

  18. Congratulations! Your son is so handsome! I can't imagine how hot you were at the ceremony. My daughter just graduated on May 24. She had a large class, too. Thankfully, the ceremony was held at a local college basketball arena. Comfortable seating and air conditioning. So nice, since we live in Alabama and so much better than when my class (367) graduated outside and it started to rain....we graduated in less than an hour. We were soaked to the skin.

  19. Congratulations!! My son graduates this Friday and I couldn't be prouder of him...I think that's how we all feel, no matter where they're headed afterward...graduating from high school is a big deal!! They now have their whole life in front of them and important decisions to be make...their decisions and you know what? I think they will make the right ones!!! :)
    God bless!!

  20. I love the photo of the hats and the trees. I'm always wondering where you are in America? I have one of my daughters finishing middle school here in Italy. All the kids went to have a big water fight at a local park. Now they have written and oral exams for weeks to pass on to high school, when all the other kids are out. It adds a new level to bitter sweet.

    I love your blog.

  21. Congratulation! Why is it always soo hot on that special day? You must be very proud. Your son is very handsome. I remember my children's also what a special day it was. We had excessive heat and one a down pour of rain. Next for you will probably College. That will be a fun time. Thanks for sharing ! Brings back happy memories.

  22. Congratulations!! Most of our graduations here are held in a convention center....thank goodness because THAT is way too hot to sit outside! We have graduation this coming weekend too! What a milestone for Cullen and your happens so fast!

  23. Congratulations to your family! We attended my nephews graduation on Saturday and I tell you, I cried. I don't know WHAT I will do in two years when it's Austin's turn? Courtney, I do not know where the times goes. I can picture Austin little too, and it does feel like just the shortest time ago...

    Wishing a bright future for your son on this new adventure called adult life :)

  24. Awww congrats to you and your son! Your post gave me chills and brought a little tear, just thinking about my two boys ages 1 and three! I will cry like a baby at their graduations I am sure :)

  25. congrats to the graduate! wonderful photos of the ceremony and of your handsome graduate xo