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Feathered Nest Friday

Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!!
French Country Cottage

It's been a busy week over here... with lots going on in the

'Honey... I have this idea...' 

You know my construction loving self... yeah, well
I thought up a new plan for a room that involves ripping things apart
 It is a looong overdue project... and I am getting excited 

Yeah, the husband isn't real happy with me and my big ideas... 
but he is we are half way there already ;)
More on just what is starting to change over here next week.
For now~ here's what I shared this week~

I've been joining a group of fabulous bloggers & Pottery Barn for the 6 Days of Spring this week
Just one more day and then on Monday 
there will be a party and a fantastic giveaway with Pottery Barn!

My focus for the 6 days of Spring- was using potted flowers to add Spring to your home.

Rustic Fruit Crate

It's the 4th day of the 6 days of Spring!
I am having so much fun seeing all the fantastic ideas everyone is sharing!
I hope you are enjoying it too!

The 5 minute touch of Spring from earlier this week got lots of comments about
the easy ways to add Spring and charm.
So I thought I would share another simple easy way to create
 big Spring impact in just a few minutes.
If you saw my post yesterday sharing an outdoor Spring table

Outdoor Living~ Spring Table

Being in California we spend much of our time outdoors 
and dining outside is definitely a favorite thing of ours to do.

There is just something about sitting out under the stars & in the fresh air enjoying dinner 
It's a little chilly outside yet- but it's warming up into the 70's this week 
So I decided on a Spring inspired table for the 3rd day of the 6 days of Spring.

Outside on the patio next to that big old rock fireplace
I set the table with a mix of vintage and new and rustic and elegant

Five Minute Touch of Spring

I was asked recently if there was one thing that I would do, add or take away in a room
if you had a 5 minute warning before unexpected guests arrived.

My answer was to add a bouquet of fresh flowers.
I know that might surprise you... me & flowers-
just kidding!
It's pretty much well known that I have a HUGE love affaire with fresh flowers.
They warm up and brighten every room they are placed in and seem to welcome you
with a smile when you see them.

Vintage Bicycle Planter

It's the first day of the six days of Spring!
Each day for the next 5 days~ I am joining these fantastic bloggers & Pottery Barn
in sharing Spring inspirations
by a party and fantastic giveaway!

You might remember this old bicycle from last Summer
Rusty, crusty and forgotten
I found this old bike leaning against a garage in a yard sale last year.

I loved everything about it.
It's blown out tires
It's rust covered frame 
and that old black and white seat.
It was perfect.

Feathered Nest Friday

Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!!
Hope your week has been going well!!
 It's been a busy chilly one over here. Tuesday brought a chunk of snow our way-and
 lots of crazy drivers and delays getting home in this area that doesn't normally get a tons of snow. 
Thankfully everyone stayed safe and we are back to warmer temperatures today!
French Country Cottage
Here's what I shared this week~

Vintage Silver... an obsession for me for sure

A trio of vintage blue bottles from the Re-Store- love that place!

Sears at South Beach Food & Wine Festival

Ohhh... yes.  It is starting to be that time again.  
It's time to start thinking about being outdoors and entertaining and relaxing.
Outdoor living is a huge part of our lifestyle and even though we have cold temperatures
outside right now I always start to get excited when I see the stores putting patio furniture out 
and getting geared up for outdoor living.
We have a couple big parties already in the works for this Summer and our outdoor living areas
 are going to get spruced up this Spring to get ready for them.

 Right now Sears is unveiling its latest collection of chic and affordable patio designs 
at the prestigious culinary celebration
Food Network’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival, February 21st – 24th in Miami.
This festival features thousands of culinary influencers & consumers
and some fantastic new lines from Sears.

Vintage Silver

I have a few little obsessions... 
just a few though.  

Actually- being obsessed with silver flatware isn't too bad.
I used to have much larger obsessions.
Like chairs. 
Yes, I was obsessed with chairs one time.
I don't know how many chairs I fell in love with and decided they needed to be rescued.
I think I might have had about a dozen random different style and size 
chairs taking up space in the garage  at one point.  
Upholstered with great details. Wooden with fabric seats or just plain wood.
They were taking over. So I fixed them up and sold them
and kept just the ones that 'talked' to me loudly. 
Thankfully, I have not been collecting anything large for awhile. 

It is funny how one little piece of something can start an 'obsession'

Trio of Vintage Blue Bottles

One little... 

two little...

Something Romantic...

 I have been getting much more of my 'romantic' on lately
There have been a little bit more of those pinks and purples in the bouquets around here
a few more shabby floral pillows on the sofas 
and sweet soft colors showing up here and there

 I have been embracing that romantic side lately- 
no,  I am not making big romantic changes in my rooms
but I am excited to share something  'Romantic' 

Feathered Nest Friday

Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!!
Hope everyone's Valentines Day has been going well and is filled with romance and sweetness!!

French Country Cottage

It's been a busy week over here with various projects and we have bid our dishwasher adieu 
Sad... yes. 
But it breaking down for the 85th time seems has gotten the ball rolling on 
some bigger changes in the kitchen which I am excited about.

Here's what I shared this week~
I shared my love of Whites with Gray

A Table For Two

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

I love to indulge my romantic side a bit
and what better time to do that than Valentines Day.

A day to celebrate all things Love and Romantic
My husband and I are planning a romantic getaway coming up
but with school, and busy schedules it might be a little while before it happens.
So, for now-Valentines for the kids and a romantic table for two
with sweet strawberries, a glass of wine & quiet conversation
for us is perfect.

Cottage, Vintage, Shabby

Whites & Gray

I grew up in a house where things were always changing. 
I would come home from school and the living room would be totally different. 
The sofa would be on a different wall. 
The tables would be gone completely, the lamps would be changed
and it would look like it was a new house.

We had a zebra striped sofa for awhile - I will have to dig out a photo to share.
I guess my mother was a trendsetter in animal print design and she definitely had a love
 of rooms that are always evolving.
Even now when we go to visit I am amazed at how much changes in
such a short time.

A Couple of Pretties

I love old delicate china serving pieces that are covered in details
like sweet scalloped edges & dainty flowers,
Some of them might be plain with an embossed pattern
and that delicate gilded edging and detail might be worn away in places.

Which really makes them all the more interesting
It shows that they might have been used and loved over the years
These pieces make me think of beautiful elegant ladies enjoying a luncheon 
Sipping on cups of tea in vintage china 
maybe out on a beautiful lawn or in a beautiful tea room
with lots of fun chatter around the table.

Feathered Nest Friday

Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!!

French Country Cottage

I hope your week has been going well! 
 I haven't gotten as much done as I would like to have this week~ 
a bit of a head cold is making it's rounds through our house
Of course as usual
 I have a ton of things I want to get done...and quite a few projects on the list
 hoping to get a bunch done this weekend to share next week.

Here's what I shared this week~

The living room mantel covered in flowers for a romantic look

The vintage vanity mirror  that  got a new look when I turned into vision board

Vintage Vanity Dream Board How-To

The other day I shared the vintage vanity mirror 
 that got a new lease on life with a pin board center.

 In case you missed the post 
this is a vintage vanity frame that I  found at the Re-Store 
with broken glass and a broken frame 

I loved it nonetheless...
 and had an idea about just what this little vanity mirror could be.
This project is super simple to do.

Here's where I started.

A Chippy Pink Treasure

 I am one of those people who stops in at a thrift stores
looking for something in particular and who half the time
ends up finding something else
 or maybe a few somethings  that I wasn't even looking for

I actually have a good excuse to be shopping the thrifts right now
I have been on the lookout for a few pieces of architectural salvage & some pieces for
a few projects on the always growing to-do list.
So with that excuse
I have been stopping in and wandering through the Re-Store more frequently
Though I generally stick to the building supply and salvage sections
 sometimes I just plain wander around.
Honestly, the Re-Store is a dangerous place to wander around.
There are so many fantastic pieces hiding among
all those supplies, tools and old pipe fittings

But... wander I did
and I was headed through the furniture section on my way out.
Nothing was looking too exciting~ but I always take a peek.
Part way down an aisle filled with 1970's & 80's furniture
 it was almost like a beacon light started shining on something.

It was on the dainty side
 it was just laying atop an a chest of drawers
and was barely noticeable really
but even from down the aisle I could see that it was wearing a delightful pale pink coat
 of perfectly chipping paint.
I started to rationalize with myself as to WHY I should not go take a peek at it
 before I even got close to it.

A Romantic Mantel

I know it's only February.
I know, I know... it's only the 3rd of February even
 I just can't help that I am already starting to think about Spring.
Thinking about flowers and gardening and working on the outdoor projects I have planned

About dinners under the stars and evenings next to the fire outside on the back patio
which in February ~ even in California can get too chilly to enjoy.
Though we can't hurry up the season~ one thing that always brings a bit of Spring in Winter 
are fresh flowers and with Valentines day right around the corner- they are perfect.

About a week ago I was working on a special photo project and was excited to have an excuse 
to pick up a couple of extra bunches of flowers for the photos.