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Simple bouquets

Do you remember those solve the riddle type word problems in school?
I always used to enjoy working on them
I thought they were fun and made much more sense to me than just the number problems.
Probably because I could visualize and 'see' everything so much more easily.

Like the 5 bushels of apples or the 17 plates set for dinner.
Or Johnny with his latest score

'Johnny found 5 boxes filled with 95 pieces of ironstone at a yard sale
He has 3 built in bookshelves that each have 5 shelves in his living room
How many pieces of ironstone can be displayed on each shelf?'

Other than those word problems - math definitely isn't my favorite subject
Math and I- we just don't get along all that well.
But the other night my daughter needed some help with an Algebra problem
So I picked up her paper
and saw a row of what seemed like
 357 and 5/183rd fractions lined up in a row 
that needed to be simplified, multiplied, divided, stacked, subtracted and/or 
basically complicated to get the answer that was at the end.

'How do I get that answer ?' she asked
 'oh, and I need to show my work.'

So I stared at it for a few seconds
secretly wondered who comes up with these math homework problems
and all those fractions of fractions that need to become something else to be right 
then I looked at my daughter and nodded 
picked up the phone and called my sister 
who just graduated college
 is a teacher
 and gets math-  
like bam gets math.

Because, you see,
I am over here still thinking about all that ironstone 
and just exactly how
 I am going to arrange each piece of it on those shelves.

Basically, I prefer simple and sweet numbers and calculations
Something like 4 pieces of milkglass,
4 pink roses
 and a handful of herbs from the garden
for simple bouquets for the mantel

I love those five minute decorative touches and to me- 5 minute touches = perfect
especially when you are in a pinch to warm up a space or make it feel 'finished'
Something that you can do in just a few minutes - like a bouquet of flowers.

These bouquets were being used in a tablescape I was working on the other day. 
Just a single pink rose and few sprigs of herbs were set in simple vintage milkglass goblets.

When the photos were all wrapped up for the evening
I brought these little bouquets down to the patio 
I loved how sweet they were in their simplicity and thought they would be 
perfect on the fireplace mantel for a simple Summer touch

That pretty white of the milkglass with that gorgeous pink and lime green
against the weathered gray of the mirror and fireplace-
love it.

 No extra complicated steps required

Just a few minutes and a few ingredients
equals a simple and easy look for a late Summer fireplace 

back to that ironstone collection...


Happy Wednesday


  1. They are so pretty.I have turned down so much milk glass and now I want it after seeing how pretty those glasses are

  2. I love 'quickie' decorating touches. Sometime I walk past a corner of the house time after time and all of a sudden the quick, perfect change comes to mind.

    I wonder what happened to all my mother's milk glass.

  3. What gorgeous photos!! Love the simplicity and elegance!!

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  5. Perfect Courtney! Have a ton of milk glass, I should do this one of these days! Thanks!

  6. Very pretty:) Me and math have never got along. Now ask me to diagram a sentence and I am your gal.

  7. Very pretty:) Me and math have never got along. Now ask me to diagram a sentence and I am your gal.

  8. How pretty. Making me regret giving away all my milk glass. Waaaaaahhh!!! I want them back.
    Hahahhaa.. I was a math and science majour in college. Now what am I doing?? I am an artist Hmmm?! Had a great teacher in high school that made math speak to me. I was hooked!
    Happy Wednesday evening to you!
    Hugs, Gee

  9. The milk glass and roses are beautiful and look so good on your fireplace. I'm with you on math..
    Have a great one.

  10. That's so funny (and pretty too, btw), Courtney, but my brain is wired such that I'm constantly doing the math of anything - if it's a vignette (as in styling our booth space), I go home that night and can't sleep because I'm recounting everything I've done, how I set things, how many photos I snapped, what I sold and its profit margin......yada yada left brain crosses my right brain constantly! Sometimes it just wears me out....

  11. I remember the day that we had to go to our next door neighbor for help with our boys.
    She was a math teacher:)

    Love the mini bouquets!


  12. So pretty!
    I like your kind of math Courtney LOL!! I can't help my two oldest with their math either...fractions and me just don't go LOL!

  13. Love this. I have a lot of milkglass goblets that have been in boxes for years or in a cabinet and rarely used. Can't part with them though. I need to use some of them for vases or give as gifts. I too hate math and I know what you mean about 5 min decorating. Some of my favorite ideas have come from just seeing a little bottle or vase, bunch of flowers, etc and all of a sudden I have a simple vignette that I just love!

  14. Oh, how I can relate to you with those math kids stopped asking me years ago. I guess they know I'm much better at adding how much ironstone can fit in a shelf as well...hahaha!

    Love your photos. Simple, yet beautiful!


  15. When my grandson was in the fifth grade, and I or my husband had to be where he lived, to help care for him....when he had algebra to do, we called my husband, if I was the one on grandson duty.... He is now a sophmore in highschool and recently told me he loves school this year. When I asked why, I thought the answer would be because of friends in his room or some cute girl....but no....his answer was because " I get Math"! He is taking Junior Algebra. Me....I like the milk glass and roses...guess it is a good thing there are those to help these youngsters with their math! Lovely Post, as usual. CeCe

  16. This is so pretty.. So simple and yet so dramatic.

  17. I loved this post! I like the way you rolled it all into a great story that included the beautiful milk glass goblets displayed on your fireplace. I like algebra but always had difficulty with the word problems. I would get all mixed up. We have 2 teachers in our family who are great at math and when I run into trouble, I give them a call. It's nice that you had your sister to help out with the math problem. Can't wait to see what you'll do with the shelves and all that ironstone. Your photography skills are great and your styling is exquisite!

  18. These look perfect on your mantle Courtney!Love that pretty pink and soft green of your herbs with the pretty milk glass.Oh I hear ya math has never been my favorite subject.And those word problems.....ugh!!

  19. Beautiful combination of colors. They look lovely on your mantel. I personally don't think milk glass will ever go out of style.
    BTW, did you daughter get the correct answer fro sister?