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Simple Christmas Wreaths

You know
 sometimes just a simple little touch of Christmas is all that is needed
to bring that cheer and holiday feeling to a room

A favorite for me to use each year- 
Fresh Christmas wreaths.

Last year- I placed them in the several spots in the cottage
on the old orchard ladder  in the living room

and in the little dining area

and above our fireplace in the living room

Not sure just where they will be making their appearance yet
but I do love this particular wreath 
on the old farmhouse cupboard in the dining area.

It's simple, sweet and charming.
A perfect vignette that mingles fresh with vintage
and brings that old fashioned Christmas feeling.

It seems like every year, I crave simple and pretty with fresh wreaths. fresh garlands. silver and golds and whites and lots of pinecones. 

Though- simple doesn't mean I am cutting back on the decorating- I already have 5 trees up and decorated 

I am planning mantels now... and oh and yes, and that one more tree that is going up next week.

Christmas decorating is in full swing and almost wrapped up in the house- then it's on to the cottage.

I will be joining a bevy of amazing bloggers as part of several
 house tours coming up the first week of December 
so don't worry if you haven't started decorating yet and are looking for inspiration
there will be tons coming your way soon.
Stay tuned!

If you are looking for the fresh wreaths like the one I am sharing
 I found this one at Lowes for $12. 
Nope not a sponsored post- just sharing an awesome deal.

Happy weekend!!!


  1. I am lucky in that the local grocery store sells wreaths just like these. I usually by between 15-20 and use them all over the inside and outside. However, we don't begin decorating until mid-December! With the high winds we experience, the wreaths and garlands dry out relatively quickly.
    Looking forward to seeing what you are up to!



  2. I like the simplicity of a fresh wreath, too. I like to add one to our dining room windows. Looking forward to your home tour.

  3. I LOVE using fresh wreaths...yours look so beautiful Courtney!

  4. I love your home at Christmas time, so serene. I think I would like to try more natural decorations. I happen to visit Lowes Friday and I saw the same wreaths, thinking it is too early and they will dry out fast in my home. However I have found a nursery that sells the fresh garland by the yard and I am going to invest in some this year. With work and trying to finish our big DIY I think I may scale down this year. Can't wait to see more of your lovely home this holiday season. Alaina

  5. The Beauty of Simplicity, I love this period, when we start slowly decorating for Christmas. Can't wait neither to see more of your Christmas ideas and décorations !
    Greetings from France

  6. I adore your "simple and fresh" wreaths! Not sure our budget is going to accommodate as many as I could wish for, but I may try a tip I found while reading magazines at Barnes and Noble yesterday ... adding fresh greens to an artificial wreath!

  7. this looks so beautiful! just the thing to get the Christmas season started!
    Mary x

  8. Your wreaths look so festive, yet fresh and beautiful! I'd like to try one or two this year in our house. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your ideas!

  9. Beautiful, especially the first one. You always are able to mix simple things turning out beauty!
    Thank you for share

  10. These are gorgeous! I can almost smell that wonderful evergreen scent! Love how the one looks against that fabulous pink piece!! Hugs, Leena

  11. These are my all tine favorite wreaths, as are my favorite (Douglas Fir) Christmas trees. The old-fashioned kind just make it more like Christmases past.

  12. Love these wreaths but can't wait to see those trees. Soon please......

  13. These Christmas wreaths are indeed a treasure! What a wonderful way to use and display these fresh stuff and dried pinecones this holiday season. Thumbs up to you!