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$8 rustic thrift find

Sometimes I wander through the thrift store
not really knowing what I am looking for

Though, it's usually something with patina
or chipping paint
or maybe something covered in rusty crusty goodness
But sometimes
I have no idea.
I am just looking for that certain something that inspires me.

Maybe that something is in the form of glass bottles for flowers
or an old finial from a fence 
or maybe it's in the form of planks of pine

I wandered through the thrift store
and found quite a few cuties
an old charming dresser and mirror caught my eye
but I wasn't really looking for a dresser
and it didn't scream at me- so I kept looking.

I found a few fantastic old doors but as I contemplated I realized
I have an old house full of those same era doors ;)
and several more in the basement already.

So, as I was getting ready to leave ~  I stepped outside
and saw a huge pile of big black plastic piping
Big old corrugated black plastic tube piping

Exciting, right?


 Well... it was more what those big old plastic pipes were in that caught my eye.
Those pipes were jumbled up twisting and turning and falling out of 
a big old pine crate.

Okay, now THAT was talking to me

It's about 4' long
and the perfect width and height for stacking
for storing treasures or magazines 
for a coffee table
or simply looking charming in the corner of a room

It was marked Product of Holland on the side
and shows a bit of wear and tear 
but nothing too outrageous.

Though I don't plan to keep it in the living room
I do love it paired with those blingy crystal chandeliers and sweet simple china filled with roses.
These roses were the leftover $5 Friday special bouquets I found on Saturday at our grocery store this week

I have learned to check on the weekends- they don't always have
great sales on the flowers I am looking for- but sometimes they do
So this weeks flowers- yep, roses :)

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  1. Sooooo right there with you. My husband thinks I'm looney, but I would be in delighted to rummage through a junk yard! Great find!

  2. I like shopping when I am not looking for anything in particular. That is when I have the most success.

  3. I also have an old crate with hinged top that says the same thing, I believe tulip bulbs were shipped in it, need to bring it up from the depths of the basement!!!

  4. Great find and it looks wonderful how you have styled it. I have a similar crate that I plan on using in my kitchen to hold all my cutting boards underneath my island.

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  5. So showing this to my Mr. Hahahahah. We got a bunch of reclaimed red oak and pine this weekend. I said.. hmmm I want a rustic coffee table, a crate(ish) one. He rolled his eyes and kept on stacking wood in neat little piles int he garage. OOhh yeah! Thanks Courtney for the inspiration ( or poke to the Mr.)
    Luv it!
    happy Today.
    Hugs, Gee

  6. That is the nicest crate I have ever seen and looks great in your room.

  7. Oh, I love it. What a great look and super deal.

  8. Awesome Courtney, I love it!!! I wish my market had good deals on their flowers. Even when they're fading, they are still marked at regular price. :( Everything looks just beautiful!
    Have a great week.

  9. Cool! Great find! It's so funny sometimes when you see something like that, and the folks at the thrift shop or wherever, are like, "you want that"!?? "go ahead, you can have it" I'm not sure that is what happened for you this time, but i bet it has before, because it has for me, and i'll be so tickled finding something really cool like that! (did this response make any sense?!)


    1. Yep- that is what happened with this crate. I asked them if I could buy the crate they had all that stuff in and they looked at me a little strange and then said- sure, why not. :)

  10. lol It's always worth asking, isn't it, Courtney? :) The thrill of the hunt! lol Love the mix of rustic with ruffles. I think that's why I adore the romantic prairie look so much. Calls to my heart!

    xoxo laurie

  11. What a great find!How cool with the Holland stamp on it too.Your roses are lovely as always! Ah my daughter and I were doing a few errands today and while out we passed a few thrift shops.And since we were in the area we had to stop in right LOL! I found an alabaster marble lamp for 5.00 and a Venus statue for 10.00.Not too shabby.My daughter did not find any treasures today.She loves the hunt too :-).So fun to have her enjoy treasure hunting as much as I do :-)

  12. Love your beautiful find and how great is that Holland stamp...especially for you as you so love flowers and Holland has the most gorgeous flowers...Glad you had a great day finding treasures!

  13. I love the Holland stamp and the rust around the nails. Perfect.

  14. Beautiful! I love walking into a shop with no expectations and discovering a treasure - very exciting :) Those roses are simply perfect too!

  15. It usually happens like that, when you are not looking for something is when you find exciting things! That's a beautiful find with endless possibilities!

  16. What a fantastic find, Courtney! You always find wonderful treasures (and, style them beautifully, of course)!

  17. Oh, I love it! What a wonderful find! You just never know when you will see something great! Thanks for the post!

    Flora Doora

  18. That's exactly what would have caught my eye, too! Great find, Courtney. Love it with your other pretty things.


  19. I love how our eyes are trained to see things when we hit thrift stores - white pitchers, teacups etc. stand out to me. This is a marvelous find, especially considering its size - what a blessing,

  20. Great find Courtney! Love pine planks.