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DIY Rustic Tray

Did you know that as long as there have been pallet projects out there in blog land
that I haven't done any?

I know.
Always late to the trend over here.
It's kind of like the high waisted or skinny jeans 
High waisted and/or Skinny jeans are soo not my thing. 
 They just don't like me. Now skinny capris are a different story- love them.
But I stay with my regular old boot cut dark denim jeans and am happy.

But I am usually late to the party
and by that time- trends are on their way out.
So when I decided to finally break up a pallet that we have used for stacking wood
 to create something with
 it must mean that pallet projects have been going on for a few years now.

Okay, I guess this isn't technically a pallet project- 
I just wanted that silvery old weathered wood.
Since we have a couple perfectly weathered wood pallets that we use for drying firewood on~
they were good candidates 

This project all started with a vintage tray that I saw and loved that looked 
something like this vintage apple crate.
So charming!

Since the tray I loved wasn't for sale- I looked at how it was made and decided
to try and make my own.
It was pretty simple to make- AFTER you get the boards off the pallet.
Have you ever tried to pry boards off of a pallet? 
Let's just say I have a lot of smaller, split and broken boards for the next project
We ended up using a sawzall to cut the boards off and that worked perfect.

Here's what you need:
2 longer boards for the sides
2 shorter ones for the ends 
Boards for the planks on the top- the same size as the length
and a couple little 'legs' if you would like them.

Start by building the 'frame'

Nail each of the end boards to the side boards to create a rectangle
(if you are using the 'legs' you can nail them 
into each corner at the same time) 

After your frame is done- nail the top boards on- spacing them as you like and
voila- your project is finished.

A little bit of rustic goodness
perfect for serving tea
or just sitting on the sideboard 
created in about 20 minutes.

After you get the boards off the pallet ;)

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  1. Love it....I want surprise there!!!! Enjoy your lovely creation! x0

  2. I love that weathered rustic look too! Great job, and beautiful photos, Courtney!

  3. I too luv the weathered wood look. Nothing like a nice weathered grey.
    Pretty and rustic. Luv it. PPsssttt, I am not on the pallet trendy bandwagon either. :-) But I do reuse wood for the frames for my canvasses.

  4. You're not alone, Courtney - I've never done a pallet project either. There are some I'd love to do, but I have so many projects going on now, I've just never gotten around to doing one with pallets. I did ask my husband to bring home as many as he possibly could, but that's because we want to use them on our horse corral.

    Have a beautiful day!
    ~Angie @ Knick of Time

  5. No pallet projects for me either but I do love my skinny jeans! :) And I love what you did with the old wood and I always love your beautiful photography Courtney. xo

  6. No pallet projects around here, either....your tray is adorable, tho.

  7. Very pretty! and your styling is superb - as always!

  8. I like your tray. I haven't done a pallet project yet. I laughed about the high waist skinny jeans..oh gosh, not me either. There comes a time when we look all squeezed up in those kinds of pants.Too silly.xoxo,Susie

  9. Wonderful nice weathered look. The edges look kind of rough, do they catch on anything (skin, snag clothing)? It turned out really well.

    1. Haven't noticed any snagging on anything-they aren't super rough to the touch. I have left them as they were- but you could always sand the edges if they were too rough.

  10. What a great job on the tray - looks terrific. I have never made anything with pallets either. The pictures are so good. Enjoy your tea.
    Have a great week.

  11. Gotta love free wood :) It's a qt girl. Knew it would be. Spied your tweet and had to come see! Once you start making stuff with free wood, it's hard to go back. Especially when it's so expensive! Yikes. Our baseboard alone was a zillion dollars. Knew you'd make something darling. It's so you!!

  12. That's impressive! At a recent Habitat build I was tasked with pulling nails out of some 2×4s....impossible!

  13. I have a pallet outside my garage door. I'd love to make this! So pretty in a rustic way!

  14. Love it, it's fabulous!

    Flora Doora

  15. Super cute! I've never done a pallet project either, so you're way ahead of my. By the way, I had to laugh at your comment about skinny jeans and such...I'm the same way, I like my boot cuts!

  16. Hi Courtney, everywhere there is talk about these pallets, but no one says where you can get them. Do you know? Thank you!

  17. I think I like them in a boys room.

  18. I LOVE this!! Better late than never, right?? :) Laurel