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Sweet glass ornaments

I am in love with those pretty delicate glass ornaments. 
I admit... that no matter how careful I am with them
I break a few of them.
Every year.

Yes, every year 
my husband shakes his head and grins and asks me
 why I insist on buying the glass ornaments instead of those
plastic ones that bounce when you drop them

After several (hundreds) of broken glass baubles over the years
I have given up explaining it to him...
and good news- he has given up trying to convince me.
 He knows that they are going to be on the tree 
so now he just grins and shakes his head when I drop one
and then gets the broom and dustpan out.

 I have several boxes of glass ornaments -maybe what seems like 127 or so 
They are filled with ornaments in all different shapes and sizes and finishes and colors
 I always enjoy seeing what new treats for the tree they have in the stores and yes, I seem to find something that begs to be added to the collection each year.

Like these little charmers.
Oh they are simple & sweet and so perfect for adding to the tree or using for 
a Holiday table setting or vignette.

I love them for tying on top of a package as a little decoration and gift as well.
They are simply clear ornaments with  gold trees and a little bit of glitter painted on them 
and filled with a sprinkling of snow.

In. Love.

Seriously- and priced so well at Lowes that a few boxes came home with me 
and none of them have been dropped yet ;)

I might have used them for something else too... will share more soon.

The blogger email subscription service has been having issues -
 I apologize if your email subscription has been showing up late
 (as in a couple days late) or not showing up at all. I am hoping they get it fixed asap.

We are enjoying gorgeous warm weather here~so lots of outdoor time going on
and I have also been working on a little more decking the halls.

I guess I should make that 128 boxes of glass ornaments
 because I did pick up a few more for a new look I am working on this year.

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. The glass ornaments are so lovely. It's always so nice to start a collection and then add to it each year. I think I need to make a trip to Lowes and see what's there in the Christmas decoration department. Happy decorating.

  2. I love those glass ornaments also and selling a few vintage ones in my shop however I can't refuse to buy more for myself
    I broke a very rare atomic ornament last week and someone wanted it LOL
    It was 19 degrees with a wind chill 10 here this morning ,central Missouri

  3. I agree with you .. The world has taken and simplified everything I just don't want the bouncy ornaments LOL LOL LET US KEEP OUR GLASS ornaments LOL . Serious note I love them they are just beautiful. I TOO break a lot of them .. BUT I sure love the ones that have survived I put them up every year. LOVE these that you featured.

  4. Gorgeous! There is definitely something about glass ornaments that make them more special than plastic ones. Men just don't always get it ;) Thanks for sharing! I love how you use them to wrap your gifts too!

  5. Those are pretty Courtney! I was at Lowes yesterday looking and ours does not carry those nor your cute little trees!:(

  6. What pretty ornaments, they are so delicate looking.

  7. So pretty! Plastic definitely doesn't cut it. =)


  8. I love the glass ornaments too. So elegant! Even when they break.

  9. Beautiful! I have all glass ornaments and I too seem to break a couple every year! -Jen

  10. Very nice, I agree with you, I love the glass ornaments..are so lovely...<3

  11. I love glass ornaments they throw light so beautifully. These are lovely Courtney.

  12. Que bonita es la Navidad.Las fotografias trasmiten, son geniales. Felicidades por tu bloc ha sido todo un regalo el visitarlo, espero que visites el mio y si te gusta espero que te hagas seguidora.