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Drop cloth window shades

Someone over here might be obsessed with drop cloths

Nope, not for protecting floors and catching paint drips...
 at this point in the obsession that would be unheard of
and might even be considered criminal in a few states

More along the lines of obsessed with using 
drop cloths for upholstering furniture 
making drape panels 
and pillows
maybe even simple window shades.

For this months Lowes Creator challenge-
I made these simple, sweet shades out of drop cloths.

Drop cloths are a perfect material for filtering light 
I finished them with a thick brown grosgrain ribbon for a bit of elegance
and I am loving how they turned out.

They are so easy to make and you just need a few items-

pre made curtain ring tape 
and ribbon of your choice
(sewing machine or non sew sewing adhesive and iron) 

 tutorial coming your way.

I love how much filtered light they let into the room while allowing the privacy
and that they have a custom look on an everyday budget.

Oh and yes, 
that chair would be upholstered in drop cloth from Lowes as well.
I told you... a little bit obsessed. 


I am thrilled to be a member of the Lowes Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers Network

and am provided with gift cards for my projects & for my work.

All ideas, opinions and designs are my own of course!

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  1. Cute shades and I was going to ask about the cute chair slip when you mentioned it. Love it.

  2. Oh how cute those are! I made drop cloth shades for my living and dining room last summer and love them. I used a band of ticking on the bottom, though and different fabric on the top and made them so I can change out the fabric on top.

  3. Courtney,
    Another nifty thrifty idea you have here...LUV!!!


  4. LUV!!!
    Happy September to you as well.
    Hugs, Gee

  5. Oh they are so lovely. I always love what you do with drop cloths!! Reminds me once again to get back to using them.

  6. Ooh...just might have to implement those somewhere. Great job!
    Larissa ~ Prodigal Pieces

  7. Lovely things<3 I have made almost the same kind of curtains in to our kitchen windows! Usually the ribbons are colour of linen, but in Christmas time I change them to red ones.I have some pictures of them in my blogg in older postings...
    Have a lovely week:)
    Hugs and smiles from Finland♥

  8. ...and some more... I was sure that I was your regular reader, but didn´t get your postings. So I clicked again to join your blog...hope everything is ok now:)

  9. What a fantastic look! Love your ribbon choice!

  10. Those look great! I used to have shades just like those in my kitchen. They're so easy and cute!

  11. I totally get the obsession! Most of my window treatments are made from drop cloths, and I've slipcovered several pieces of furniture with them as well!! I love the nubby texture and natural color that goes with everything :)

  12. Love the shade and that gorgeous chair.

  13. Love the shades and the beautiful chair! Such a talent!

  14. I am loving the shades. This might solve my dilemma on my screened porch. I have been wanting light filtering shades of some sort. The area is large and needs custom. Custom is too costly for my budget. Hmmmm!
    Thanks for sharing, Ginger

  15. Who would have thought years ago that drop cloths would be used for great sewing the shades Courtney and the chair is beautiful...great basket next to the chair!..

  16. Lovely light shades (and chair). I am wondering how they would look if I sewed block-out fabric to the back and made a similar style? The fabric seems to be a little like calico? :-)

  17. They are so pretty! I am a custom window treatments professional and I can tell you that those look 100% professionally FAB! I know it isn't easy to get that 'relaxed' ... folds-in-the-right-place look that people think just happens. You did a great job 'dressing' those drop cloth curtains! Thanks so much for the inspiration.
    Michelle /

  18. When I moved back to Atlanta and bought my condo three years ago, my BFF came over to assist in painting. When she showed up with the drop cloths, I new I was going to upholster my Craig's List Ethan Allen wing back chair find in new drop cloths. (I thought I made up this entire drop cloth craze!) Anyway, they are darling and I was wondering if you could share the making of the chair slipcover? Thanks, I enjoy your blog...Dawn Rene in the ATL!

  19. Hi Courtney, I love these drop cloth curtains! I am getting ready to re-do my chair cushions with a drop cloth and after seeing these I can't wait to get them done! I would love it if you came by and shared this at One More Time Events. Tammy

  20. My windows are sporting drop cloth drapes. Can't beat the price and I love the look!

  21. The shades and the chair are so cute! Everything you do is so well done, drop cloths to the higher level, I love them!