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Summer Living Room

I am such a Summer girl.
Warm weather
lazy days at the beach
with sand in between your toes

Sunny days to work by and warm evenings for lingering outdoors
 just a little longer to savor those starry nights
I love love love it.

Summer brings to mind warm colors
 like buttery yellows
paired with crisp whites
 bare hardwood floors

The living room has been changed a bit for Summer.
Usually, it's just the mantel that changes
and maybe a few new pillows.
But this year
 I wanted a little bit different look.

I have been gravitating towards those French Country colors and patterns that
I love so much again lately 

  I also love warm cottage whites and slipcovers and lots of smooshy pillows 
to sink into with my coffee in the morning
So it's a bit of a mix in here but since it's a French country cottage~
I am going with it.

Bold golden ray of sunshine buffalo check drapes from the bedroom made their way to the living room.
I love the yellow color and sunny checks against the planked cottage white walls
 and the coffee stained hardwood floor.

When I first decided to give them a try in here-
I wasn't sure that the pattern overload was working for me.
I generally keep the living room area
very quiet in it's decor- not too much fluff or things on the sideboard or mantel

But since the new drapes ordered for in here are back ordered
and I was wanting a change- I decided to go for it anyway.

I left the room to go get another couple of pairs to try on the French doors
 and when I walked back in

I felt like I walked into sunshine dancing on the floor.

It felt warm and inviting and I knew that
even though those patterned drapes probably won't stay in here all year-
 they were perfect for Summer
and definitely perfect until the other ones arrive
(at some point!)

On my grandmothers wheat sheaf table
a simple bouquet of daisies and a favorite flea find bust were perfect.

 I am so drawn to the warm golds and gilded accents lately
 I love them in a room.

 since those golden ray of sunshine checked drapes came out of the bedroom... 
you can probably already guess what that means.

Yep, there have been changes in there too.
More soon.

Happy Monday!

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  1. So pretty, Courtney! You are right! It does looks like splashes of sunshine! :) Your house is so achingly beautiful. I always love visiting here and seeing what you've been up to. Your style is elegant, chic, and rustic - wish a fun dash of whimsy. Just love that! :)

    xoxo laurie

  2. The curtains, sofa, flowers, lights - everything is bright and gorgeous.

  3. Yes,I do love summer evenings and in the winter I miss the roses.Your living room looks so inviting with the new bunch of beautiful roses.I'm truly a winter "girl" Myself though.Hugs-Denise

  4. Hi, I love your living room and the decoration so clean and nice your armoire so beautiful I have one like your
    In my Florida room we have lether for my 2 dog (Boxes)
    beautiful Home!!!!

  5. Oh I do love this room and the checked drapes are stunning. I think they give the room a huge dose of sunshine, and I love that. I would love for you to link this up to my Inspire Me party that just started today.
    Hugs, Marty

  6. Very pretty indeed Courtney. 'Sunshine dancing on the floor'... very happy visual.
    I luv the domino effect of decorating!! Forever changing.
    Happy Monday.
    Hugs, Gee

  7. Gorgeous, comfy & relaxing! Love those drapes, too!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  8. LOVE those drapes and the whole room. Crushing on that stack of baskets.

  9. Just beautiful, Courtney! I love the golden yellow of the drapes. It looks great with all your white, too.

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  11. I love your big bold buffalo checked drapery panels your room is total perfection
    it seems to whisper come in and smell the roses

  12. Saw your IG post and had to pop over for a closer look. LOVING it all!! xo, Janet

  13. Absolutely LOVE the buffalo checks in that happy soft yellow. They are just simply delightful, and add the most charming feel and color to your beautiful room...


  14. The golden tones DO work well in your room for summer, and I think they will transition into fall nicely, too!

  15. Always stunning, Courtney! I'm also a huge fan of your buffalo checked panels and how they pop against your beautiful white sofas. Always love seeing your updates.

  16. Your summer house looks gorgeous, so warm, fresh and inviting with all the roses and great checkered draperies! I love soft yellow, my home is pretty much in that hue. Thank you for the wonderful party too. Enjoy your week Courtney.

  17. I meant...I see you at the Friday party!

  18. The curtains do add a ray of sunshine here and look wonderful along with the upholstered bench. Maybe a throw in the same color scheme?

    Can't wait to see what you are up to now! ;-)


  19. I do like the buffalo checked drapes in the living room - makes it glow with sunshine. Everything is perfect, comfortable and very French.
    Have a Happy Week!

  20. Oh I is always to nice to visit your blog. I love the magnificent things that you do. Your living room is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Regards Betty from Ontario.

  21. Your lounge is so pretty. Everywhere you look there is something of interest. I think the curtains lots great in there. I have been thinking of changing my heavy curtains for a while, but I will have to buy some lighter ones, so they will have to wait, until I find a bargain. The roses are really beautiful.

  22. Fantastic as always!! And I agree, it fits Summer perfectly!


  23. Already such a gorgeous room, but loving the happy, summery accents!


  24. I must say...every time I treat myself to fresh flowers in my home, I feel like I've gone all "French Country Cottage." :) Your arrangements always look divine. And I like the different colors throughout this room.


  25. I do love the drapes in this room - they do welcome and reflect the sunshine - the bust you got at the Flea market is gorgeous - love your baskets and always love hardwood floors - a beautiful, summery change. I hope you have a blessed week,

  26. Beautiful changes Courtney <3

  27. Everything is beyond beautiful! I just love your home and your style Courtney. :)


  28. Love the changes and I always gravitate toward the sunny yellows!...beautiful Courtney...and so love your wheat sheaf table..!!

  29. I love this room! So clean and summery. The draperies are a wonderful touch. And all the texture of the baskets and the armoire. Thanks for sharing,

  30. Your summer living room looks so bright and cheerful. Love the whole room! stopping by from Savvy Southern Style.

  31. I am loving your summer look. So refreshing... Stunning.

  32. Beautiful room Courtney, your room is so soft and inviting. Looks perfect for summer and those drapes are a good choice for summer.

  33. Your room looks so fresh, crisp and comfortable, Courtney. What a great idea to switch out the drapes from one room to the other, for a change which involves no expense! How smart of you!

  34. Just beautiful Courtney - love every detail about it!!!
    That armoire is to die for ( why did I think you painted it? were you thinking of doing that ? )
    I think it looks gorgeous in wood in your space - grounds everything else.

  35. So pretty! Looking for slipcovers, where are they from?