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Wood DREAM letters

In my bedroom
high up on a shelf 
that I have to climb up onto the bed and then
 stand on my tippy toes to be able to reach
there is the word


Spelled with distressed wood letters
that were made with lots of love and even a little bit of history.

You see, about 7 years ago 
when we built our bedroom and put in that little shelf

I decided to put the word DREAM up there
I know- boring right? Well, I wanted to encourage and remind myself to 
Dream big, Dream well and have good Dreams and 
that's what I loved 
so I got my pencil out and started freehand drawing  the letters onto a pine board.

The first one was easy
 so I proceeded until all the letters were drawn in scale
 to each other and they looked like I wanted them to.

Then came the fun part. 
The jigsaw.
Each letter was cut out using a jigsaw. 
Inside cuts and out on some of them like the D or the R

Yep. That was a job. 
That took a bit of time holding each letter while cutting it and making sure not to accidentally 
snap the pine when the bulk of the wood was gone.
Know how I know about that? Yeah, I snapped the letters.

But when they were finally done-all painted
 and then sanded and distressed to be beautiful and vintage looking
I grabbed those letters and climbed up on my bed and stood on my tippy toes to place them 
just so.

I also repeated that about 5 times to make sure they were centered and spaced correctly
then smiled.

Yes, it might have taken me a half a day and a couple extra pieces of wood
 to get these drawn & cut out of wood perfectly but I loved them.
I was so proud of those large wooden letters and how they turned out and I smiled at them
 each time I walked by my bedroom and saw them.

About two months later, 
 I wandered into our local craft store browsing through the aisles shopping for this and that
Down an aisle and around a corner and on the back wall of that next aisle
I bumped into a whole wall of letters.

YES. Big chunky 14" letters where they used to only have 6" letters.
A whole wall of perfectly cut out letters with
 no glue or a rough hand drawn look
They were pre made and ready to paint.

I tried to convince myself that I enjoyed doing extra work for the same look 
and that the letters just didn't mean as much since they were paper mache 
and mine were crafted from wood and yes, with love.
Plus, they even have that bit of history right?
You could even say that they were somewhat antique since the wood is from 1940 since 
the wood was one of those grooved knotty pine boards that came from out of our house.

Here they are looking happy in their little spot on that shelf above my bed
in the Italian magazine Casa Chic
 and incidentally- there are some vintage reproduction letters
in the basket on the bookshelf in the other photo- I thought it was funny when I realized that.

Anyway, after I stared at those letters in the store for about 10 minutes
and rationalized
and told myself all the above about MY letters at home
and how I loved them...

 I grabbed a few more of the pre-made letters to use in another word project
I had in mind and called it good.


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  1. Courtney, I love your Dream letters and there are none like them. What a beautiful bedroom you have. You probably don't remember me but I met at the 127 Sale in Kentucky and you were looking for letters then, too, remember? I have since painted more letters, and this time I won't break up the set. I enjoy your posts.

    1. Oh yes of course I remember you~ so glad you stopped by and said hello!! I remember the three of us were in your spot for awhile just enjoying all the beauty that was there!

  2. I really think your handmade letters are special. Unlike any that anyone else can make:>) Easy is good, but handmade always adds ju7st a bit more character.

  3. Hahahaha... all the work , glue and sweat makes them all the more special.
    Have always admired your DREAM above the bed.
    Happy today!

  4. I like yours better for sure. I've used a jig saw a time or two in my DIY background as well. But mine was used to cut holes in beadboard for the electrical outlet boxes to fit through (not quite as "cute" and "charming"). So I love that your jig saw project puts a smile on your face - my project just gave me a place to plug in my iron! (lol)
    Michelle /

  5. this is so lovely! i always wanted to have one in my room :))


  6. Oh gracious yes, keep YOUR letters, right where they are!

    And thank you for the pic of your bedroom... I notice your dark wood 4 poster bed, which we have also. And notice how you work the dark wood, in with a lighter over-all look. Thank you!


  7. What a cute post.

    Have always loved that sign above your bed...and your awesome bedroom, too!

    Sweet dreams to you, always.

  8. Love the letters. And the story :)

  9. There is nothing better than putting something in your home that you made yourself, no other letters will ever be able to compare to the ones you made. You felt that wood, like you said there was history in the wood, but you made those letters into your dream, literally and figuratively. Love it Courtney!! And I would love to see more of your bedroom decor;)

  10. Your letters are much prettier than store bought letters, even seven years later!

  11. Your bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in your home (especially at Christmas), with your "DREAM" letters being such a great focal point! How did I not know before now that you made the letters yourself ?!

  12. Bellissima la tua scritta,complimenti per il lavoro!!
    Mi piace tantissimo anche la tua camera da letto,un vero sogno!!
    Un bacio e buona giornata!!

  13. beautiful! and loved the story ♥

  14. You can't compare the value of your home-mades to store-bought...and I doubt you'd smile every time you passed by the store-bought ones! Yours are special!

  15. What a great post. Yours are truly special because YOU made them and nothing in a store can beat that.

  16. Nope, you can't duplicate the love and history that went into your letters. I love them. Of course, I NEVER tire of seeing your bedroom. It always makes me swoon. laurie

  17. What a really beautiful your dream letter! It has leaved a huge impact of inspiration. Very beautiful home