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Vintage Charm & White Capris

Yes, the other day I stopped at the Re-Store.

I am telling you-  it's like I am completely addicted to that place.
All those old building materials
That discarded architectural salvage
those vintage treasures and that random
 'what a weird but amazing thing to find at the Re-Store' 

It's like I just have to stop to take a peek sometimes
even if I am not looking for something in particular
it's like there a treasure waiting there for me
and so... I stop.

 I  do have a method to my madness when shopping there.
I usually start in the salvage area. 
I love looking through old windows, doors and treasures for that perfect piece that inspires me.
Call me crazy- but I love architectural salvage.

This time- there was a stack of old doors that had been brought in 
and I was sorting through them and I admit- I was finding that they all had tons of charm
but then I found a thin door hiding behind about 3 heavy ones that started speaking to me
From what I could tell, it had creamy yellow paint covered in old details
 so I was intrigued and started moving those other doors out of the way to get a better look.

When I got to the door- oh yeah, I was loving that yellow paint that covered it
and the simple panel design it had. It definitely had promise
So I pulled the door out from the pile all the way and turned it around
 to see what the rest of it looked like.

The other side of the was not yellow.

I found so much dust and crust and staining and grunge...
but underneath all of that- was a completely gorgeous vintage shade of green.
With a little yellow and pale blue peeking through in spots
 even chunky old rusty black hardware.

I was smitten with this old door and all the charm it had and
 knew that this old crusty door was coming home with me.
Even more- I knew that the vintage green was so perfect for a Fall Vignette in the little cottage dining area.
so I dragged it out to pay for it.

Yes, I might have been wearing my white capris and dirtied them in the process
and one of my favorite Re-Store workers might have told me that
 I should know better than to  wear white to the Re-Store
but I was in love with this dirty covered, crusty door
and that dirt on my capris was nothing a little bleach couldn't handle.

A simple wheat wreath hanging on it was all it needed for a Fall vignette.

It cost me a bit more than I usually like to pay for an antique door
but I think it was well worth it.

I am loving it.

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  1. Courtney, I have door envy! What a wonderful color and find at ReStore! Our local one doesn't have much architectural salvage but you've make me want to stop by just to make sure some beauty isn't hiding there that needs to be rescued. I'll make sure not to wear white pants just in case :)

  2. Quand on aime on y retourne...
    Gros bisous

  3. I've always been smitten with architectural salvage, too. That color of green on the door is to-die-for and perfect for your vignette.

  4. Where is this lovely Re Store? I would love to go!!!!

  5. Where is the Re-store? I would love to visit it!

  6. Perfection, Courtney! I love this door!

  7. Oh yes, indeed - you picked out the perfect little awesome door for that area - just LOOK at that!

    You've done it again, ma'am!

    Whoo hoo!

  8. You always find the best stuff. I think I need to go check out my restore that I have yet to go to in the two years that it has been open. Love your vignette.

  9. Courtney, This is such a unique and clever way to add a bit of fall color to a room. Sometimes the capris must be sacrificed for a great find! Linda

  10. It is glorious! I, too, LUV RE-Store and have purchased chandeliers (REpainted,) hardware (REpolished,) etc. And, for a good cause (theirs and mine!) :) franki

  11. Love it too! I have a puke of doors saved in my shop and now wonder about faux chalk painting them because I love yours so much!

  12. That shade of green is perfect. I love the chunky hardware that hangs on the outside of those types of doors. It just says I'm a door lock and proud of it! Enjoy your "new" door.

  13. I can tell u my restore is not like yours. More like 1970's wallpaper borders. Pretty as always.

  14. Love, love that must have a great the one in my neck of the woods pulls out anything that is remotely old and puts those items in a silent definitely scored on that door...well worth dirtying the capris!!...

  15. What a the color!! The wheat wreath looks so pretty hanging on it.

  16. So creative! Great vision to turn this piece into a wonderful focal point for your room!

  17. Perfect vignette.. and the door is a great backdrop! Good find - your Re-Store looks like a goodie!

  18. Oh is the loveliest shade of green!!! What a great find! Totally worth some dirty capri's. ;)

  19. À leaning door adds interest to a room and yours is no exception to any rules.
    Wish I lived close to this shop, I am sure it's amazing.
    Every vignette you create is of the best Frenchness.


  20. I loved this story and the door!

  21. Everything looks so gorgeous! I love the simple beauty of it all.

  22. Gorgeous vignette! I love the combination of colours! I always love to hear about your exciting finds :)

  23. I adore it - definitely worth a little dirt on the capris!

  24. LOVE it!! I have yet to bring the old farm doors home, but I have an idea for the knobs, you will love it! That color is to die for by the way.

  25. That door is perfect! The perfect color! Fine if you paid a little more cause you didn't have to do a thing to's perfect as is! Love it in the new setting.

  26. What a score... I promise, you have the best Restore in your area. That is an amaazing door. The colour and the way the wheat wreath ( say that 3 times) pops!!
    Door envy!

  27. I go straight to that section at our Restore too Courtney! What an awesome find and it was definitely meant to be yours. It's a gorgeous vignette! :-)

  28. Love that door. Old doors, windows and columns have always been some of my favorite things. A door always has a story behind it. Just to ponder how many hands touched the knob and how many people went through it..can make your mind wander like crazy. Great photos.


  29. Супер!!! Очень красивый интерьер!!! Желаю счастья! Анисса .

  30. The color of the door, oh my! And the wheat! Oh, how I so enjoy the wheat for autumn! Now I want some wheat.

  31. wow, what an amazing color of green! just perfect for displaying a wreath no matter what the season!

  32. Love that color, Courtney! I'm a ReStore addict, too. :)

    xoxo laurie

  33. Is it ok to use your pictures and post the link onto my Facebook page? I Love your pictures and have a Home & Garden Page on Facebook!