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Habitat for Humanity Reveal

So are you ready to see the Habitat room reveal?
Well, it's reveal time!!
This fantastic trip started out in Michigan...
and ended in Georgia.

6 DIY bloggers
the awesome GMC & social media team
700 miles of yard sales in 3 days
and decorating a Habitat for Humanity home

A completely amazing experience.

We worked together 
We shopped for each other
We decorated a whole house as a surprise
we did it all on a budget.

Just $250 each

Who were we decorating for?

A mom with 4 children
2 boys and 2 girls

Some of last years bloggers came to help us put everything together- 
thank goodness~ they were a HUGE help
and they brought extra supplies too- which were amazing
like some of the fantastic furniture for the living room, boys bedroom and bathroom
 that they painted while at Haven. 

Brooke also ran to the thrift store on Sunday to grab as much extra treasures as she could find
to fill two blue metal shelving units in the LR that were generously donated by Rustoleum
Rustoleum also donated most of the knick knacks and
this completely perfect and fantastic rug  for the living room
The coffee table was brought over by Pretty Handy Girl and was one that had a special
meaning to her. We all signed the top with a welcome message to the new family.

We ended up picking up the rest of the things we needed for the rooms that we didn't find on the sale
at stores  in Atlanta- like Target and Ikea on Saturday afternoon.

Please note~
We are not all posting at the same time and each blogger 
would like to share their own room in detail

Habitat for Humanity GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure

Here are detail photos of my rooms in the house

  Kitchen, Dining Room & Laundry room

Yes, that is 3 rooms on that $250 budget and the Kitchen
which needed kitchen necessities more than decor
but I was up to the challenge.

Note~ I purchased the flowers out of pocket from a local grocery store- Not from the budget.
I wanted to give the new homeowners a welcome gift of beautiful fresh flowers
for their new home.

 The Kitchen

A trio of vintage blue mason jars filled with pretty blooms on the sill
and a quick valance made from fabric the girls brought from Haven was perfect for the small window above 
the kitchen sink  (iphone photos- sorry)

I wanted to give them a little treat to enjoy when they moved in 
and so after finding this vintage wooden tray on the yard sale- 
I decided to set out a little tea and cocoa station for mom and kids

We all loved that decorative oversized plate covered in charm and bright colors
and it was perfect above the stove for a little pop of color

Tea towels at the sink and a row of mason jars filled with candy for the kids
 and a fun filled container with movie night treats
 (courtesy of GMC) on the counter

The white canisters were yard sale finds in great condition~ near new
and since they were small- they fit in the little area near the stove without 
cluttering the counter space up.

Not shown are all the essentials that were purchased for the kitchen 
which were all put away inside the cupboards
a set of dishes for 8
 pots & pans, etc.
as well as the microwave courtesy of Pretty Handy Girl

Laundry Room
The laundry room was in a different configuration than we expected from the blueprint
so the plan adjusted a little.
 I bought laundry soap and a big glass jar from Target
and the tray is a find from Jocie she didn't need
 I searched and searched the yard sales but finally found 3 large wicker baskets for sorting clothes at the Georgia Re-Store.
They weren't for sale as the store was using them for storing things but they
decided to sell them to me- after Jocie got involved ;)
along with a pack of Mason jars and some other kitchen knick knacks

We also found a Laundry Room sign above the washer and dryer that I don't have a photo of

Dining Room

Where the budget in the kitchen went to the essentials that the family needed
the dining room got the bulk of the more fun decorating and it started with this table and 4 side chairs set
 that I loved instantly.  I wanted original character and this set definitely had it.

The chairs only needed new seat covers, a bit of tightening and cleaning up
and we needed two more chairs to make 6 but otherwise
it was a perfect style and in good condition.

We majorly lucked out finding the end chairs at another sale
and they were a nearly perfect match in finish.

The antique crock for holding flowers was a junking find 
as were the set of perfect white dishes to fill the cupboard and to set the table.

The white drapes were Carissa's drapes originally.
The drapes I purchased from Ikea were needed in the LR when they noticed one extra window that wasn't  planned for and so we played  musical drapes a bit with my original drapes going to Jocie in the LR
Carissa's drapes (these) coming to the dining room
and Carissa using a leftover white swag of fabric for her window.

We were all working as a team to give the homeowners
the best possible home- even if it meant changing our own rooms and designs to help finish another.


 Collected silver platters from a couple sales went on the wall-
I was also planning on
ironstone or floral platters- but they were a little too pricey to collect enough of on the sale.
I wish there would have been room (and extra $) for a china cabinet- it would have been perfect!

Closer look at the end chairs we found at a separate sale- for $20 each.
They were perfect and were even wearing the same vintage yellow finish as the table and chairs

They wore plaid on one side and more colorful upholstery on the other which
brought in a little bit of English cottage charm
The younger children loved these and claimed them as their spots for dinner right away.
The side dining chairs were re-covered in drop cloth

 You know I had to make them a chalk board- so I found a big vintage gold frame
and turned it into chalkboard for the longer wall opposite the window

The mom was thrilled to have a spot to write chores on ;)
 and the youngest girl started doodling on it right away

After she wrote 'Love' on the chalkboard- 
she came over and wanted to show it to me
I smiled and asked her if she loved her new home and was happy
and she nodded and did a little dance.
It was so sweet.

Another happy tears moment.

There were lots of tears all around from everyone when the family arrived
and they saw their new home was ready for them to move into.
It truly felt so amazing to be able to do something like this for them
and to see how happy and touched they were.

As a thank you
 the mom sang a special song for Habitat that she had written.
Yep, you guessed it- there were more tears.

It truly was such an honor to be a part of something like this
and I want to send HUGE thanks to Chris and the whole GMC team for including me
and giving me the opportunity to give back in such an amazing way with my blog.

A big thank you to last years bloggers that came to help too

My trip to participate in the GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure was paid for
but I was not compensated in any way
and all opinions are my own.


  1. Oh Courtney, what a great way to give back. Love how each of you decorated but I have to say that the dining room is my favorite! Love those upholstered chairs! Love the whole dining set! Great job!!

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  6. Beautiful!! *have a very full heart*
    I work with the Salvation Army Oct to Dec. and volunteer during the year. We help transition homeless people/families into homes. They get counseling on budgeting and parenting and then after completing the requirements we get them into a place. Such a great feeling. We also help with furnishings.
    Thanks for doing what you did!!
    Hugs, Gee

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    1. Thank you Lindsey! Thank you so much for all your help with everything!! I loved working with and getting to know you and the other bloggers from last year too!

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    " Canada " comes from my neck of the woods - Quebec - she's on the outskirts though
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    You girls must be exhausted - but I can't imagine a better way to sleep at night then
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    I think you all did such a wonderful job and the family looks just too excited, What a great feeling that must give you>

    Not to mention all the fun you had on the trip!

    If you ever need additional bloggers to join in, please remember me!

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