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Floral sideboard~ favorite things


You know that delightful heart racing
palms sweating
'oh my gosh' under your breath feeling when you find a certain something 
that is so you, so perfect, such an unbelievable find...
that you can't grab it fast enough?

Yeah... that feeling.
I recognize that there are some things that simply make my knees go weak
and some of those things might classify as obsessions
Some of the obsessions are easy to collect like those teacups
and some things take up a bit more room...
like a large set of Italian floral painted furniture

 I don't feel I am out of control with the obsessions (yet) but I definitely do like to feed them.
 I am obsessed with simple things like pitchers of blooming flowers
and loads of white dishes. 
I readily admit those...even if you are new to my blog
 just perusing through for a bit- you might see one or both of things.

I am obsessed with French antique furniture 
I'm okay with it if it's not majorly old and is merely vintage
or if it is a reproduction even- some of them are amazing.
But a real authentic hand rubbed patina and gorgeous detailed French antique
Or in this case... Italian.

I love floral painted pieces and you will find several in my house.
This one is part of a set that is a favorite and it is Italian in origin.
I shared this set originally a couple years ago- but I know there are a lot of new readers
to my blog since then and in the original post-  the photos were taken with my iphone. 
So I thought I would share a few of my favorites again with new photos

This is originally a dresser
with curvy lines
major details in the carvings
loads of old original hand painted flowers

a touch of gilding
and of course all those rubbed off edges that show it was loved

The finish is somewhat of a crackled finish, it shows wear and dings in spots and isn't pristine in it's color
But I actually love all it's imperfections, wear and tear.

It's one of those I cannot believe I found it on craigslist finds.
The set- which had this sideboard
a beautiful armoire
2 mirrors and 2 nightstands

was all only $450. 
I completely lucked out getting it as originally the person was not sure about selling it
But... they called me back about a week later and said if I wanted to come take a look I could.
I remember walking in and standing there holding my breath as I looked at each piece.
I thought about it for a bit before deciding.
I had those pieces loaded before the lady even knew it was sold. 

Actually- with so many pieces in the set 
I took a few of the smaller pieces home with me - like the nightstands and inside drawers, etc
 and went back with the muscles ( my boys) and truck to pick up the rest.

Yep- I would say it definitely qualifies as a Favorite Thing.

I'll be sharing the rest of the set again soon

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. You are right, the pictures take my breath away. It is divine. Thank you for sharing.

  2. OMG, what a steal! How fabulous, Courtney. Wish wish wish I could find something wonderful on CraigsList, but I never do. Maybe everyone gets to them before me.

  3. Omg...what a steal of a's absolutely gorgeous, it makes my heart beat just a tiny bit faster too....


  4. Beautiful!! Such a wonderful set.

  5. That piece is utterly amazing, Courtney! It's just gorgeous!!! I can't believe you only paid $450 for all of them!! Scoooorrrre! :)

    xoxo laurie

  6. If you came back as a piece of furniture, I believe you would come in the form of that dresser!



  7. That is so YOU Courtney! It is absolutely gorgeous! :-)

  8. What a gorgeous piece Courtney!

  9. This is for you...


    1. Oh my GOSH!!! That is absolutely amazing!! I am in love... sigh. Thanks for sharing it with me!! xo

  10. Perfection, Courtney! No wonder you held your breath. It is a treasure!

  11. That is fabulous Courtney! I am partial to those pieces too and I have several of them. They are vintage, not antique, but they are beautiful just the same. Can't wait to see the rest of your set!

  12. Bonjour chère amie,

    Il est bon de "craquer" pour de belles pièces et en l'occurrence votre coeur a eu un joli penchant !

    Merci pour l'ensemble de merveilleuses photos.
    Gros bisous

  13. Lucky, lucky you ... and yes, I have had that luck too, Congrats!!

  14. Will you step back and show us the entire piece? Please?

  15. Beyond gorgeous! I love ultra-feminine furniture like this. :) It's my favourite!

  16. well i think you got the bargain of the century!

    it's quite stunning...not the sort of thing you could actually find if you went hunting for it....just lucky you could find a spot for it all.

  17. wow this is gorgeous. I love Italian Baroque furniture! And the colors... I purchaged an Italian curio cabinet a few months ago on FB. A couple that had it special made from Italy were downsizing and I snatched it up!

  18. oh wow, that dresser is stunning - what a find! well done!

  19. Just gorgeous Courtney...such phenomenal details!

  20. Yep.... It is exquisite. Now THAT was the find of a lifetime!


  21. When you see it, you know it. There are some things that will follow you, house to house. Once you have them, you know you will be together for a very long time, especially when you decide which house to buy is based on 'the furniture will look great here.'. Patty/BC

  22. Beautiful and such a bargain! x

  23. That piece is beautiful Courtney! It looks just great for you lovely home.

  24. You don't come by a deal like that every day of the week. The dresser alone would have been worth that amount of money. Well done, super shopper!

  25. Just stunning! Love the color, the curves, the flowers, the gilding...and the price - wow! Some people have all the luck..jk (just a teeny bit jealous!!)

  26. Utterly amazing. As are your photos of it. You just changed my plans for the day. I'm going to pull out my Jo Sonja folk art painting book and practice florals and scrolls. WHAT A GORGEOUS PIECE!!!! (sorry. just had to say that, once, in caps. :-)

  27. Courtney OMGosh that piece is flippin gorgeous! How crazy lucky you were....and the pictures are beautiful and the color is to die for stunning and all that still my heart!!!