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High Point Fall Market~part 1

They say that inspiration is everywhere
and somewhere that statement
is definitely true is at High Point Market.

(John Richard)

I am so thrilled to have been asked to come back as a blogger the Fall Market 
to share inspirations with you.
There are going to be several posts about the market and all that I fell in love with~
there is simply too much to share in just a post or two
I think I have already taken over 500 photos...
and I have only been here for a day and half.
So here are a few peeks at what I have been inspired by so far- more to come soon.

The first showroom I toured when I got here was John Richard
This is the first time I had been into their showroom and it was simply amazing.

The chandeliers and mirrors caught my eye
over and over again.
Gorgeous, gorgeous.

Vintage inspired and classic pieces and finishes were everywhere
I adored the mix of metallic with animal print ~very classy.

These cane chairs were so beautiful
and at the back of the showroom there was a little surprise.
A room filled with pops of color and a special guest who I was excited to meet.
More on that soon. ;)

Accentrics Home had some amazing pieces again
Many of you might remember that gorgeous little chest I shared 
in the Spring- it is available for purchase now
 you can read more here- Accentrics Home~ Spring 

This market- the distressed and vintage finishes were back

This piece wore several coats of paint- I loved it. 

This was another favorite of mine wearing that gorgeous bleached wood look

Also sharing a  peek of what is coming- they 
are amazing pieces. 

One of the neat things about Market is that as well as all the gorgeous furniture inspiration- 
there are accessories and just about everything Home decor related as well.
There is so much to see and take in- in some of the showrooms you it is literally 
a feast for your eyes in every corner.

At the NDI showroom, I indulged in my love of greenery and florals.

Some of my favorites are preserved boxwood topiaries,
moss and faux trees

oh... and yes, these floral beauties are faux. 
They looked amazingly real in person

There were so many beautiful faux and 
preserved pieces and stunning displays here.
I felt like I was in a flower shop
More on what my favorites were soon.

Well being that my blog is French Country Cottage
another weakness of mine... aubusson pillows and rugs 

Seriously, it was an Aubusson dream in this showroom

I also popped over to Joe Ruggiero to say hello 

His designs are beautiful- bold and with a masculine touch. 
I adored these tailored chair skirts and these gorgeous bold patterned chairs

Joe is so sweet and it was so nice to meet in person
after following each other along on instagram.
You can find more photos of finds that inspire me at market
by following along on instagram and FB

Next stop~
More details... more fabulous 
So much more to share about these showrooms in detail...
oh and all those accessories...
yes,  and the delicious antiques too.

I am off again at Market today to tour a few more showrooms
and will probably take another 500 photos 
and redesign my house completely in my mind another few times 
Love it.

Happy Monday!

I have been compensated to come to Market and share my experience
and inspirations with you but all opinions are my own
You can read my full disclosure policy at the tab below my header.


  1. I agree INSPIRATION is among us my friend.... and I can give you my address so you can ship that mirror to me LOL .. LOVE IT and your blog sista.. HUGS

  2. The chandeliers & metallic dresser are just so stunning - absolutely beautiful! The bleached wood & the detailed mirror & table are so lovely - they would be perfectly suited to a large entrance in a manor home - so beautiful! Thank you for sharing & inspiring ....

  3. Hi Courtney...nice to see you if it was just for a few seconds!!!...Next time!!!....We were in that Aubusson pillow booth too!....and said hello to Kim's pillow!....Have a great time at the Market!!

  4. aaaahh! So many gorgeous things Courtney! Thank you for taking us along, I'm in love with the chandeliers too!

  5. the cane chairs and those boxwood topiaries! want! need. inspired.



    visit soon!

  6. woww...very beautiful!!...thank you Courtney

  7. Oh, I love the John Richard showroom too! The beaded crystal chandelier has been a favorite of mine and I'm glad to see they still carry it in their lighting line. Thanks for sharing these great finds!



    P.S. Pop over to my French decorating blog to say "bonjour" anytime. :)

  8. As a furniture re-designer it was nice to see that worn and vintage style furniture is still being included in current collections! Those chandeliers were stunning! Can't wait to see more!

  9. Pulaski is a great company and they always have such wonderful acccent pieces. My family's furniture stores have carried Pulaski for years and had great success with the line. Enjoy the rest of your time at Hi Point!

  10. Whhhhhaaaattt! That cane chair is gorgeous! I am in the middle of changing one of my own...I just painted it white, now I guess I need to go a little gold on it.

  11. Oh .... everything is so stunning. I want one of everything LOL

  12. Oh my, what eye candy! I love the leopard print chair. The florals were awesome I would loved to been there with you to see it all. I can understand why you have taken 500 pics.
    Enjoy, Enjoy! Ginger

  13. Chandeliers and velvet! Be still my heart!

  14. wowsie- what a fun trip! I love all those distressed and washed pieces of furniture. I can see how you would be full of new ideas after visiting. Looks fantastic.

  15. Thanks Courtney! I'm so in love with the chippy furniture, the chandeliers and the aubussom pillows. Smile! Can't wait for more pics.