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Elegant Outdoor Table

Sometimes the best spots for a gathering
are not on the patio in the backyard where all the hustle and bustle is 
but a little further out in the field among nature and the
tall trees and grasses where the crickets are chirping

Up the hill, through the trees
and into a little clearing
that's near the back of our property by an old apple tree orchard

There is a magical spot surrounded by overgrowth of ivy
and blackberry bushes at your feet and tall oaks and pine trees towering above

I love this part of the yard- and think it is perfect for
setting up a table for a little get- together.

Of course
I had to have a little help moving that big 9 foot long farmhouse table and chairs
up the hill, through the trees
and into a little clearing
that's near the back of our property by an old apple tree orchard
Yeah... it might just be here awhile~ so it's good that I am loving it

For the table setting~
I started with a simple white tablecloth and then brought out the flowers.

I wandered around the yard and gathered some of the
mint, wildflowers and gladiolas we have growing in the flower beds
and mixed them with the market roses from last week

 I wanted a centerpiece that was low 
and didn't overwhelm the the 10 place settings and gorgeous stemware
 so, I layered the flowers along the center of the table.

Sprigs of mint first, then the roses and a few wild flowers
 tucked here and there- in the center a small votive filled with a few of the white roses from Santa Cruz
An inexpensive and so easy to create centerpiece. 

These gorgeous place settings are so simple and elegant
and lovely for bridal showers, formal dinners or special occasions 
as well as everyday elegance

They have a detailed flowery lace pattern in gray along the edge and a platinum banding
(the above picture paired with Adelaide Platinum)

The flatware is simple a perfect companion to the more patterned dishes

I used three sizes of stemware for this setting
and oh my...  I am with these.  They are so beautiful grouped together. 

Truly one of my favorite spots in the yard
and I think this is one of my favorite tablescapes
The elegant dishes with the rustic setting- a perfect mix for me.


place setting ~ antique inspired Vintage Lace - Mikasa
   (Adelaide Platinum from Mikasa shown in one photo as well)                 

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I was provided with Mikasa table setting pieces 
but all designs and opinions are my own, of course.

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  1. Lovely setting for the Mikasa tablescape. The flowers are lovely, too, Courtney!

  2. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Rose table Runner!!! They are so my favorite flower.

    The table looks amazing. I know it takes a ton of time and prep work to create such beauty, but to me it is so worth it in the end......especially if you use!

    Happy Creating

  3. Simply stunning!! Looks like a perfect wedding reception table! :-)

  4. Wow....I'm in love with these dishes, and the crystal is absolutely gorgeous in its simplicity and profile. Lovely table and setting. I admire your trekking up the hill with table AND 10 place settings--I would've have done 4 and called it DONE! LOL ~Zuni

  5. Beautiful, beautiful setting, Courtney. I sure do hope that after all your hard work you were able to enjoy a special meal out there!

  6. Lucky you> The stems and flatware are truly a favorite of mine. On my list of. . .Wishes. . .! Your table is stunning. I always use my china outside. No paper for me. My friends think I'm nuts to wash dishes but romance is in my soul and china and crystal makes it sing.
    Make it a wonderful week.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  7. Courtney, this is one of my favorite tables. I adore the elegant look and the fine details on this table with it's natural setting. Perfect pairing! The lacy dishes are gorgeous as are the stems. What a fabulous post!

  8. Oh my, that would do my heart good to be able to have a dinner right there!!

  9. You are just amazing and this is, too!

  10. How incredibly gorgeous! Your guests (I hope this wasn't just a photo's way too beautiful to not have a lot of other people enjoy it!). I was enchanted by the dishes; I've always loved my (other brand) platinum rimmed china, but then I saw that yours are not just plain ol' round dishes....and there's a lace pattern on it! Just spectacular! And the beauty of the glassware in all its simplicity is stunning! Your centerpiece is just perfect for it all too....what a lovely, lovely table!

  11. You have a slice of heaven right in your own backyard, Courtney! What an incredible place to share a time of fellowship with friends and family! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  12. So very elegant Courtney!...Love Mikasa...they always have such beautiful dinnerware and glassware....the centerpiece of the florals and herbs is just stunning....what more could you ask for a lovely dinner than a magnificently set table and very serene surroundings!

  13. This is just stunning...I would love to be invited to a dinner here! Your guests were very lucky...I can't think of a prettier spot for a dinner party. It's so unexpected to see the beautiful dishes and glassware in the great outdoors!

  14. just enchanting- the roses and greens running down the center of the table is such a nice departure from big, tall centerpieces and love the subtle elegance of the place settings -I bet there would be a fabulous menu to go with it all!

  15. I think after hauling the table out in the woods I'd leave it there too! It is lovely. Your glasses are the clearest and prettiest I've seen.

  16. Hi Courtney!!!!

    You survived the trip with the table!!!!

    It was well worth it!! The table is so gorgeous and the settings work perfect together!!
    I agree with you, it is a beautiful spot!! Love how you put the flowers on the table and the use of Mint is great!!

    Have a great week!!!!!


  17. This is one of the most gorgeous tables I've seen! I love how you mixed the elegant table with the organic outdoors. Beautiful!

  18. How much fun is that!! I love it. What a treat to head back to a special little oasis like that for dining. Really lovely.

  19. This is stunning! It reminds me of an intimate rehearsal dinner or wedding reception! So pretty and what a wonderful, natural setting! I can just imagine how lovely it must look by candlelight. You have such a gift Courtney - true talent! Hugs, Leena

  20. Absolutely breathtaking! Love the setting and the t'scape you've created is stunning! I would love to dine here!


  21. HI Courtney! I know what you mean about getting some help to move the table, etc. I did an al fresco table setting with an 8 foot table and believe me, it was no easy task but I loved doing it! There are so many things I would have loved to have changed after the fact, and after you've taken all your photos and packed everything up and then to look at the downloaded photos, and think "oh no, if only I could move that dish, or move those flowers, or why in the world did I use that bottle? But yours is gorgeous and just absolutely perfect!!! I am in love with everything! Mikasa is wonderful!

  22. This has to be one of the prettiest table settings I have ever seen. You have a fabulous spot for it in the garden & I admire your planning & setting of something so beautiful.

  23. This post and the photos are from 2013?