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A perfect tree

What is your perfect Christmas tree style?
Covered in pretties? Crisp green? Snowy white?
I love them all.

 You probably already know that flocked Christmas trees are some of my favorites.
Those branches all covered in white with glowing bright lights...
I adore them.

I also love green trees- they are charming and classic.
Oh yes, and big huge towering trees outside on the patio or in the cottage
 and tiny little potted trees in the windowsill.

Okay. I think it is safe to say I pretty much love Christmas trees.
That is probably why I love to have more than one up each year.

I have been asked about just what is the right way to decorate a tree.
Colorful. Monochromatic. Decked out with bling.
I am not an expert by far- but I stay with my same mantra that I have about decorating

The right way is the way that makes you happy.

So for me -
that means that sometimes that the flocked trees are covered in...

Nothing but lights.

Did I forget to decorate it?
Run out of ornaments or decorating steam?

I love it that way.
I love to drape in extra lights on it and enjoy the simplicity of the branches
wearing nothing but the faux snow.
There is something about that quiet tree decoration or un-decoration if you prefer.
 Simple. Elegant.


Though, I love the flocked trees that way, no worries- 
not all the trees are naked over here.

The gorgeous Balsam Hill tree in the cottage wears an abundance of soft colors- 
whites, silvers and pale pink ornaments.
with a few white pinecones & branches from the yard.

I have to say again how much I love this tree.
It is truly so realistic and gorgeous in person and when I first looked at it- I knew that
simple ornaments were perfect for it to let the tree truly shine.

Then there is the tree in the living room

it's almost completely covered in ornaments and lights

It's a little quirky in it's shape- not uniform or perfect by far - but you know- it's wonkiness is my favorite thing about it. It gets more ornaments,  more pinecones and more garland
since it's a little bare on it's own - it gets decorated a bit more
It's affectionately nicknamed my Vegas tree

Are you laughing?
I know... it's not really that 'Vegas' baby... is it?
but it's about as 'Vegas' as this tree is going to get

The Vegas tree aside,
 to me- there truly is something about trees being just a little under-decorated that I love.

Nothing but big mercury glass ornaments tucked in snowy branches.

Or pinecones.
This year, the one in my bedroom is covered in lights and dotted with snowy pinecones
and that's it.

I love each of them.
For their abundance of flocking, for their spindly quirky branches, for their amazingly realistic look
 that shines all on it's own.

Which make them all the perfect trees for me.

Happy Tuesday

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  1. For the first time this year, our 10 foot tree that we chose and cut the day after Thanksgiving stands in our great room with only lights on it. We were waiting for my daughter to come home from college so that we could add the ornaments together. Now that she's home no one is in a big hurry to decorate it. Everyone seems to think it's great the way it is and honestly we are having a lot of fun visiting around it instead of decorating it. I love your post and your comment that the perfect way to decorate a tree is whatever makes you happy. Wise words!

  2. Your post makes me want to go out and buy more Christmas trees, Courtney! Now that I'm looking at my little flocked pink one in the corner, she looks lonely. lolol! Next year, it's on to one that's a bit taller, and I would LOVE to order one of the Balsam Hill ones. They are so beautiful! I adore each and every tree in your house, though. And yes, there is something special about an undecorated one. Simple, rustic, sweet beauty. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  3. I surprised myself this year. I decorated, then undecorated some of the trees. I , like you , luv the Christmas tree. I have multiple. 4 are decorated , 7 undecorated just left green with a few pinecones. Luv the simplicity... the quiet of the tree :)
    Thanks for sharing this luvly post Courtney. Luv your trees... the blinged out one and the simple ones....

  4. That's a lot of trees, and they are all beautiful! Happy Holidays!

  5. stunningly simple. And I love the flocked ideas with nothing but her lights. Can you tell us how you placed a tree inside the urn and keep it upright? Thanks, Kathryn

  6. stunningly simple. love the flock with just her lights. can you tell us how you keep a tree upright inside an urn? gorgeous

  7. I love them all and can never decide which ones are my favorite. I have a green one and a white one for my vintage things. I like your natural looking trees with just the pinecones. So fresh and peaceful

  8. I too must have several trees, the more the prettier I say. One real evergreen for the living room that is procured by tramping around a tree farm the day after Thanksgiving trying to get everyone to agree on the perfect tree. Then several faux trees, all different styles, pink flocked for the princess, neutral for the dining room, black and silver for the Goth teen, and so on… :)

  9. I have always loved flocked trees and this year I'm getting one. I've always thought white ones show off the ornaments better but the simplicity of the flocked with lots of lights speaks to me.

  10. Courtney, you are correct. All trees are perfect even the "Vegas Tree". I do love the flocked tree in your bedroom with just the lights and pine cones. Years ago…when I had energy I put us three trees on my porch with nothing but lights. I loved that so.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful trees. Ginger

  11. The naked trees make me happiest but with two of my children still living at home I decorate the big tree because it makes them happy! I also prefer white and recently the tiny trees. I grew up with fresh cut and thickly flocked trees by my Dad. The only ornaments were blue baubles. ...every year and I loved it. Your tree in your studio is my favorite!!!

  12. my tree is a 6' bright red tree with red lights. my decorations consist of Christmas cards i receive which are punched and strung with raffia and then hung from branches. i like to put the photos at eye level…after Christmas i throw them away! i know i should repurpose them to a charity but at that point i just want to get everything stowed away. we love our tree and enjoy it's simplicity. btw, no grandchildren, so i don't get out all the family ornaments or my train any more. we still enjoy the season to the max but enjoy the entertaining (cooking and eating) and events more than the decs which i admit, are still in boxes in storage. i do have a huge nativity which is arrayed in the front patio and a little 'Charlie Brown' tree in the terrace closest to the sidewalk/street.

  13. That is the most beautiful christmas bed in the first photo! your decorations are amazing.
    I love Christmas trees too, We just have the one up this year but I have big plans for a few more in christmasses yet to come!
    We have friends who do an 'open house' every Christmas- they have a beautiful property with huge trees in every room, each room and tree decorated with a different theme- you make a wee donation at the door to a local charity they support, and you get to have a look round the house all decked out so beautifully and have mulled wine and mince pies .....They always have a huge flocked department store sized tree in the entrance hallway!!! I am your newwest follower! Merry Christmas from Scotland xx

  14. Did you frost the pine cones yourself or buy them that way? I looked for them all season but did not find any but feel like I can make them. Please share if you know where to find them. Your entire home and cottage are breathtaking! Wish I could see your trees and decor in person.

  15. Courtney, you are right about them being all perfect. Just beautiful, each and every one..Happy Holidays..Judy

  16. They are all gorgeous. I love the variety from lights to Vegas, fabulous. xo

  17. I have been drooling over your house for a few weeks now. I absolutely adore your beautiful home. Thank you for sharing it. You are right, it is the perfect tree. It looks like it is glowing. SO pretty! I decided this year that I am going to add a second tree next year. I would be thrilled to get one like yours. Do you mind sharing where I could get one?
    I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

  18. which tree did you purchase from Balsam Hill? I love yours and would like to get one like it.

    1. Hi Abigail~ My tree is the Colorado Mountain Spruce from Balsam Hill- here is the link