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Autumn bouquet for under $20

Yes, I am a complete and utter flower addict.
I make no excuse for it- I admit it. 
You might know you have a problem when you go to the grocery store to pick up avocados
 and come out with avocados and roses

 I have always been in love with having flowers in the house but one year in particular
is when the actual obsession started.
I had a photographer coming to the house and I was doing the photo styling for the magazine.
So I started pouring through my favorite magazines and took note of what some of  the details in
my favorite rooms. Honestly, each element in the room stood out because I tend to notice details but
 there was one thing that seemed to always be the finishing touch
well, at least what I think is a perfect finishing touch

Fresh flowers.

So, I was thrilled to indulge in my love of beautiful flowers for each room for the photo shoot.
Each room had a bouquet- some were large and some were just a dainty sprig of flowers
Walking in and feeling the warmth and charm that just even that little touch of flowers added to a space
was amazing and so... the love affair and wee bit of an obsession began.

 You can read more about the photo shoot that inspired the obsession and magazine here

 I would love to purchase flowers in fantastic photo shoot quantity every week
but I do generally stick with just a few simple bunches
and most of the time- they are in the $4 section.
Yep- you can find some pretty amazing bunches of flowers in that $4 section- it is my favorite.

 I had several questions about that sunflower and roses bouquet the other day
so I thought I would share the details

No- it wasn't an expensive bouquet

2 Spray roses

This is the first time I have bought Safflower- but what an amazing bunch of flowers. 
Even though there was only probably 5-6 stems in the bunch- they really filled up the bouquet.
Those orange/yellow pods that are not opened are gorgeous in a vibrant green~perfect.
On a side note- they are drying wonderfully too.

Next was a bouquet of 6 stems of sunflowers. 
Sunflowers are happy flowers
They really do bring such a warm smile to a room and even on their own- amazing.

Of course, since I am a romantic girl over here- I always look at the roses at the market. 
 Spray roses happen to be my favorites- they are small and soft in their petal form
and those gorgeous dainty barely blushing peach roses are going in my cart  if they have them
 I will use them in several places in the house.
I also added just a few of the older regular size roses from last week to bring in a little bit more pink.

Each of these flowers were in the 3 for $12 section- and together
and for under $20 they created a beautiful and inexpensive bouquet.
Such a gorgeous look for the center of a table or placed on the kitchen island for a party or special occasion - or simply to treat yourself and enjoy.

See you tomorrow morning for a fun Autumn link party!


  1. I think you nailed it perfectly - why your blog (one of a bajillion) reasons why you are a favorite. I didn't realize it either till now - but your fresh flowers always seem to just make a huge impact.

    Beautiful post, and a great reminder that fresh flowers needn't cost an arm and a leg - and yours above is total proof.

    Well done, lovely.

  2. Love your style!!! I always bring home flowers from the supermarket. They call to me:)

  3. Beautiful combination of flowers. TFS!

  4. beautiful! :">


  5. Beautiful and charming. I'm pretty obsessive compulsive about flowers myself. They bring life to a room. Well done, as always.

  6. It's a "good thing" to take the time... :) franki