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Preserving Flowers

Beautiful fresh blooms are always on my list
and I love having a bouquet on the table or the bench in the living room
or even just a few little blooms in bottles tucked anywhere.

But what do I do with all those blooms when they are looking a little too beyond mushy?
I dry them.
Since so many of you asked for how I go about drying flowers-
 I will let you in on my secret way of drying flowers perfectly.

The secret is... 

I do nothing. 


Sometimes they just simply turn out amazing and I am dancing away and
sometimes they don't dry so well.
 I don't know exactly how they will dry when I start out but always try it.

I don't hang them in a dark closet or use a silica gel or anything like I have heard to do.
Sometimes just leaving them in the vase a few days longer will do the trick
 and they will dry enough that they will hold their shape and you can move them.

Maybe it's the dry heat here in California that helps them to dry so easily
or just that the humidity is low

If you try to dry them by leaving them in the vase after they start to droop a bit-
don't forget to dump the water.
Longer than a week or so past their prime- the stems will start to mold. uh.. yuck.
That is no good.

Remember these?

Here's what they look like now.
Perfectly gorgeously preserved roses- that simply dried in the vase.

These were an oops-and dried on their own
 I went out of town for a few days and they started to dry while I was gone
so I guess maybe the key is to go on a getaway with your sweets.

But ~ they will have their heads 'bowed' a bit if you dry them that way-
so if you don't like that look
you will need to hang them upside down to get them to be standing tall.

I like to take just a few stems at a time to tie together so that the air can circulate well and they don't get too stuck together.
Keep the stems long if you would like to display them as dried flowers in a bouquet
or you can clip them down to 5 or 6 inches and tie them together for things like wreaths.

Hang them from something like a ladder or rafters in the garage or even just a nail on a wall.

I love the look- so a lot of times, I just leave them and use them as part of the display.

I have also learned that some flowers-as pretty as they are are just not going to dry well.
 I have had the best luck with roses, hydrangeas and herb like flowers
and really, some roses dry much better than others.

Once they are dried you can use them everywhere and anywhere.
I am using them quite a bit in Christmas decor this year
and have used them on packages, tied to chairs as a little treat or even just as an accent on a chair.

I adore them.

Here are a few other ways I used them recently and shared on my blog

I love the pile of them on top of the cupboard in the office

as well as in the basket on the farmhouse cupboard 

I love to use them in my 
Fall mantels~ you can find them all by clicking here

I made a dried flower garland with rose heads 

I pretty much use them everywhere. I think the word might be 'addicted' ;)

So I just let them dry on their own
 and remember if you don't want their heads to bow 
 then hang them upside down for a week or so until they are dried before moving them.

I know there are much better ways to dry them and I might try a few of them sometimes
 but I have had luck with letting them dry naturally.

I hope that helps!
Sorry that I don't have a more scientific method to my madness over here to share!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and are gearing up for the holidays!!
Lots of Christmas posts coming your way this week! 
I am so excited to be joining several bloggers in several big events~
we are kicking off December with lots of inspiration!

Happy Saturday!!!


  1. Fabulous - they look just fabulously aged ... thank you for sharing your tips because then you get to enjoy the flowers twice - as fresh ones then gently aged & that is just perfect!

  2. Beautiful! I love flowers and I always have fresh flowers at home.

  3. That is how i have always dried them. Our home gets extremely dusty with a hay field behind us so i do not gather the dried flowers around on top of armoirs anymore. I have not figured out how to get the dust off of them so i have to toss them out.

  4. Bundles of beauty.
    I always say the best beauty is in preserving.
    I love a bouquet when little life is left in them drying for everlasting.

    Looking forward to the beauty December brings for you.


  5. They're wonderful! That's how i dry mine too... simple as anything... and even used them years later... They look really pretty as an embellishment on a wrapped gift. A little ribbon, a dried rose... and voila! pretty as can be!


  6. Hi Courtney - One time when we lived in California (many moons ago) we went to Julian. There was a crafts fair in town, and a gal was making small wreaths out of live herbs and floral leaves. She made them live, and eventually they would dry and still be so pretty and smell good too. I've never seen wreaths made that way since then, my guess is you could do the same with some flowers that dry well.

  7. Thank for your information about dried flowers, I do the same with roses !

  8. I do mine the same way, I think one of the variables is the type and color of the rose, some just seem to hold their color better.

  9. I adore drying my own roses, too, Courtney! Every week when I bring home the fresh ones, the old ones get trimmed, gathered, and hung from the baskets hanging from the kitchen ceiling. ;) Love the soft look they lend to the room!

    xoxo laurie

  10. Just a quick question, do you use the little packages of food when you first put your flowers in a vase? I wonder if that helps them dry better? Lovely blog post, dried flower bouquets are so beautiful!xx

    1. I do use that usually when I first put them in the vases- and some of the roses will last and last especially if you change the water every couple of days.

  11. Amen!! I've been waiting for this post! Got it!


  12. What a wonderful way to keep the flowers going!

  13. I just had the best luck recently by ignoring a vase full of roses. They died and I forgot about them and boy did they dry to a gorgeous finish!

  14. I love your blog so much - it's like a breath of fresh air!

  15. Gorgeous dried flowers! So many pretty photos! I'm in heaven :) My flowers definitely don't fry like that.

  16. Your flowers are always so beautiful...fresh and dried! That ladder makes me swoon every time I see it. I have searched and searched for one like this with not luck. It is a rare treasure and beauty!

  17. Your flowers are always so beautiful...fresh and dried. That ladder makes me swoon every time I see it! I have searched and searched to find one like it with no luck. It is a rare treasure!