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High Point Market~ Natural Decorations Inc.

I think it's fair to say that I am a big time flower girl
and that I think it might be pretty fabulous for every room to have them.

Whether it's a full bouquet in a vase, greenery
or simply a single bloom in a jar
I love them.

I have had many emails or questions from time to time
 wondering where to find gorgeous flowers and bouquets to have in your homes when
it isn't practical to have fresh arrangements for various reasons.

Maybe you have one (or a few!) of those cats who like to eat fresh flowers~ 
yep- those grandkittens of mine are guilty of that. 
 Allergies are another reason and though I do have an abundance of fresh greens
 in my home during the holidays
I have to make sure they are not cedar or another variety that I am allergic to.

You might remember those pretty cedar branches I draped on the mantel for holiday decor one year? 
They brought beauty and and gorgeous decor for the mantel alright...
 along with sneezing, a stuffed up head and itching and puffy, red eyes.

Or maybe you want to buy flowers and have them last and last~ 
sometimes a very well made faux floral bouquet or faux greenery might be the perfect answer. 

One of the companies that I worked with while I was in High Point this Fall
was an amazing company called NDI - Natural Decorations inc.
 They been providing fabric floral decoration for over 49 years and after taking a look at their pieces in person
 I would say that they have pretty much perfected it.
Their decorations can be seen in major movies and magazine stylings
in place of real fresh bouquets- yes, they are that good.

As someone who spends a little bit of time photographing fresh cut flowers
I was surprised and impressed with how lifelike their work was.
Not at all like the faux arrangements I remember seeing growing up and the flowers even felt velvety
and real to the touch.

From glass containers filled with 'water' and gorgeous hydrangeas
 to beautiful pots and mossy terra cotta

to chunky moss (love!)  in charming urns

The displays were beautiful-and the single stem display felt much like a flower market

 Some of my favorites were the whites and pale greens

Gorgeous gorgeous

These are queen Anne's lace~ so detailed and intricate

They even had succulents and branches
and fruit and vegetables like apples, artichokes and lemons.

There were beautiful selections of Holiday items as well
like this wreath
courtesy of NDI

and I loved the greenery.

Cannot resist a charming topiary and there were some amazing ones

I have quite a few topiaries in moss and boxwood 
I love those little delicate leaves and details and these ones are so perfect in the terracotta pots.

These greens for the holidays are pretty and allergy free
and that's what I am talking about over here- I do not want to be repeating the cedar allergy issue again.

courtesy of NDI

To find more details about NDI,
to see their faux and fabulous collections
 or to place an order at their website
you can find more  

courtesy of NDI

I was compensated for this post by High Point Market Authority but all opinions 
are my own of course.


  1. Wow, I don't believe that they are artificial...

  2. These are a gorgeous alternative! Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are gorgeous and they certainly do look like the real thing!

  4. I've long been a fan of NDI. I'm happy to see nice faux flowers being promoted.

  5. Great idea and thanks for sharing!
    Monday greetings from Holland , RW & SK

  6. omg, these are beautiful!
    loving some of the arrangements.

  7. Hi Courtney!!!


    They are so full of color and so real looking!!! Love the white and greens!!! They had them beautifully
    displayed which gave me a lot of ideas!!!

    Thank you for sharing this treasure!!!


  8. Is that a type of a rose (the blush pink one ) JUST beautiful

  9. Those are amazing reproductions! I really loved the queen anne's lace. It looks totally reall...


  10. I love NDI products…they are so very lifelike…I have a bowl of yellow roses that everyone swears are real until they touch them!…They are well worth their weight in gold!...

  11. Faux florals have improved so much over the years, these look fabulous. I am a big fan of quality faux materials, thanks so much for sharing these beautiful samples.