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A quiet morning view & randomness

Yesterday, I was wide awake before 5 am.
On a Saturday when I planned to sleep in
I was looking forward to catching a few extra zzz's 
thinking about that lazy Saturday morning when I went to bed

So when I woke up and saw the time- 
I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep...and then rolled over again...
Until it was 5 am. 
Yeah... well- 5am is more acceptable than before 5am so 5 it was. 
Now, if I had big plans for junking or a family trip or something like that
 it would be a different story,
but trying to sleep in and 4 something in the morning don't mix well.

The sun was barely up but the birds were singing already
The crisp Summer air was so fresh and inviting as I opened up the doors 
so I poured my coffee and went outside to enjoy the early morning quiet.
It was wonderful and it was so peaceful outside
I loved it.

So, I just sat by myself and sipped on my coffee 
 listened to the breeze blowing softly in the trees
and the sounds of nature waking up with me

One of my favorite things about Summer mornings is the slower pace and truth be told,
I actually love to get up early and get a jump start on the day
and have that time to quietly wake up before getting busy with the chores or schedule

This Summer- the pace has been less quiet and more busy~ which is good in it's way too but
I am enjoying those quiet slow mornings (even if they are before 5 am!) 
especially since school will be starting up again in just a couple weeks
and those early morning cups of coffee will be in the car.

I feel like Summer literally just.started
and I am already going back to school shopping with my daughter
She feels like Summer just started too. 
It seems like Summer break is shrinking each year.
I am hoping to squeeze in one more beach getaway before the schedule gets crazy again
and I know she has a couple of things planned for the next couple weeks too.
On a side note- she is my baby baby and this is the first year she will be the only one
of my 3 kids in school since the boys have both graduated.
sniff sniff

Last week, I had so much fun participating in
 The Tour of Summer Homes.
We have several more tours and projects planned which I think will be so much fun and you can find my little cottage tour HERE and the others

Coming your way this week~
an inspiration post
something fun (and crazy!!) oh yeah-crazy
 and a simple project made with cedar if I get the photos wrapped up

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Random Sunday post over here
Maybe that should be a Sunday theme...

Hope your weekend has been fantastic


  1. I spent my Sunday morning outside by myself today too. I know the exact feeling you described in this post, Courtney! Listening to the outside world before all the humans wake up. :) Your photos are pretty as always.

  2. I use to rise every morning at 5:45. Now that I am retired, I sleep in until 6:15. I feel like I am a lazy slug.

    Our house is already noisy by the time I rise - cats screaming for food, music from the studio drifting down the hall to the bedroom and if I am lucky, the waves are crashing loud enough to rattle the double hung windows. All the sounds that I just take for granted, but would miss if any of them were absent.

  3. Beautiful photos. Yes, summer does seem to get shorter each and every year!

  4. Oh, I usually wake up early if we are at the beach (that has not been in years) and go out on the deck overlooking the ocean and have my coffee while hubby or hubby and kids back in the day were still sleeping. I know school break has gotten shorter here. Some schools start this Friday 8-1. That is just crazy. Glad mine are grown.

  5. Oh, Courtney- those pictures are just heavenly.

    Just so peaceful and beautiful - thank you, it was just what my soul needed today. ♥

  6. Best time of the day in Summer,but it's winter here and being retired I am afraid my mornings are very late as it's so cosy in bed under the doona.

  7. Early mornings are a special and enjoyable time for me too Courtney. Enjoy the rest of your summer with your daughter. Such lovely photos. :)

  8. I also love the early mornings before my kids get up! I enjoy the mornings around 3am! My husband leaves by 3am!Im excited to see what you have in store this week!Heathere

  9. I allways love your pics ♥♥♥

  10. Do you know the name and brand of the lovely white rose with the pink edging?
    So beautiful!

  11. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures - they are the breath of fresh summer air that I needed!