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Autumn in the cottage~ Kitchen

It occurred to me the other day that Halloween is just over a week away.

Where did October go? 

 It's pumpkin season. It's acorns and maple leaves. It's warm days and chilly nights
and the fresh Fall air that is so enjoyable to go for a run in.

I know I was just decorating for Autumn
and now those pumpkins are turning a little more 
ghost and goblins and creepy for Halloween.

Of course, Halloween only stays up at our house a very short amount of time... 
because on November 1st-  Christmas starts appearing.

So I have a few more peeks at Autumn
that I haven't shared yet~ and thought I better get going

Simple and natural is my mantra when it comes to Fall decor... and this year
my favorite element has been wheat.
 It is abundant in the cottage and making an appearance in several spots.
I have a bunch of it in each of the living spaces-
 and in the kitchen it's an enameled pitcher filled with brown tipped wheat on the island.

I love when seasonal touches blend with the everyday and you don't have to make super big changes to your decor for the season. They can easily be tucked in.

A couple little pumpkins and gourds tucked on the shelves, 
and a chunky spidery gray one of the counter 
Love the mix and mingle with dried sunflowers
 and safflower.

The cottage is filled with dried flowers- I save almost all of them all year long when they dry
to use in various rooms and designs

They hang in bunches from the ceiling rafters in the kitchen and dining area
 and from the ladder rungs in the living room. 

(as you requested~  a post is coming your way about how I dry my flowers soon.)

You can click on over to visit the dining area and the living room with the links below
 if you haven't seen those yet

 You can see more Autumn in the guest cottage here
the living room with it's chunky pumpkins, pinecones and roses on the mantel

whose simple look was inspired by that Habitat for Humanity find
the delightful antique green door.

Super busy and such a fun weekend over here in High Point
I have been so inspired by the furniture, the accessories and the kind and generous people I have met
The Fall Market has been so fantastic 
and I hope be able to share some exciting things with you soon!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I like your simple and natural decor, especially your mantle!

  2. What a lovely kitchen you have!

  3. Happy Tuesday beautiful friend. LOVE the post and I love the pics. YOU have a NACK for beautiful . Hope that this harvest season is blessed. HUGS

  4. Hello, I just love your sweet home, and your pictures are so cozy! I have my kitchen done in a french country look with a bit more use of bright colors :) I did pin a few of the pictures. I will be stopping in again soon!
    Blessings, Roxy

  5. I LOVE all of your fall touches! Just beautiful and natural.. I am excited to see how you dry your flowers out as well! So I'll look forward to that post :) -Jen

  6. Can I live in that little cottage? So relaxing to just stare at the photos and dream! Beautifully done Courtney!

  7. Can I live in that little cottage? It looks so relaxing and inviting for my fall state of mind. Beautifully done Courtney!

  8. So perfectly "undecorated" looking,which is not something most people can do..would love to stay(oh heck) live in your cottage!!! xo

  9. Your Autumn touches look beautiful your cottage kitchen!

  10. Always so gorgeous , charming and are wonderfully talented at creating such beauty and visual poetry!

  11. Beautiful, Courtney ... are you accepting reservations at the cottage?! If so, I'm on the way!

  12. Complimenti per il tuo blog

  13. po prostu prześlicznie :)to prawda -"fall is in the air ..." :)

  14. How beautiful and calming! I love the wheat! My fall decor is simple also and I'm glad I'm not the only one. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year. A time to count our blessings and not stress about the fall decor, just add a touch here and there.

  15. Gorgeous, gorgeous as usual! I love all of your natural decor!