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Vintage Floral Panels

Last week, I was heading out of one of the bigger sales in Kentucky
carrying my brown paper bag filled with vintage silver trays for the Habitat house
and on my way to the car to get ready to head to the next sale.
Being that there were so many things to look at 
and I am one of those 'treasure hunter' types that just keeps shopping the whole way
I just had to keep perusing the tables and stacks of treasures 
that were lined up on the way to the car.

It was all the usual yard sale stuff
lots of tupperware, random kitchen and decor stuff
Really nothing super exciting... 
except that little something that was covered in vintage floral goodness
that was peeking out from underneath a stack of fabric.

Crisp white with vibrant shades of pink and blue flowers
and luscious green leaves.
It was a pair of beautiful vintage curtains-
The pattern, the fabric weight, the colors and
 with no stains
It was perfect vintage floral fabric

I have a weakness for gorgeous vintage florals and though these are curtains- 
I loved them instantly as fabric for another project 
and knew that these would easily be tucked inside my suitcase

I ended up paying more than I planned for these truth be told...
it's a long story that involves a somewhat cranky lady at a yard sale

So here's what I learned 

Number 1~
Have exact change. Yep. 
It's better to have it when shopping the Worlds Longest Yard Sale
or any yard sale for that matter. If you have a larger bill- you lose a little bit of your bargaining power.

Number 2~
 Bring along a Saucy Jocie (One Project Closer
She bargains with the best of them and has a way with winning.
No Joke. She is the Queen.

It's all good.
I definitely love the charm that this fabric has and 
even though I didn't originally intend to use them as panels 
 they are such a sweet Summer touch for the guest cottage kitchen.

I put them up just to take a few photos
I am actually planning a new look for some of the areas in our house and the cottage
and am ordering couple things this week to get that started
Getting excited!

Happy Monday everyone!!

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  1. I love the curtains! The material in them is lovely and they look so good at the window. Great find!!!

  2. Perfect condition!! Beautiful. I went out this weekend in the hopes of scoring some vintage fabric as well. NO luck :-/
    Luv your score!!
    Hugs, Gee

  3. This is such a fresh and beautiful summery print! I brake for linens too! Love them with your blue jar and fresh flowers.

  4. What a great find! I love finding vintage fabrics! And many of them I repurpose too.If it wont' work as a curtain they make beautiful table coverings or just a bit of color folded at the end of a bed!

  5. They are gorgeous... I love vintage fabric and collect and decorate our home with. Love the look. have a beautiful and creative Day...

  6. These are exqusite - I can just imagine you looking about for one last look at everything - they are so lovely and breezy in the window - well, the good thing is you took away some valuable lessons from this sale and in the end won out with these marvelous curtains - I know they'll make you smile each time you pass by,
    Have a wonderful week,

  7. I love vintage fabric and these are beautiful curtains. It is hard to find older fabrics that aren't stained.

  8. They are so bright, fresh, and summery looking, Courtney! So sweet!!!

    xoxo laurie

  9. What ever you paid..they were worth it..fresh,dainty and oh so pretty! Enjoy them...anything that gives you a buzz is worth while in my books! x0

  10. Great find Courtney they look beautiful billowing in the window...

  11. So pretty, Courtney. Love the vintage look.

  12. These are perfect at this kitchen window. I buy vintage fabric and linens and these are fabulous and no stains! That is really unusual. I depend upon oxyclean for many stains as most have stains. Being stain free is probably why she wanted more.
    xo Ginger

  13. Oh how pretty, billowing from the window with the blue jar and white flowers ~ love it!

  14. Oh how pretty, billowing from the window with the blue jar and white flowers ~ love it!

  15. So sweet! My trick? I bring all the change I find doing laundry, and lots of ones. It's my tag sale money. I keep the big bills in my pocket ;) Hidden away!

  16. I love how happy they look with some sunshine and a breeze playing with them!

  17. The curtains are gorgeous...very cottagey!
    Reminds me of my summers on Cape Cod at my Nana's!

  18. I think just looking at it all makes a person want to relax!

  19. Just lovely! And the perfect spot.

  20. Very pretty and definitely vintage looking!

  21. Very pretty. I’m hoping to find vintage floral curtains for my house too. Hopefully before fall.