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High Point Market~ Accentrics Home

Chippy. Vintage inspired.
Worn and weathered. Bleached and carved
Or maybe I should just say...

I was so excited to visit Accentrics Home again while at High Point Market. 
You may remember when I shared their collection from Spring
and they had beautiful pieces like these chairs

or this little chest-
 which was my favorite in the collection

So I knew I would be in for a treat to see what they were previewing at High Point Fall Market...
 and they did not disappoint

I had so much fun touring through the Accentrics Home by Pulaski Furniture
showroom & picking out inspirations again 
There were on trend newer pieces with pops of color ~like this one-
 hot pink with gray~ love.
courtesy of Accentrics

and surprising details~ so fun for a modern twist in a room-
I think my daughter would love this one in her room.

courtesy of Accentrics

Some of my favorites were traditional pieces
and pieces that were made to look weathered and worn

This console was amazing and caught my eye right away.
The carvings, the finish, the details. 

Sigh.  Truly beautiful.

This chest had the most gorgeous detailed painted finish


 This one had a similar style to my favorite chest from the spring
and with just a few changes it looks like a different piece but it has that gorgeous 
aged character.

Beautiful mirrors

 Beautiful carving and all.that.tufting. 

Can't show any more of this piece just yet- so just a peek
but what a sneak peek!!

I loved their traditional styled and finished pieces-
and this style reminded me of the bottom of the buffet I have in the living room

It was all about the details details details.
Painted in a chalky finish with loads of distressing and classic lines and details.

I adored it~ and loved the attention to detail on the inside of the drawers.
It might be my new favorite.
Well, okay- loving them all so it's another one on my favorites list.


I loved this bed and it sported old, classic, chunky design
and details. 

and the dining room pairings were gorgeous.

courtesy of Accentrics
Love love love those bookcases and the detailing on the table apron.

courtesy of Accentrics

Those chairs... 
courtesy of Accentrics


So much inspiration and beautiful pieces in the Accentrics showroom
and I absolutely enjoyed working with them again at Fall Market this year.
You can find more details about these furniture pieces and how to find them in your area


I was compensated for this post by Accentrics Home
but all opinions are my own.


  1. I think every adjective you used is SPOT on sister. OMGOODNESS GRAVY I love this …..LOTS !!!

  2. seeing those pieces makes me want to go home and get my bright pink paint out and paint inside of my shabby chic china cabinet it's really a farm cabinet on legs

  3. WOW! The one piece that looks like a buffet - I had something just like it when I was first married eons ago. My in-laws bought me the dining set and when we moved out of our first house I sold the whole kit and caboodle for $75.00. I could kick myself and then some. Now you can't find pieces like that :-( Marisa

  4. Everything looks so good. I like the console table too. xoxo,Susie

  5. I am glad to see that there are manufacture's are paying attention to this style now.
    While those of us can create this look, it is not so far out now to those who have not seen the
    vintage look. When they see it in stores, we will look great!!
    You have a great eye and do us all a great service.
    Keep us informed on your great finds!!

  6. delightful indeed! :"> everything is so lovely and delicate! :D


  7. Bautiful! Slávka

  8. So much inspiration... that would definitely end up being my favourite store. :) I especially love all the sanded down pieces.
    Brandi @ Nest of Bliss

  9. Can I have it all please? LOL! Lucky girl you, glad you got to go:)

  10. I hopped over from a link party, what gorgeous furniture. I am in New Zealand, you have so much more choice in the USA, it saddens me that I am struggling to get a pretty desk to do up for my new home office. I am sure if I was in the States, it would be a simple task.

    Thank you for sharing.