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Cottage Kitchen Tour

The little cottage on our property is a small, 1940's charmer complete with beadboard walls, planked ceilings 
and painted concrete floors. It has built in bookshelves and open beams ceilings and a little vintage inspired kitchen. But not all of those details were here when we started working on this space. Some of them were added to bring back more of that vintage look.

When we moved here- it was in much need of an update
new roof, new siding, new windows
and all that finishing that was never really wrapped up.
To say it needed a lot of work is an understatement
and even now we are working on re-designing spaces
and changing things... 
It seems projects around the house are never done and always evolving
as ideas and changes come to mind.

Last Summer we had the opportunity to remodel the small kitchen 
as part of the Lowes Creative Ideas blog team- you can find the original post here

We used a mix of old and new elements to keep that vintage cottage charm
The cupboard on the wall is antique and was found sitting on a shelf in the basement of our house
It fits so perfectly in here that part of me wonders if it wasn't an original piece 
that had been removed at one point.

The base cupboards are all new- from Lowes
and we also built the open shelving using stair newel posts and pine boards
 to bring in some of that vintage charm
You can read more about how we did that in this post here

We used granite on the counters- in tile form since we already had much of it left over 
from a previous project

The small shelves were made out of simple pine boards

The sink area has details that echo the open cupboard area with it's chunky 'legs'
and simple sheer floral panels that have a vintage look and feel 
were perfect for framing the large window.

One of my favorite things to do is the double chandeliers in a kitchen

I have double vintage chandeliers in our main kitchen (above) ~ you can read more about it HERE

I wanted to create a similar look out in the guest cottage kitchen 
and we used two clear chandeliers with a vintage look for this space.

Another favorite thing in this room- 
I love to hang flowers to dry from the open beams 

The peaked ceiling and beams in the main living areas are one of 
my favorite features in the cottage- I love how airy they make this small area feel.
The cottage is also filled with flea market and thrift store treasures- like the old wood fruit bins on the shelves 
and various pieces of collected white dishes in the kitchen, dining and living room. White dishes are one of my obsessions ;)

I have a few changes planned for this space but I do love so much of it just like it is right now. I hope you enjoyed a look around our guest cottage kitchen as part of the In the Details tour
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  1. LOVE this kitchen - one of the sweetest most charming cottage kitchens ever done.

    Every single detail is amazingly well thought out and designed, truly commendable - very well done.

    So glad you joined forces for this fun event!

    I was so inspired I did my own kitchen tour because of it all!

    Have a happy weekend. ~Michele

  2. My heart has skipped a beat and I have fallen head over heels in love. I am quite enamored of your BEAUTIFUL kitchen. It is charming and lovely.

  3. I love the kitchen. I love all the images. I need to copy some of them here in our new home. Charm it up some more.
    besitos, C

  4. Such a beautiful country cottage kitchen!! There are so many things this kitchen captures that I really love. I will enjoy checking out all the links to the other kitchens. Thanks :)

  5. Lovely, charming and inviting, I would say you did an amazing job on your cottage kitchen!

  6. WOW, I really love the kitchen. You really did a wonderful job of restoring the cottage kitchen look. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Wow. It's just too lovely! How do you ever keep it so white? I just love it. Joan

  8. Your kitchen is just Divine Courtney!!!!

  9. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. I love every detail, Courtney! Well done.

  10. Beautiful, I love the open rafters.

  11. It's such a sweet little cottage... I would be happy to live there any day. I love your signature double chandeliers too.


  12. Gorgeous!! I'm in love. You always so such an amazing job. Sharing on my FB page today.
    Jamie @

  13. Beautiful!! I love the ceiling and how light and airy it is!

  14. Your kitchen is so gorgeous! I looks like it jumped out of a magazine! It's so romantic and I've enjoyed the tour.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. I really think someone could happily live in just the kitchen part of that small cottage of yours lol.. its just sooooo prettyyyy..

  16. I absolutely adore chandeliers, especially in the kitchen, they just turn everything up so very many notches! I also love all your white dishes. Your guest cottage kitchen is stunning!
    Thanks Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  17. This looks just like you... and that is quite a compliment! What a dreamy, fluffy, I-live-in-a little-sleepy-village-in-france look! So romantic!!! I would give up all the modern conveniences to cook and work in your cottage kitchen! Perfection!

  18. Courtney, you have the best kitchen EVER! The two chandeliers, the chalkboard and pretty much everything else make me swoon! I have admired it for a long time. I would live there in a second. You have done an amazing job!

  19. Aww that is such a sweet kitchen! Very charming.

  20. Courtney,
    Your guests will never want to leave, dear one!!!
    Bright, light and white elegantly done!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely Guest Cottage Kitchen with us!

  21. Always love seeing your kitchen, Courtney. Great styling.

  22. Courtney, your cottage kitchen is charming. Love the raised ceiling with the rafters.

  23. Courtney, Your kitchen is so lovely. Love your stove and the open shelving. xoGinger

    BTW, Stone Gable and Good Life of Design fans would not work. Didn't show the link to like. The second pic on the pinterest, links back to you.
    Have a great weekend, Ginger

  24. It was atta girl that links back to you. xo

  25. It must be so fun and relaxing to have this on your property. It turned out wonderful!

  26. Your cottage kitchen is packed full of charm and warmth. Oh how I love thee. Have a great Saturday Courtney!~

  27. Your kitchen is gorgeous! It's one of my favorite ones of the kitchen tour! You did a beautiful job :)

  28. The double chandeliers are one of my favorites about your lovely kitchen, so romantic, pretty!

  29. Oh how lovely!

    -happy sigh-


  30. Hi Courtney. This kitchen is so adorable - it's hard for me to believe that it isn't your main kitchen! It's perfectly perfect vintage vibe makes it a place that I would love to do some baking in. Looking forward to seeing whatever changes you have up your sleeve.

  31. I love everything about this did an amazing job transforming it into such a lovely space.

  32. It's absolutely stunning, Courtney, and your photography is beautiful. You set the tone in the room so well that I feel like I could walk in and be right at home. Thank you for joining us on our kitchen tour!

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  36. Hello Courtney - this kitchen is dreamy - love the vintage look and your chandeliers - perfect cabinets - and I adore dried flowers in the kitchen - so charming,

  37. Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!!!


  38. I just love your style, seriously you have the most gorgeous taste! Those chandeliers!!

  39. Your kitchen is beyond gorgeous! Those chandeliers are my favorite!! I love putting them in kitchens, bathrooms, etc. where they aren't expected!