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DIY Wire flower basket

Do you ever find yourself with a strange affection for building materials?
Like galvanized roofing that you see potential for projects in.
Or maybe the lumber aisle that looks like boxes and crates in the making.
Or maybe it's those cedar shingles that look like something exciting that you fall for every time.

Chicken wire is one of those things.

Yeah, it's useful for building projects but it also is 
perfect for using for random decor too and it can lead to a bit of an obsession
with it's potential.
Like for projects like that chicken wire message board I made with an old
vintage frame and a bit of leftover wire from a project.

I thought I used most of that old chicken wire
but then... my husband planted a garden filled with squash, tomatoes & pumpkins
and the deer were enjoying it.


He didn't mind sharing a plant here or there but
 soon his garden was only half there.
So he brought home a roll of chicken wire to fence off the plants
so I had to clip just a few pieces off for a couple projects.

The first project?
A chicken wire flower basket.

It is soo simple. 
Just a few supplies and about 10 minutes 
and you are done.

Here's what you need:

Chicken wire shaped to how you would like (a cone, square, etc) 
Brown paper or your choice of paper like newspaper to wrap around the bouquet
A little jar (or plastic cup if using on a glass door) to tuck inside for water for the flowers
a bouquet of favorite flowers

I mixed flowers that were from the past couple of weeks for a
soft romantic look for this one

It's perfect for a welcoming bouquet on the front door
for a rustic farmhouse style wedding or event
or simply just set against the chippy paint on a vintage cupboard.

I am loving it
I might be making a few dozen more of them
I might be obsessed
but you know... 
it's obsessed in a good way.

Happy Monday 
 July 1st everyone!


  1. Too that chicken wire basket!

  2. Courtney,

    So adorable, I especially love the hanging vase for the front door!

  3. Love your chicken wire basket, how cute is that. I think I need some chicken wire and get to crafting. Hugs, Marty

  4. Just darling! I'm sure I have a scrap or two somewhere! Happy July!

  5. I'm a fan of chicken wire too, it's so versatile!
    Lovely idea, thank you for share!

  6. I love this. I may have to find myself some chicken wire somewhere

  7. Too cute! A front door must have now that you have shared the idea. Have to add chicken wire to my list.
    Hugs, and happy today!!!

  8. Very clever! I just ordered a basket much like this. I could have made one! '-) Thanks for sharing this idea. ~ Sarah

  9. Definitely Romantic Courtney! Love it hanging over the door!

  10. we made these using a mason jar, but I love the simplicity of the brown wrapping paper! here's a link to our project from a few years ago . . .
    Thanks for the fresh idea!

  11. Very sweet, Courtney. I hope you have a Happy Fourth!


  12. That's very pretty. I love the kraft paper you used inside the basket too. :)

  13. I have some chicken wire.....I found it on the farm...but I have to paint today....I am avoiding it, can you tell?
    I wish painting only took a few items and ten minutes....I better get to work and play later!
    Hearts to you,

  14. You need to open up a business. I need you to be my interior decorator.

  15. I love chicken wire! That is so cute.

  16. what a great idea. I love all your wire projects, especially that memo board.

  17. Thank you Courtney for your grace and beauty, I will most likely whip one up for my front entrance, that tussy musy floral cone is sweetly inspiring, but of course that why I visit often even if I miss a comment here and there know that I still visit.

    Have a beautiful 4th.


  18. LOL, you are so funny. Its only an "obsession" if its out of control. Wait.... okay never mind. :) I love chicken wire, too. I have a large roll in the shed that I am letting get nice and rusty. I love your idea of the cone shaped flower basket. I just may have to borrow that idea from you.

    Happy 4th! xxoo

  19. What a great use of chicken wire. I love it!! I put chicken wire in the built ins at the new house. They are painting the cabinets today, BTW!! Your flowers are always so beautiful.

  20. I just love this Courtney! I'm pinning it for future reference! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

  21. So pretty and so neat that it is so simple too.

    Lovely post
    Pearl 13.1

  22. I love the "vase" but especially love the framed chickenwire! Perfect to post momentoes and dry the occasional peony or rose. Fortunately, I have plenty of chickenwire, kraft paper, mason jars and wonderful old frames! Thanks also for the beautiful photos...

  23. Tonita-Shabby Chic Tiny Retreat

    Oh, I love this idea. I have a whole roll of really rusty chicken wire and now my mind is on overload. Thanks for the inspiring photos.

  24. I love when you see something in blogland and you think to yourself 'that is so simple, why didn't I think of that'. Love it to bits and I'm sure I'll borrow your idea at some time Courtney :)

  25. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    So beautiful. I love the soft hues of your flowers against your rustic hutch.
    Great use for extra chicken wire!

  26. So so nice idea and not too hard for me ! I have the wire (never used it and now not any excuse to realise something !!

    xoxo from PARIS


  27. The chicken wire basket and your beautiful flowers look stunning on your black door.!!!!!

  28. Sssoooo clever!! Loved the idea and those flowers are so pretty!!

  29. You had me at chicken wire ;) I love these projects and well, everything about your home!

  30. So cute and practical! What a great idea.

  31. What a pretty way to use chicken wire!Beautiful flowers too!

  32. This is so cute. Great way to show off your flowers!

  33. LOVE this idea.. you are so creative! And a great selection of flowers too! xo Jen