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White Slipcovers

Oh how I love white slipcovers.
They are fresh, crisp, clean and so pretty and inviting.

It seems like every time I share a photo of the living room
I get so many questions about the white slipcovers, where to find them and if you can actually live with them
and so I thought
 that I would do a quick post about them to answer the 3 of the questions
that seem to be the ones asked most often

1. Where do you find affordable slipcovers?

You can find affordable slipcovers at places like Ballard, Pottery Barn
they both carry fantastic slipcovers in several styles.
 I found these slipcovers at Ikea -they are for the sofas we have
but they also carry several different style sofa slipcovers
 Each cushion and pillow are slipcovered separately which gives you a very custom look
I also love that since the slipcovers are so inexpensive- you can buy extra sets to have on hand for special occasions- like a party or photo shoot.
They actually fit quite a few style and sizes of sofa's - not just their own brand-
so they are well worth checking into if you are looking for a set

I  just recently did a post about using the pillow and cushion slipcovers on our patio set
and was impressed at how easily they fit these cushions

2. Does the white stay clean?

With frequent washing, bleach and a little oxyclean- most everything comes out. 
There is the occasional oops with a glass of red wine, a muddy dog paw print
or not enough coffee in the morning ... or maybe too much coffee in the morning ;)
 which causes a stain that might be a bit more stubborn
 But even then- they will usually bleach out clean enough and- again- if the stain doesn't come out
 it's only $50 for a completely new set 

3. Can you actually have white sofas and use them?

Yes, you can and we do. 
We have had them for a couple of years and use them everyday.
I have 3 kids, 2 dogs and a messy husband ;) that sit on these sofas
We live in the country with lots of dirt just outside the doors that tracks in on shoes and dogs.
We are not walking around being super freaky about sitting on the 'white' sofas -
 we definitely 'live' in the living room and use these everyday

We will most likely move these sofas (and slipcovers) out to the guest cottage in the next couple of years
in favor of getting something a little more formal for the living room but for now- they are perfect.
Perfect for kids plopping on them
perfect for dogs sleeping on their pillows
and perfect for everyday use and wear and tear without showing it
and if they do- show it
they are perfect for throwing those slipcovers into the wash with a little bleach.

I hope that helps answer some of your questions!


  1. beautiful room! thanks for the info!

  2. Actually I like it very much but I do not have it at my home. I think the white slipcover is not practical.

  3. Courtney, thank you for posting about white slipcovered furniture. I wouldn't have anything else! I've had my Ektorp for 5 yrs. Just purchased, finally, the white slipcovered dining chairs! Everyone oooohs and awwws when they walk in. Whites not for everyone but like I said, I wouldn't have anything else! Maybe red slips @ Christmas? :)

    1. Thanks for your post Patty....I have been waffling on the Ektorp sectional for my living room but I think I am going to go ahead and get it. Have you seen the City Farmhouse blog? She has it in her LR and it looks fantastic :-) I just don't want my seat pillows to get all squished down and looking nasty but her's always look great! And I love white and I love that you can wash or replace them easily....and red would be super cute for Xmas :-)

    2. Thanks for you comment Patty, I'm happy to read that you are still happy with your Ektorp after five years. I worry that the seat cushions will not look good but French Country Cottage seats still seem to look great! Have you seen the living room on City Farmhouse? Love it, I think I am going to go ahead and get the sectional :-) Red for Xmas would be super cute too :-)

  4. I know i love Ikea slipcovers. So lovely. I have my Ikea couch and chair and white slipcovers. Love them. Your home is a dream.

  5. I luv your rooms!!! I raised 2 boys with slip covered (white, off white and red and white) furniture. Like you said... nothing a wash could not take care of. About to get a set for a recliner used specifically by my chocolate lab and yes... it will be white.

  6. We have the Ektorp too with white slipcovers, and love it! We bought it when my son was 2, and it was no problem maintaining! In fact, the one large stubborn stain came from me spilling a mug of coffee! :-) I love switching up the throw pillows for the seasons - it's so easy to do with a big comfy white couch!

  7. Great post! I have a white slipcovered sofa and love love love it! I scotchguarded mine and we also have a big white quilt that we throw on it if we want to lounge around. LOVE your home!

  8. Very informative and good to learn.

    I hope you don't move that awesome piece anytime soon- it is so signature YOU - so bright cheerful and perfect.

  9. Stunning! I wish I could do more white in our house but with two boys (three if you count my hubby) under 10, no way it would stay white. I'll just admire yours!


  10. Hi Courtney - you had me at $50.00. That's crazy affordable for slipcovers. Are you willing to share your source with us? Thanks so much. Debra

  11. Thank you so much for this information!

    I love the look of white slipcovers, but have had my questions...

    Thank you.


  12. I remember when you put an extra set on the patio, I loved it. It is so good to know how easy they are to keep. I just looked over to our old, old, old sofa. Hmmmmm, it might work. Thanks for the information.

    1. Our sofa was custom and heavily patterned and I added the IKEA slipcover a few years back and it fits quite well. Worth the try.

  13. Oh I must agree..i have the EKTORP slipcovers(in white) and can not say good enough about them,and they are SO reasonable! Love your living room,always have! xo

  14. Your room is lovely! We have a heavily patterned custom sofa and I took a chance buying an Ektorp slipcover from IKEA (in Ontario the price is closer to $100.) It fits really well although the skirt is a bit short. We have the teens and the dog and the mess and they wash up well. I just finished washing them and put the covers back on this afternoon. Fresh again.

  15. Very beautiful blog, I hope you enjoy mine too ...

  16. I didn't know you could use the Ikea slipcovers on other pieces. I may try that with our furniture at the lake. I have white slip covered furniture in my family room. It's all from a high end stores and I have a 10 year guarantee on stains. I still get a little nervous when my daughter does her homework on the sofa with her PENS!! And it's probably the only room I chase the dogs out of. I wish I could relax a bit more! Maybe I just hate laundry! lol!


  17. I love my white Ikea slip covers--and I have dogs, cats and kids! Mine are 3 years old and I haven't had to replace them yet--but as you say if I do they are affordable. Your room is gorgeous!

  18. I love the throw pillow cover! So pretty! What an inspiring room.:)

  19. I have had WHITE slipcovered furniture for 14 years now & my set from IKEA for 12. I LOVE THEM! and don't know if I could ever give them up! I frequently change my decor and find they are a great backdrop for all accessories. Over the years our family has grown-we have 5 kids, 3 cats and 2 dogs and had my WHITE SLIPCOVERS through it all! I love the fact that you can just WASH and bleach when necessary! I have had SO many people ask me WHITE FURNITURE? HOW DO YOU KEEP THEM CLEAN?! I say I WASH IT! We are having a photographer here soon for photos for Country Sampler magazine! Not sure if I should wash the heck out of my covers or get a new set!? Thanks for sharing! ~Mel

  20. is good as well as the Ektorp line of sofas with slipcovers from Ikea. Love them.

  21. This post could not have come at a more perfect time! I have the PB Comfort L sectional, and my slipcover is linen Oatmeal. Have really wanted to change it up to white, but couldn't justify spending $1200 on one from pottery barn, I just got onto IKEA, and ordered the white for only $99, I'm so excited!! I love your white sofas, my kids have a white slip covered Lee sofa in their playroom and our friends all think we're nuts, but it actually stays really clean. there's nothing more southern and charming than big white slip covered couches, love!

  22. I love my white slipcovers too. Yours look so pretty against the dark wood floors and the armoire, and i love them on the porch. Looks like they fit really well!


  23. amo le fodere bianche io uso vecchie coperte della nonna di colore bianco per foderare i divani, ma si muovono e non so come fissarle
    ciao valeria

  24. Does anybody put them in the dryer? Thank you!

  25. I use the air dry setting or the low heat setting for about 15-20 minutes and then place them on the sofa's to dry. I find that the wrinkles fall out so much easier and they dry perfectly. Hope that helps!

  26. I do not have separate pillows on the back of my sofa. Wondering if they only come with pillow covers? I will check the website and see. Totally going to do this to cover what I once thought was a beautiful straw colored sofa.

  27. Bonjour! Lovely, lovely living room! Just a quick question, so are you saying that your white sofas themselves are from IKEA? As well as the slipcovers? Thank you so much for your blog, I just love it, as I love that decorating style, too! Just got back from a month in France, Paris, (Of course) Nuits St. Georges (Burgundy Region) and Ansouis, (Provence) it was fabulous! I want to order a white slipcovered sofa and your input would be great if yours are from IKEA and you like them, Merci'! Cathy

  28. I'm receiving a sofa from my mom, who died in August. I've always loved it, but it's absolutely had its share of ... love. I have 5 cats who love to sleep next to me on the couch, so fur is a constant issue. I'm happy to read about these washable covers. It makes perfect sense to just wash the heck out of them, which you can't really do with colors! Thanks for the idea.

  29. Hi! Looking to paint with similar color schematics in furnishings. Is the white on your walls a true white? Thanks!

    And nice job, too!!


  30. How can I order a white loveseat spillover?

  31. How do I over a white loveseat slipcover with your company?