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Autumn Centerpiece

Pumpkins, gourds & roses

A perfect combination for Fall for a mantel
or for a vignette on a table top.
How about for a simple put it together in a few minutes centerpiece?
I am thinking yes. 

In continuing the 5 minute decor series I have been doing lately
 I thought I would share this simple centerpiece for an Autumn dinner.

I love being outdoors.
Really truly our family does live outdoors as much of the year as possible. 
The Fall weather is chilly at night but warms up wonderfully during the day 
and so, the entertaining outdoors continues~ with dinners and the outdoor table set with something
 like this Fall centerpiece.

I started with the burlap table runner I made out of those gorgeous burlap bags
Then just a few of those cinderella pumpkins
mini white pumpkins and gourds 
all piled in the center of the farmhouse table

Pumpkins are beautiful all by themselves
but you know me... 
I also love to add that romantic touch with flowers. 

So a few mason jars filled with dainty roses were tucked in here and there in between the pumpkins.
I only needed 3 small jars for this centerpiece- but you could use 1 or 5 or whatever you needed 

I love the play of the pale roses against the gray pumpkins. 

One of my favorite combinations for Fall this year.

Can you believe that November is just a few days away?
It's almost time to start pulling out all the Christmas boxes and setting up all the trees.
I'm inspired already!!

Happy weekend!!


  1. So pretty and romantic. I always want to go flower shopping after visiting you. One of these days, when we are finished with this addition, I am going to surprise you with some of my own decorations that you have inspired. Have a wonderful day. Alaina

  2. Very beautiful and elegant. I think the white pumpkins would go with any color of roses. I. Used them one year for my son's wedding at our Rehearsal Dinner. The main color was red roses with Fall accents. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is simply breathtaking! Of course you had to add the flowers - they give a final finishing touch that is so gorgeous with the colors and textures of the pumpkins! I love the combination! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone and yes, Christmas decorating time is almost upon us! I know you've got some wonderfully creative ideas brewing in that head of yours! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Leena

  4. your centerpiece is so lovely and the colors go so well together. Those colors can become too sweet if too soft, but yours have just enough aging to them to make them beautiful together.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I love pumpkins too and the pink pumpkin is especially pretty. I'm itching to get my Christmas decorating started. Have a lovely week and thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful Courtney! You are 'so lucky to live in a place that you can enjoy the outdoors most of the year.It is only in the 50's today but the sun is out :-)

  7. Very pretty! I love the color combination.

  8. LUV LUV LUV, Courtney!!!!! The mix of pink and gray is sheer perfection! :)

    xoox laurie

  9. You have make a beautiful photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  10. Such lovely photos.. Makes me want to go shopping for some awesome PUMPKINS and make something .. HUGs and have a blessed new week my friend

  11. Gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you come up with for Christmas.

  12. Prettiest fall centerpiece i've seen! I love the white Cinderella pumpkins with the pink roses.