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Vintage teacups

I'm thinking about starting a new series on my blog
Something that might have something to do with these little teacups.
and maybe a little bit about obsessions...

I found them the other day while junking
I picked them up.
Admired their gorgeousness
their details
their dainty florals and sweet embellishments
and I set them down and walked away.
and then came back and admired them again
But I sighed... knowing I really didn't need any more vintage teacups
I mean, I had just accidentally broken 2 earlier in the week and was sulking a bit about it.

But then... I thought... 
well...yes, I had just broken 2 earlier in the week
so I do have room for a couple more... 

Plus the set was only $8. 
Sooo you know...
Anyway,  I am completely loving them
and the plates and saucers are getting put to good use somewhere too
I will share the rest of this gorgeous set soon.

If you would like to take a peek at a Teacup and acorn post from last year
that is probably my favorite find

you can find it here

Happy Saturday!!

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  1. I have the same weakness....with all vintage china. It is so sweet, and has a story....

  2. Those are pretty and yes you need to replace the ones you broke. :)

  3. Well, you made a great choice as they are beautiful...there is always room for one more teacup!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Well Courtney...'who really needs more dishes of any kind'...than I figure this way; 'dishes are things we love, not necessary need,' so I'm happy you got the gorgeous and dainty teacups, as you sounded like me, I just say things to myself, but I can't sike myself at the end, so I get it anyway!!! Like today, I ran into a gorgeous crystal Italian blue flower vase in the store and after pondering a few minutes, I couldn't resist it and went and bought it...I totally love it, lol! Hugs,

  5. They are beautiful and I'm glad they found you to appreciate them.

  6. The tea cups are a darling addition. Simply beautiful.

  7. Love the way you think. There's always room for a couple more. ;)

  8. Your tea cups are beautiful and I understand why you can't help yourself. I found some vintage juice glasses and one cracked and I so disappointed that my set is reduced to three. I hope to find more they are so pretty. They just don't make anything like them today. If you are drawn to them, why not collect as many as you like.

  9. i like looking at tea cups :) especially vintage ^^) lovely post!


  10. I am pretty much a fiend for dishes. I blame my Scottish grandmother who had tons of it. Yeah. Let's do that: Grandma Flossie, it's your fault!

  11. Beautiful! No matter how hard we try, sometimes we just can't resist. I like that part of a junker's nature LOL! Hugs, Leena

  12. I am interested to see what the new series will be.
    You always have interesting ideas!

  13. I love your little delicate teacups with the acorns and flowers. Perfect combo and only you can do this so beautifully! I do love that picture from last year, I need it hanging on my wall is perfection in my eye, very professional and your amazing talents are evident in all of your gorgeous pictures. Can't wait to see what you do!!!

  14. Oh my, those teacups are beautiful. the colors are lovely and the little roses perfect. the white teacups are so dainty and elegant. You have some great cups. Ready for tea time, which is any time. xoGinger

  15. Tea cups and roses....... life doesn't get better than that.
    Very pretty.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. I couldn't have passed them up either! Lovely addition and lovely post!!

  17. TEACUP envy girl . LOVE LOVE and the first pic is that your living room..CAN WE SAY STUNNING !!!!

  18. Your teacups look so pretty, Courtney. I have an obsession with them too and I've been collecting them for a while. Love the white ones from last year's post! I host a tea party every week and I would love it if you could join me. Have a fabulous day.


  19. I just saw your post with the white lacy tea cups. They are absolutely gorgeous! I love them with the acorns. Do you know what pattern they are or who makes them? They are my new favorite pattern. What a treasure for you!

  20. What a beautiful find! Oh I hate when I break pieces.

  21. Courtney, when you find gorgeous vintage china- what's need got to do with it? Seriously I do understand- will I ever use it? where in the world will I store it? But those teacups are just too beautiful to have left behind. $8 WOW! So glad you are enjoying your pretty purchase!
    Linda at The French Hens Nest

  22. Wonderful! Hope you start that series so I can join!