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DIY cork coasters

Last week I shared these cork coasters that I made
using cork tiles and cork saucers from Lowe's.

They are perfect for hostess gifts or a personalized little treat to add to a food gift basket.
Even better~ they are super easy to make.
Here's how to make your own

I picked up a package of square cork tiles from the closet/organizing department at Lowes
and some of the 6" cork saucers from the indoor plant department.

The 6" saucers are big for a coaster-
but I was loving them for some coasters that were oversized and fun.

I started out with the square coasters
and the first step was to cut the cork tiles down to the size I wanted.
I made them 4" square

After cutting them to size
that were ready for dressing up

I love this music note wrapping paper. 
It's super thick and it was perfect for  decoupaging onto the cork

I started by tracing and cutting out the paper to size of each square
and then apply it to the the cork using an adhesive.

I used glue thinned down with water but you can use what ever type of adhesive you like
to adhere the paper to the cork.
I started by brushing the adhesive all over the cork before putting the paper on it.

I set a book on top the cork until the glue dried- to keep it flat- 
and then sealed the paper with a sealant.
You can use whatever you would like- there are quite a few options
for water sealers but I used a simple clear glaze to seal it up from water drips and stains.

For the round coasters 

I simply used a stencil and black paint to add the decoration
and then sealed it after it dried. 
Easy, easy.

You can also get a wild hair and choose to stencil the squares or paper the rounds.

Since the round coasters have a thick hardboard base under the cork- 
there are no worries about them curling or warping when using paper
but they do require a little more careful cutting with the paper.

That's it~ go forth and coaster!
Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks for the DIY Courntey,
    these will be fun to make. I even have the cork rounds already! These would make great hostess gifts, like you said.!
    Have a great day!

  2. so cute. I'm thinking of all sorts of things to do with those circular corks.

  3. I never would have thought of this! Thanks!!

  4. Thanks Courtney
    Your site is always a pleasure to scroll thru!!!
    Have a Blessed Day!!

  5. That is really great! Do you think that on the square coasters you could glue some kind of waterproof whatever on the other side of the decorative piece and then you'd have something like the round plant coaster. This is such a good idea but when it comes to creativity sometimes my mind is in neutral. By using the wrapping paper you could make any kind of coaster. You are sooo clever.

  6. Those are so cute!...yes, what a great gift and love how you embellished them!

  7. What name brand sealer did you use and how many coats of sealer seems to work best? Thanks in advance!!

  8. Thanks for the great idea.I made these with what I had on hand and posted them on my
    blog MAY DAYS with a link back to you.