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Tarnished patina

Tarnished patina.
For me ~ there is really just one word...

That dark finish that silver gets when you haven't polished it...

I love it.

It doesn't have anything to do with not liking to polish silver

I actually enjoy polishing silver
It's kind of one of those relaxing type things for me to do and I keep my little silver polish stock close by.
This piece has been polished before... but somehow I always end up letting it go back to how it was found.

Sometimes that tarnish and dark gray color is the perfect finish to mix with something
like sweet pink spray roses 
little acorns and a couple white pumpkins.

It's perfection

and so lovely for a centerpiece mixed with some of that thrift store
vintage china 

or simply placed where ever you would like to have a pretty bouquet 

So this beauty is going to keep it's tarnished patina.

Because even though some pieces get that polish and are gleaming and beautiful
some of them are perfect just as they are. 

I am excited to be off to peruse all the amazing inspiration at High Point Market in North Carolina
 this weekend and will be sharing with you soon!!

If any of you are going to be there- drop me an email

I would love to connect if it works out!!

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Never thought of that as being pretty, but I guess it is! Thanks.

  2. So pretty! Lovely!!! Off to the store to pick up some mini white pumpkins like yours! Beautiful.

  3. I love the unpolished look, so pretty with the pink roses! I just found you and love your blog! Newest follower and pinterest
    Take care,

  4. Just beautiful and I love the patina that old silverware gets.

  5. Courtney, Have fun at High Point. Not only will the market be great the foliage should be beautiful. Love the flower arrangement. Your silver is beautiful. I am not a great fan of tarnished silver but you wouldn't believe it by the look of my silver pieces. I am a closet tarnish lover. It just looks perfect with you lovely style and I love the pic looking back to the cupboard.

  6. Patina is a lovely idea, and age has it's way of softening the edges, beautiful post! Mary Anne

  7. I LOVE tarnished silver! Gorgeous shots Courtney!

  8. Gorgeous, Courtney. Simple and elegant gorgeousness! The pink roses pick up the pink tint in the patina. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  9. Enjoy your trip to North Carolina! Lovely vignette, and sometimes tarnish isn't a bad thing!


  10. I love it as is too. With your roses,it's perfect. I usually leave mine too,but last week gave it a polish for a change,it looks good too.

  11. Inspirational. Your vignettes are so calming. I wish I lived near you so I could go to the market. For now I'll just re-read this post and try to uncover some of my silver.

  12. Beautiful Courtney! Love that perfectly patina piece!Hope you are having an amazing time at High Point! Can't wait to see the treasures you found.

  13. I love it polished and tarnished. Silver and roses are just gorgeous together.

  14. Courtney,
    Love the old china, sooo beautiful, have a great time on your trip!

  15. So beautiful! Love love love it ! You have given me a great idea of what I can do with my mom's old silver tea set. Thank you!!

  16. Beautiful photos, Courtney. Found the lovely roses in silver on Pinterest. Have fun on your North Carolina jaunt.